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Training Log Archive: barb

In the 7 days ending Aug 24, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Administration4 8:00:00
  Bicycling5 1:48:00
  Orienteering4 1:29:11
  Walking in the woods1 30:00
  Running2 22:00
  Total14 12:09:11
  [1-5]11 4:09:11

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Saturday Aug 24, 2013 #

4 PM

Orienteering race 24:31 [3]

Classic corn maze orienteering champs. Izzy beat me. At that point where you realize you need to pay a lot closer attention to detail, I messed up and struggled to find #4. Then I paid closer attention.
5 PM

Orienteering race 18:29 [3]

Corn maze O relay. Also, I beat Isabel.
8 PM

Orienteering 21:11 [3]

Night corn maze orienteering. Also, both David and I beat Isabel.

Friday Aug 23, 2013 #

Bicycling 24:00 [1]

Thursday Aug 22, 2013 #


Looked over the minutes of the IOF council meeting #166 that were sent around on the usoteam list. Thought these things were interesting:

Adventure Racing working group: including AR as an IOF discipline is under discussion.

What the heck happened at the MTBO World Cup in Poland?

Cool: touch-free punching system at the unofficial Sprint Relay World Cup in 2014.

IOF policy does not allow for regional federations.

There is a JWOC 2013 report. Looking... Why is there no search box on the IOF website? and no site map... Couldn't find it...

Bicycling 24:00 [3]

7 PM

Orienteering 25:00 [2]

CSU sprint training thanks to Alex and Ed. Yay!

Running 10:00 [2]

warmup before CSU sprint training

Wednesday Aug 21, 2013 #

Bicycling 12:00 [1]

Just one way today, because then I went to the airport to get David & Isabel.
9 PM

Administration 1:30:00 [0]

Meeting with Ed and Erin about the Harriman Fest.

Daniel has made enough progress on the permit that we are proceeding with other planning; Erin will talk further with him today. Ed sent us the maps. He's going down to NY next week to check out the site. We're going to have a great space for the arena and a fun map for the sprint. We drafted the sanctioning form. We'll post an announcement on clubnet and AP in the next couple of days.

Tuesday Aug 20, 2013 #

Bicycling 24:00 [1]

7 PM

Administration 1:30:00 [0]

Phone call w/Erin, Guy. Regular weekly meeting. Plus prep time.

* Erin's Year One contract: what is left to accomplish, and what do we want to have for Year 2 goals? To be discussed further.

* An action item from last week was to send out Erin's request to clubs to hold 6 training events this fall. That was sent to clubnet, and last night we talked about how to follow that up by communicating with our club liaisons and other people who could move this forward. I will continue the conversation with Guy and Erin by email.

* Erin has been communicating with Vladimir Gusiatnikov about the possibility of Vladimir putting on the selection races, possibly at his meet in March. Other possibilities include Erin creating a separate event himself, or the IS/IC champs. Vladimir's meet is attractive because it is an A meet; it's already being planned; we don't have to do extra work for it; having selection races in CA helps address complaints from west coast that we haven't put enough attention there.

* The junior fundraiser / club festival / major relay event in Harriman that Erin has been driving forward was discussed.

* At last week's Barb/Guy/Erin meeting we discussed the proposed rules change to put all 17-20 year olds on the same courses. We followed up with Clare Durand, chair of the Rules Committee, and that sparked further online discussion in the Committee. Our goal is to have that ready for Board vote at the October meeting. To recap the motivations behind the proposed rules change (originally requested by Erin): (1) Have more juniors running together and able to compare performances; this is especially important as many of our current elite juniors are in the 17/18 category, and others in the 19/20 category. The requirement for juniors to choose between competing for their schools at IS champs vs getting ranked at 20 for JWOC selection was an issue in the past as well. (2) shorten many of the course lengths to focus on developing the skill of orienteering fast, and to leave some energy for training exercises in conjunction with A meets. Occasional Long Days at Elite level helps prepare juniors for JWOC Long and the move to M/F-21+; if this is too long for some juniors they can move down to open on those few days.

Also, Erin and I met with Lisa Frost on Sunday and talked about activities for juniors at 8 upcoming meets this fall. We'd like to coordinate housing a bit, do the usual course reviews and possibly other training, and make it easy for the juniors to hang out together. We'd like to identify a (different) person to handle advance planning for each meet who could work with us.

Next week: Monday JTESC meeting. Tuesday Safety meeting.

Monday Aug 19, 2013 #

Bicycling 24:00 [1]

Administration 1:00:00 [0]

Phone call w/Erin

Sunday Aug 18, 2013 #


Random find of the day:

Walking in the woods 30:00 [1]

Vetting junior Dan O'Leary's new map north of Boston. He's working on a map and a permanent course for his Eagle Scout project. The markers are going to be those black and white thingies you can take a picture of with your phone. In fact you don't need to have a map ahead of time; you can just take a picture of the thingy and you'll get a map right on your phone.

Spent an hour while I was out there in the woods, on the phone, in a meeting with Erin and Lisa about juniors at big meets. There are 8 meets we're targeting this fall, to hopefully have coordination for housing, course review, activities. We also talked about teaching kids to make maps. And about fundraising.
6 AM

Running 12:00 [3]

7 AM

Administration 4:00:00 [0]

Updated the training and competition schedule.
Light editing on Erin's request to clubs to create 6 training weekends this fall; sent it back to Erin & Guy for review.
Took note of Guy's good comments on Erin's coaching article. Will review with Erin on Monday.
Emailed Erin about upcoming meetings and various things.
Emailed Lisa about today's meeting to coordinate junior housing & activities at fall meets
Reorganized the google site a bit.
Various emails.
Drafted a message to juniors & friends

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