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Training Log Archive: KirstenM.

In the 7 days ending Nov 11, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:44:48 5.59(18:44) 9.0(11:39) 190
  Running4 1:44:00 11.24(9:15) 18.09(5:45) 76
  PT/Strength1 5:00
  Total5 3:33:48 16.83 27.09 266

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Monday Nov 11, 2019 #

Running 41:35 [3] 4.55 mi (9:08 / mi) +25m 8:59 / mi

I don't know if I'll get around to explaining this weekend's courses, but basically my knee/hip started to flare again and got sort of bad when I tried to sidehill.

This run was a bit of a test of how they're doing and I guess I passed. My hips and the inside of my ankle felt like I was doing a long PT session for most of the run and it was only in the last mile-ish when they gave up and I felt knee pain.

I've been slacking too much on my stretching and PT exercises, so as long as I pick them up again, I should be good.

Sunday Nov 10, 2019 #

Orienteering 58:37 [3] 5.6 km (10:28 / km) +190m 8:57 / km

I'll add analysis tomorrow (probably)

Running 6:58 [2] 0.47 mi (14:50 / mi)

Saturday Nov 9, 2019 #

Orienteering 46:11 [3] 3.4 km (13:35 / km)

4.9 km (9:27 / km) +83m 8:42 / km
^Look how far I ran that I didn't need to :/

This race is honestly so embarrassing, but here you go
#2- My hands were really cold, so I jammed them under my armpits while I ran down the trail (aka there was no possible way I was reading the map). Eventually, I realized what I was doing and completed my nice little U off the line.

#3- Drifted off the line and didn't think to catch myself because I had forgotten that the map was 1:7500 and ran what felt like the right distance for 1:10000 while getting increasing confused. When I saw the trail, I realized what I'd done and ran back.

#5- Knew what I was doing, but I was not confident at all with the scale and stopped short because I couldn't see the giant boulder that was supposed to be in front of me. Turns out it was hidden behind a tree.

#7- Was a little high and then for SOME REASON decided to orient my map west (the longest side of the map the way I folded it). So then I ran to where I thought the control was supposed to be in relation to the big hill in the valley. At some point, I realized what I did and reoriented.

#8- So bad. I literally spent the whole leg fighting my random urge to orient my map west. I don't know what my problem is. All I know is that I kept looking down and realizing I was going the wrong way.

#10- Pissed and not trusting myself, I used someone else I knew was on Green to exit (great choice, I know) and ended up on a hillside a little too east. I took too long to correct this because there was a trail running along the base, which the correct hillside was also supposed to have.

Attackpoint says I had around 9 minutes worth of mistakes and that sounds right unfortunately

PT/Strength 5:00 [1]

Thursday Nov 7, 2019 #

Running 30:03 [3] 3.58 mi (8:24 / mi)

Treadmill with an unknown amount of climb. I just increased and decreased the incline on a whim and forgot to check the climb at the end

Tuesday Nov 5, 2019 #

Running 10:23 [3] 1.31 mi (7:56 / mi) +8m 7:47 / mi

Running 10:48 [3] 0.91 mi (11:52 / mi) +37m 10:32 / mi

Hills, up/down x12; sprinting up, jogging down, every 4 down was a walk

Running 4:13 [2] 0.42 mi (10:02 / mi) +6m 9:37 / mi

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