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Training Log Archive: sherpes

In the 7 days ending May 31, 2008:

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Monday May 26, 2008 #


Took a too southward route on to 3. There was another runner with me, just as confused. Eventually, the stone wall 200 m SE from the control gave the clue.

On route to 6, ideally wanted to run to the saddle point, and then use the ridgeline dirt road to eventually get me as close as possible to the control. But got tempted in taking a side mt biking trail, and went for it. Not too bad, but had to consult the map often.

Finding 9 was a bit tricky. There was another control nearby, and the rocky terrain made it a bit tricky to recognize.

On to 10, chose to stay on paved road and use the powerline clearing to get me close to the control.

Totally missed 11, must have passed 20 feet from it. Found another control that was being used in the Blue course, and figured that maybe I should go back. I did, and found it. Costed me 2 minutes.

Sunday May 25, 2008 #


Got cocky from the very start, and veered off the trail into the woods to look for 1, but got entirely lost and without references. Eventually, lost valuable minutes by looking for the trail where I came from, the clearing, the square-shaped depression, the stone wall, and finally control 1.

Eventually my brain got accustomed to the environment, and decided to be very conservative, and stop and consult the map much more often than I would normally. On route from 5 to 6 was tricky, for lack of very visible features, and had to "read" the terrain like I never have before. Was hinted on the location of the control by seeing a couple of runners running away from a location, went there, and found the control.

On to 7, decided to use the long stone wall as a wide crash barrier, and eventually get me closer to the control.

Right after 8, descended a very steep slope between two cliffs. Later saw on the map exactly two cliffs, very close to each other.

12 was a bit tricky, but fun. Could appreciate the detailing of the map in describing the small depressions and hilltops.

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