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Training Log Archive: ccsteve

In the 7 days ending Sep 18, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:04:33 5.78(21:33) 9.3(13:24) 2457 /21c33%
  Morning Run1 23:20 3.0(7:47) 4.83(4:50) 35
  Total3 2:27:53 8.78(16:51) 14.13(10:28) 2807 /21c33%

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Saturday Sep 18, 2010 #

Orienteering race 18:49 [4] *** 2.3 km (8:11 / km) +45m 7:27 / km
spiked:3/11c shoes: New Balance 479 - V2

NOD Sprint at Highland Park.

On the good side - no major errors, I felt good throughout, and I seemed competitive.

On the bad side, I felt really good only on 3 of the 11 controls. It seems several were at least slightly out of position.

1 - Got to where I thought it should be, but it was left.
2 - Got to where I thought it should be, checked map, saw fence, looked slightly back left and there it was.
3 - Ran as I thought it should be and saw tree dead ahead above the canopy, but no flag. Continued to next tree seemingly further away than it should be.
4 - First control that worked exactly as I expected. Along trail, cut off just after split, straight to flag.
5 - Straight to it, but a non-course flag was in between, and I needed to keep going.
6 - Second to work right - circling right to avoid climb, hit trail, curved around hill, spotted flag in the right spot.
7- crossed road and thought I had gone a bit left of where I wanted so straight up hill, then scanning down hill as I came back to the right. Thought it should be right at the bottom of the hill, and checking over my right shoulder, there it was 15' above me. [This seemed misplaced]
8 - Stayed high along the hill crossing to 8, but cut down and crossed the paved path with a bit of concern. Continued to flag.
9 - Moved to road, crossed in about the right spot, descended and climbed, but no flag in sight. Checked map and flag was then visible...Not sure what's going on there.
10 - I think I nailed this to where the flag should have been - I climbed and ran the top of the hill to the corner where the flag should have been. No chance to get to where I was without passing it. I cut down to the street to come back on the other side of the bushes / vegetation, and then climbed back up the hill. The flag was mapped on the spur, but intended to be in the re-entrant (on clue sheet). It was located in the reentrant and I ran by it not looking down and left behind a tree... :30-:45 second loss here. [But I think my execution was perfect for where it was mapped to be;-]
[note - just as I was going up the hill to 11, Dayle passed me - she was going to relocate the control to the mapped location vs the clue location that conflicted with the map]
11 - Third great control - I crossed the roads, followed down the road a short bit and climbed the hill into the green, continued in until a path, and followed it right a few feet to the flag.
F - Just a controlled descent and then run to the finish.

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010 #

Morning Run (pavement) 23:20 [3] 3.0 mi (7:47 / mi) +35m 7:30 / mi
shoes: New Balance 479 - V2

Concentrating on form... and happen to be faster...

Sunday Sep 12, 2010 #

Orienteering race 1:45:44 [4] *** 7.0 km (15:06 / km) +200m 13:13 / km
spiked:4/10c shoes: Integrator

I might write this up later "anatomy of a derailed car"...

1: Perfect through the fields, trail and woods to the far clearing. Waffled on the way down the hill to the left and then hit the veg boundary - and thought I somehow overran the green and was coming out the bottom - and headed upstream. Ack - there's a ledge of boundary higher, so a bit of wasted effort.

2: Left across the top and around and in - saw the wrong re-entrant and knew to look for the right one - felt good.

3: Back out the way I came and across the two fields. Was reasonably sure I was left of the flag and found it moving down the woods.

4: Around hill and out to road, down road and cut in at small clearing. Thought I was on the ridge down but there was a wrinkle on it I didn't see and I ended up left a bit and had to clear back out. Otherwise ok.

5: Straight to clearing and up road - in at pathways. Slight bit of extra green cutting down and in, but it was a reasonable path. I didn't see the trail on the map, and it didn't look fun running up the stream bed.

6: Followed left path and cut, but lost concentration for a moment and wasn't sure if I was on top of the right pine patch... Found the trail with hairpin and cut - missed the bag - It might have been a few meters south of center. [GPS supports me on this one] Caught it on the pass back.

7: All I had to do was skirt the corner of that green and flow down the hill... crossed one then two streams and it looked like the hump... And them spent the rest of my 23 minutes grasping at features and creek angles and finally finding the bag. GPS tells me I went nearly due West from 6 and hit a different stream! Ouch...

8: South to road, drink, and very easy control #8 (Though I took it from the N and steep bank...)

9: Up and in fairly well off the bend of the trail.

10: Nearly straight, ignoring the trails. Final woods drifted left of where I wanted, but I felt ok about it.

[Splits are in AP]
[Added this]

My daughter has set the garmin to "stop" every time it stops moving. This was a little disconcerting during the event because it was a beep "ha, you've stopped moving"...

But after it gives me this interesting bit - I can tell very closely how much "dead" time I have per leg - the garmin number or my actual split. The total - 11:40 of stoppage... by leg:

1) 13:35 vs 12:36 - :59
2) 7:06 vs 6:09 - :57
3) 6:51 vs 6:29 - :22
4) 7:18 vs 6:46 - :32
5) 10:07 vs 9:14 - :53
6) 10:37 vs 8:53 - 1:44
7) 23:33 vs 18:33 - 5:00
8) 6:55 vs 6:28 - :27
9) 10:34 vs 10:33 - :1
10) 8:26 vs 8:12 - :14
F) :42 vs :42 - :0

The five minutes standing trying to figure out what the heck was going on during #7 is expected. The low 1 second at 9 was because it was an uphill climb most of the way, but I do like how the controls after the derailment were good - at least i didn't carry that along with me the rest of the way.

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