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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Apr 25, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:00:03 9.53(18:53) 15.34(11:44) 18546 /53c86%
  Hiking2 1:34:00 2.97(31:39) 4.78(19:40)
  Running2 43:31 6.65(6:33) 10.7(4:04)
  Bicycling1 25:50 5.27(4:54) 8.48(3:03)
  Swimming1 5:00
  Total6 5:48:24 24.42 39.3 18546 /53c86%
averages - sleep:6.2 weight:178.9lbs

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Saturday Apr 25, 2009 #

Orienteering race (Foot) 1:11:18 [4] **** 6.6 km (10:48 / km) +185m 9:29 / km
ahr:149 max:170 spiked:16/20c slept:9.0

CSU: Pine Hill; in Middlesex Fells Park, MA. I had been running on the trails in this park almost 2 years ago with Kristin and Andy Hall so I knew it would be a place that I'd have to be careful. It was a warm day (in the 80s F) and it didn't take long to feel it. I started to go on the wrong trail on the way to #1 but backed up and corrected that. Leaving another trail from pretty close to the right elevation, I attacked, recognized some small areas of mapped medium green amidst some light green and spiked the control. My mapping experience helped here and I felt a bit more confident. The epunch box didn't beep so I stayed there longer than needed trying to punch it again and again. Going to #2 was quick after that so I rushed a bit going to #3. I went left around the green going to #3 and lost my mind. I'd never corrected to the right and when I got to a pine needle laden area, I didn't realize I was crossing a trail. I saw some features ahead which I incorrectly recognized as a spur on the map. It wasn't on the map at all. Attacking from it, I succeeded in running off the map. The area was marked as settlement and showed no contours or other features. It was not really settlement area but just out of bounds woods. The losing my head part was interpreting the green as some sort of changing shoreline for the lake beyond. I lost 10 minutes findng the control and didn't figure all this out until getting my map back after the run. Oh well. I didn't give up from there and proceeded to do pretty well. I had some slight bobbles at #12, #14, #15, and #16 but these were small errors on short legs. Going down from the water tower (the only place that I could recognize with assurity from my run with Kristin), I was looking ahead and stumbled a bit on something. It was enough for a twisted left ankle, but not bad enough to stop me.

Running warm up/down (Street & Trail) 6 [2] 0.6 mi (10 / mi)

Warm-up at Middlesex Fells, off Fallon Dr.

Friday Apr 24, 2009 #

Swimming (General) 5:00 [1]

Woburn, MA. At our hotel, Max and I splashed around in the pool. Actually Max displayed his first trepidations at entering cold water. Perhaps I gave him too much or a warning. It was fine after a short while for me. Later in the day we joined the Hall children and Kristin Hall and observed real water creatures at the New England Aquarium--very nice. I find it amazing at how much life seems to be concentrated in cold waters.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009 #

Hiking (Foot) 48:00 [1] 1.72 mi (27:54 / mi)
slept:3.0 weight:179.5lbs

Patuckaway State Park, NH. After flying up in the morning, Peggy, Max and I got to the park. Our plan was to find a playground for Max while Peggy and I took turns running. The park was open but the road into it was closed. While Peggy ran, Max and I hiked on the road to the area where the Sprint Champ Series Championships were started from in 2005. I don't think we'd been in the park since then. With a lot of windiness, it was cool enough for jackets and it occasionally sprinkled.

Orienteering (Foot) 57:00 [3] **** 4.5 km (12:40 / km)

Pawtuckaway State Park, NH. Starting from a pavillion near Neals Cove I traded Max and my jacket for an orienteering map of Pawtuckaway. I followed a portion of The Mega world record course backwards, covering controls 180-175 and 156 - 130. Initially it was difficult. Some standing water and the disheavled needle floor made it hard to go straight. I stepped into a hidden hole in the first 10 seconds. It also made it harder seeing big boulders that would be mapped in most places but which were too abundant to be mapped in this park. At one point going to #175, I thought I'd found 3 distinct large boulders but they were different ones. However soon I got used to the map and was able to follow along pretty well. It helped that The Mega course had so many controls (the WR attempt was a total of 203 controls) and wasn't super long. The controls were usually spaced about 100m apart. It was a bit like following streamers but without actually having controls to aid me, this training was pretty good. I had to keep slow enough to read my way along. The distance is a rough estimate. I ran in trail shoes at a comfortable pace I left the mapped area to get to the Visitor Center. Discovering that Peggy and Max weren't there, I then I ran back down the hill to meet them.

Hiking (Foot) 6:00 [2] 0.45 mi (13:20 / mi)

Patuckaway State Park, NH. After meeting Peggy and Max on the park road near Mountain Pond, I picked up Max and carried him up the hill to our car at the Visitor Center.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009 #

Bicycling (Commute) 13:50 [3] 2.76 mi (5:01 / mi)
slept:6.25 weight:178.5lbs

From Northfield Rd. to Maple Ave. with Max in his trailer, then to the Bethesda Metro Station via the Georgetown Branch tunnel. It was a bit damp out with more rain and cool temperatures expected. I could feel some soreness from the run yesterday.

Bicycling (Commute) 12:00 [3] 2.51 mi (4:47 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro station to Maple Ave., then to Northfield Rd. via the Georgetown Branch Trail. I rode home late and it was getting dark.

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009 #

Running (Street & Trail) 43:25 intensity: (23:25 @3) + (20:00 @4) 6.05 mi (7:11 / mi)
slept:6.25 weight:177.5lbs

Washington, D.C. From 14th & Independence Ave.. SW., to 15th St., then along the Tidal Basin to the 14th St. Bridge, to the Mt. Vernon Trail, onto Roosevelt Island, onto the Roosevelt Bridge, along Constitution Ave. and past the pond to 17th St. up to the Washington Monument, to 14th St., SW, to Independence Ave. and to 12th St., SW. After my late afternoon meeting at work I rushed back to check on the weather and decided it best to run a loop from work. It was already getting cool with rainy skies. I opted to go out over the 14th St. bridge because I thought it advantageous with the winds that were picking up. As I waited for my GPS to track satellites, I saw one runner go by rather quicly. Later after getting going myself, I continued to see him ahead. I couldn't tell if I was going to catch him but as I neared the end of the bridge I could see that he had turned toward the airport on the other side. I kept up the good pace that I started but I didn't feel like I was working hard to do it. On the one measured mile along my overall route, I clocked 6:58 and was surprised. It was overall slightly downhill and the wind was either behind or neutral. I figured I'd extend what was going to be a 4.5 mile route by going to Roosevelt Island. I didn't expect it to be 6 miles before finishing. As I was doing this, the first rain drops sprinkled about. As I got onto the island, the winds shifted in my favor such that they ended up pushing me all the way back--they were basically in my favor the whole route. As I climbed my way onto the Roosevelt Bridge at a very unofficial access point, I moved along fast. I could see a storm cell in its entirety moving toward DC. I was trying to stay ahead of it but the leading edge clouds had already drawn even. They were billowing downward and a distinct green lighting resulted. Lots of tourist were getting some great pictures. I had some traffic intersections which resulted in some fartlek going back. After getting in the building dry, I looked out and less than 30 seconds along everything outside was wet.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009 #

Orienteering (Course Setting) 35:16 [3] 2.94 km (12:00 / km)
slept:4.5 weight:180lbs

Rock Creek, MD. Starting from Mark Twain School and Park, I set out controls on the west side of Rock Creek up to Southlawn Rd., then set one control at the west end of Lake Bernard Frank. Peggy picked me up from there to go to the Meadowside Nature Center where some training that I setup was to start. I felt fairly slowish on this. Perhaps it was the warmth and humidity. I ran all but the steepest parts. It was fun to run the nice woods west of the creek and to see controls in the woods that I'd mapped.

Orienteering (Course Setting) 11:38 [3] 0.8 km (14:32 / km)

Meadowside Nature Center at Lake Bernard Frank, Montgomery County, MD. I setup the first and last controls of a training event that I setup. Both of these were down and up a fairly steepish hill. On the way back from one, I slowed to verify the mapping.

Orienteering (Control Pickup) 4:51 [3] *** 0.5 km (9:42 / km)

Meadowside Nature Center at Lake Bernard Frank, Montgomery County, MD. I picked up one control which I'd set out earlier. Dave Onkst volunteered to pickup the first set of controls that I'd set out earlier as he ended his loop of the course that I setup. That left me with not much else to do but it was much appreciated.

Hiking (Foot) 40:00 [1] 0.8 mi (50:01 / mi)

Meadowside Nature Center, Lake Bernard Frank, Montgomery County, MD. While others were out running the courses. I hiked with Max, Nicole Lennon and her friend Isabelle. We went to control #1, the followed along the North Branch. It was very liesurely and the kids stopped to rock hop and get their feet wet. The weather was perfect for it.

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