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Training Log Archive: barb

In the 7 days ending Jun 17, 2006:

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  Rogaining1 10:30:00
  Bicycling2 55:00
  Total3 11:25:00

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Friday Jun 16, 2006 #

Bicycling 30:00 [3]

Rode to work, to school for another field trip, across the river into Boston (company meeting) where I nearly got run over by an inattentive driver, and then back to work and home.

From school, the kids navigated to Harvard's department of zoology.

There, we were met by Jessica Rykken, inveterate orienteer and invertebrate researcher (I mean, she researches invertebrates, not that she has no backbone). Jessica is running a biodiversity survey of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Her students showed us pictures of bugs.

Some of the pictures were in 3D, and they were Really Cool because the insects looked like they were coming out of the screen at us.

We looked at some real, but dead, bugs.

Then we went outside to learn about different kinds of nets and other devices for collecting invertebrates.

We'll use some of these techniques next week on Lovell's Island.

Thursday Jun 15, 2006 #


Mike Lyons sent me the NARC rogaine data formatted leg-by-leg. There is a lot I'd like to do with it, but no time right now, so I just compared us (AB) to Bears on Speed (BS) on our shared legs. BS:AB is the ratio of Bears' time to our time; "AB t" is our time in minutes. Perhaps they had pit stops during the two legs we were faster on. Pit stops do make it harder to compare times across competitors. I guess I'll figure out way to throw out all outliers for any time, any leg - by comparing (possibly transitively) to the other teams on that leg. Unusually large relative times would get ignored in trying to determine relative speeds...

I'll have to look and see what was up with us on all these legs.

Typically the winner's time on a good regular blue orienteering course leg is about half my time.

cp1 cp2 AB t BS:AB
303 701 20.80 0.59
304 404 40.07 0.56
306 604 29.95 0.56
308 702 25.52 0.81
311 705 24.58 1.14
404 603 43.27 0.61
501 802 18.77 0.78
502 801 32.27 0.63
506 804 28.10 0.73
604 506 26.55 0.86
701 304 24.48 0.77
702 401 50.30 0.61
801 303 29.43 0.99
802 306 30.40 1.15

Wednesday Jun 14, 2006 #

Bicycling 25:00 [1]

Rode to work and school. At school, I watched 3rd grade performances of Chaucer and related works. Then the class did some urban orienteering to a park, and more orienteering there. Some kids didn't get the punches in the right order the first time, but everyone kept trying until they got it right. One pair of boys ran the course 9 times, and only stopped because I had to go to work. Interestingly, though she seemed to be loping easily and without the effort (and repeated runs) that the fastest boys put in, Isabel had the fastest time.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2006 #


This morning I worked with a first- and second-grade classroom in preparation for our Lovell's Island trip next week. We started by looking at a map that included both our starting point and our destination.

We zoomed in on the streets from school to the subway stop and decided on our walking route.

We used a subway map to plan the next stage of our journey.

We found Lovell's Island in the Harbor.

Each kid colored in a black-and-white nautical chart of the Harbor so that we could identify the land masses and buoys. The buoys are green or red. We looked at the channels and made a guess about the route our boat will take. We talked about what we would see on the boat ride.

The kids discussed features on the island based on a drawing from the National Park Service.

Starting from a topo map, we cut out foam board along the contour lines in order to construct a model of the island. Didn't quite get that finished. We also looked at an aerial photo, and will use that along with the other information to "decorate" the model with trails and other features when we are done.

Sunday Jun 11, 2006 #

Rogaining 10:30:00 [3]

Second day of the rogaine.

Adam and I ended up with 1820 points, which got us first place in mixed open. So I'm 3 "wins" for 3 in my little biweekly rogaine series. I'd been thinking about doing the Regaine in 2 weeks, and I might still, but I have some scheduling issues. Then I'd also considered the Georgia rogaine 2 weeks after the Regaine, just to keep the string going, but I've definitely decided against doing that one. I feel in relatively good shape physically. My feet did bother me in a blistery sort of way, but I didn't treat them afterward, and this morning just put my shoes on without thinking about it, and they're fine. I feel fairly alert and only pleasantly sore. I've wondered whether doing rogaines so close together would take a toll. I do have to say that I experienced more of those little blissy highs in the first rogaine (Oregon) than the other two - but maybe that had to do with the smell of sage and the lingering presence of the Bhagwan.

Tim and Dorothy came in a close 2nd. It was nice to meet them. They're from Rochester area.

Vlad and Vadim won overall. We saw them in the woods a few times.

I liked the relatively tough orienteering (for a rogaine) - particularly the controls in the middle of large hillsides (such as on vegetation boundaries or at stream bends). It gives the orienteers a bit of a leg up on the adventure racers. :-) We had a little trouble at some of the controls (notably 803), but found all the controls we looked for without too great a delay.

Adam has a faster metabolism than I, and I have more fat than he does. Lack of calories was an issue for him in our first rogaine together in Arizona (the world champs). (Ah, what a tasty rogaine that was!) This time, we estimated that he packed 7000 calories worth of food, and I packed 2500. He brought 10 sandwiches. I brought 1. He brought 10 granola bars. I brought 1. Then I ate 2 of his; he made them himself, and they were delicious. I bring small portions of a bunch of different things; I learned that from Sharon Crawford. Here is my menu: cheese and meat sandwich on nut/grain bread, potato chips, carrots, Macintosh apple, dried cherries, nuts, crackers, fig newtons, dried peas, dried corn, dried mango, and Adam's homemade granola bar. Yum! Oh, and some vanilla gu and electrolyte tablets.

Adam and I worked well together. We made decent route choices, and had good communication along the way about whether we were sticking to our bearing and what we were seeing. Adam's pace counting was precise. As a result, we were able to do things like move confidently at night on a rather baroque route along broad ridges that curved back and forth and radiated all manner of off-route spurs. On the way home, Adam and I did a post-mortem on our teamwork, and it made me eager to rogaine again and implement some of the ideas we discussed. Next time, I'd work on planning and agreeing on the details of each leg before we start on it. Adam suggested that I train for climbing hills, which would make a big difference, as I am excruciatingly slow going uphill. I just moved to a 7th floor office at work, and should probably start taking the stairs. Adam and I have trouble hearing each other, and have to ask each other to repeat things often - or sometimes I don't bother and I miss what he's said. An obvious problem.

We executed our route nearly as planned, dropping one control, and adding two, but only getting one of the several controls we'd identified along optional extension routes.

We had a lot of short stops, and I didn't keep track of the, so I'm not subtracting those out of our time.

I hope to get a chance to draw in our route on the map and think about how we might have been more efficient.

Eric and Mary did a pack drop, and the pack was gone when they got back. That sucked.

On the way home, I called Dave, who said that everything had gone well while I was away. Isabel's soccer team lost again, but they played well. Everyone went to see "Stolen" about that theft from the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum. And Katia was in an accident! Actually, that happened Thursday evening, but Dave didn't find out until after I'd left for the rogaine. She was hit by a car. She wasn't wearing a helmet. She got thrown, and broke something, and spent a lot of hours in the hospital, and her hand/arm is in a sling. Not surprisingly, she was very upbeat about it, according to Dave. "I got to see what an American ambulance is like!" "I am doing much better now; it hardly hurts at all!" "How lucky I was that I didn't get run over by the car!" Things like that.

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