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Training Log Archive: sherpes

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 5:47:28 24.63(14:06) 39.65(8:46) 133016c
  Total4 5:47:28 24.63(14:06) 39.65(8:46) 133016c

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Sunday Oct 20, 2013 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (local meet) 1:30:54 [3] *** 7.7 km (11:48 / km) +420m 9:17 / km
16c shoes: Inov-8 330 Mudclaw

Local WPOC meet at Mingo Creek county park. Pretty happy with my route except for the leg 3-4, in which Dave Battista had a better leg time than mine by 3 minutes.

Just a few minutes before meet start, I noticed that someone was removing the control under a bridge, and at first I thought they were meet volunteers. But once I got closer, I realized they were a family that hired a professional photographer, and wanted the covered bridge to be in the photo background, but without a hanging orienteering control shown. So I picked up the control from the grass, and about 20 meters away from where it should be, and walked towards the bridge saying that this is official equipment of a meet, and that it is clearly labeled in english that such equipment should not be removed. A member of the family was not happy and reacted, as if an offence was done to him (after all, I was interfering with his family photo plan). I was asked under whose authority was I doing this. I said "my authority". I was then asked "do you have a permit", to which I answered "yes". I then sensed the hostility, and clarified: "look, I am not trying to be rude, but just direct and factual", and later "there are about 100 families that pay money for this, and they expect all this equipment to be in its proper place". Once under the bridge, and now with the family member pointing to the exact spot from where it was removed, I then eased up and agreed to wait three minutes and allow the photo shoot to be done without the control hanging. At the end of the photo shoot, I offered the family a free entry to the meet, should they be interested. And it all ended better than how it got started. This is how under the bridge looked like from the other side.

Leg times:

1 6:22
2 3:20
3 5:47
4 11:43
5 3:42
6 7:42
7 4:22
8 4:12
9 5:41
10 5:43
11 4:45
12 4:24
13 2:51
14 7:01
15 5:21
16 5:15
Finish 2:43
Total 90:54

Sunday Oct 13, 2013 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Long) 2:45:57 [4] 11.6 mi (14:18 / mi) +610m 12:18 / mi
shoes: Inov-8 330 Mudclaw

At start, noticed right away that it was a big map, scale 1:10000 and not 1:15000. That's good for me. I prefer that.

On the long leg 2-3, decided to stay on trail and just jog, to save energy for later. While closing in on 3, and was following a bunch of other younger competitors, saw the shack, and quickly assumed it was the black dot just south of control 3. Well, it was the wrong thing to assume. The black dot south of the control were actually two boulders, and the shack was a black building map symbol in the out-of-bounds area, striped with vertical magenta lines. My eyes could not see that. Eventually, saw a trail or ride along the creek and followed that, and got some bearings, finding first control 4, and then control 3.

Saturday Oct 12, 2013 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Middle) 1:07:28 [3] 4.6 mi (14:40 / mi) +270m 12:24 / mi
shoes: Inov-8 330 Mudclaw

Nice hilly forested terrain. Realized at control 3-4-5 that my eyes weren't seeing the brown contour lines very well. Looks like it's time I bring either reading glasses or a magnifying lens. Overshot 6 and went downhill, only to realize it was uphill: painful climb back up to punch it. For 7, it was a disaster, and totally got wrong on my assumptions on where I was.

On the long leg 12-13, went uphill and stayed on the high ridge to then descend. Had some concerns about figuring which marsh to look into, and was careful in slowing down and reading the map and recognizing terrain features. Maybe going downhill to the trail and attacking from there might have been better.

Friday Oct 11, 2013 #

5 PM

Orienteering race (Sprint) 23:09 [3] 3.65 mi (6:21 / mi) +30m 6:11 / mi

What a fun sprint on a school campus. After the first control, wasn't sure how to get over the wall in direction SW, and just stood there for a few seconds, but got the clue by watching other competitors, and reached the steps leading to the canopy area.

After 15, started going clockwise around the fenced field, but then realized it was better to go counter-clockwise.

Wasted valuable time looking for 17. Definitely went into out-of-bounds after exiting 18. After 19, maybe should have gone straight W to the end of the fence, and then punched the Go control, located SE from the fence.

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