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Training Log Archive: sherpes

In the 31 days ending Jul 31, 2013:

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  Orienteering1 24:00:0038c
  Total1 24:00:0038c

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Saturday Jul 13, 2013 #

Orienteering race (rogaine) 24:00:00 [5] ***
38c shoes: BrooksCascadia 5

24 hour rogaine by CNYO near Ithaca, New York.

Teamed up with KJ from Akron, Ohio, and Mladen from Pittsburgh, and accordingly named the team Rubber & Steel. Drove up carpooling with another participant, Yaki, who was planning to do the shorter event with his son.

Third and successful attempt at a 24-hour rogaine, after previous two attempts failed (one in Salamanca, NY, organized by Buffalo O, quit after 13 hours for medical reasons, and another in south central PA, organized by SVO, quit after 11 hours for physical exhaustion).

The map was printed on a 20 x 21.5 inches sheet, pretty impressive. There was a group of controls in a separate park, on the southeast corner of the map, reachable after a long run on dirt road. There was a isolated control on the northwest corner, also reachable after a long run on dirt road. Since we knew we were not going to clear the map, the idea was to not to expect to reach those far sections.

Our sequence of found controls was


for a total of 1780 points, walking for about 75 km, with a breakfast stop at the hash house between 7:00 and 7:30 AM, with some time to not just eat, but also change shoes and socks.

with an actual route slightly deviating from an intended route.

Manually traced the actual route with gmap-pedometer and compared it to the nine hours of GPS track from a Garmin Forerunner 205 strapped on my camelbak, and compared the distances of the actual GPS track with the one manually drawn using gmap-pedometer, and from the comparison got a corrective factor to apply to the overall distance reported by gmap-pedometer, and concluded that overall distance walked was at around 75 km.

KJ was an experienced twentyfourer, and kept us going with her steady and sure pace, and psychologically boosting confidence. Mladen was fast and strong, but had the misfortune of attracting wasps in two separate occasions, for a total of 7 painful stings above the ankles.

Made several serious mistakes, one on the approach from 30 to 69, when got to what seems a totally-flat plateau, made us believe that we were north of the control, when we actually were just west of the control (and happened to be in a flat spot on the side of the hill. So, we ended back to where came from, and attacked it again, this time from the SW going to NE.

Another mistake was on the close approach to 54 in night darkness, in which the terrain gave no evidence of it being a "spur". We abandoned it, only to find it at ease an hour later at first light. Similarly, we could not find the nearby 46 in darkness, only to find it an hour later at first light (after finding 54) and realizing that in the pass one our later, we actually walked by control 46 only 3 meters away !! (we walked upstream on the stream bed with hour flashlights, and the control was attached to a tree that was rooted 1.5 meters above the stream bed).

While many teams chose to go from 32 to 56, we instead chose to go to 40 first. Also, many teams decided to skip 31, and we now sort of regret of having gone to 31, such a low pointer and yet such an expenditure of energy.

We chose a figure eight course with a break at the hash house for food and change of socks, leaving the cluster of nearby controls 46,54,34 for last in the first part. Then, the idea was to devote the rest of the time for the southern part.

We found 30 to be slightly misplaced: traveling from north to south, we reached the saddle point and said "where is it?". The center of the circle is positioned north of the saddle, but the control was on a tree 40 m south of the saddle point.

49 could have been placed better, since on the map it is shown to be on the eastern edge of an evergreen pine forest. We found the clear edge of such a forest, but no control. By looking around a bit more to the east, we eventually found a few more evergreen trees in a smaller isolated grove and the control as well.

Immediately to the west of 53 we got tangled up in a thick forest of brush and vines, and surprise, surprise, traces of Planet of the Apes and past civilization buried under the vines: a 1.20 meter high stone wall ruin, a feature also mentioned in the log of another attackpointer, btw...

Overall, a great event, great map, great people, and many thanks to the organizers and volunteers.

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