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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 9 days ending May 28, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 5:40:37 20.12 32.38 341
  Running2 1:57:41 11.86(9:55) 19.08(6:10) 332
  Cycling2 1:49:32
  Intervals1 55:38 5.97(9:19) 9.61(5:47) 17
  Hills1 39:22 3.59(10:58) 5.78(6:49) 253
  Recovery2 34:43 3.17(10:56) 5.11(6:48) 73
  Physio3 22:00 1.0 1.61
  Stretching1 5:00
  Total13 12:04:33 45.71 73.57 1016
  [1-5]11 11:45:17

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Saturday May 28, 2011 #

Orienteering 20:00 [3]

Various walking/jogging/sprinting round Purchase. Everything got out, but we had to delay the start. A less than ideal way to begin the weekend. Great sprint area, good map, and seriously tricky courses. It was fun watching the confusion in the central area.
6 PM

Orienteering 1:09:21 [3] 7.26 km (9:33 / km)
ahr:154 max:178 shoes: Integrators

Putting out flags and boxes and stuff on a bit of the area I really can't remember. It's been a long weekend. It was just getting dark by the time I returned from the final triad, and then we had a late night planning for Sunday morning. Tiring.

Friday May 27, 2011 #


Slept dreadfully. Very humid. Plus turns out getting all the controls in the right place in a highly used public park on a holiday weekend is a way scarier prospect than actually running in Team Trials. Eep! Looking forward to hitting the woods later today though!
3 PM

Orienteering 1:43:33 [2] 7.65 km (13:32 / km)
ahr:144 max:174 shoes: Integrators

Ha ha! I love that this was so slow that AP thought I was stretching! The first day on Blue Mountain, putting out poles on the southern part of the map. Some wonky streamers after planning changes, leaving me a little stressed by the end. Woods were fabulous though.

Thursday May 26, 2011 #

(rest day)

Rest day. My leg didn't like all that physio at all, it feels worse than it has done since the twinge last spring!

I am going to pick 3-4 of the exercises that I think actually work and just do those! Boo hiss physio department.

Wednesday May 25, 2011 #

Physio 12:00 [1] 1.0 mi (12:00 / mi)
shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

Second and final physio session. Not too impressed, we just ran through a lot of strengthening exercises, most of which I already knew how to do and usually do with weight above body weight. She had me doing step ups onto a 4 inch high platform, and was astonished that I managed them no problem?! More unimpressed with the length of the programme - if I do all the physio they've recommended every day then I will be spending almost 2 hours at it. I told them this was unreasonable, and they were just like "huh, well, that's the way it is." No "well, try at least to do these three, as they're really important for your problem." This is probably because none of the four people who showed me various things today had any idea what my problem actually was. My programme from today is entitled "knee strengthening activities," which is something I can definitely improve but not the cause of the pain I currently experience.

Overall, pretty useless. I gave them pretty bad feedback on the feedback form.

Stretching 5:00 [0]

Stretchy time...yawn.
7 AM

Running 58:43 intensity: (8:01 @1) + (19:58 @2) + (30:44 @3) 9.69 km (6:04 / km) +207m 5:29 / km
ahr:148 max:168 shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

Early morning jaunt round East Rock before physio. Legs tired, was going to beast it through the weekend with no rest and then have an easy week, but may have to rest tomorrow too. Gorgeous morning at last though, so it was still a pleasure to be out.

Tuesday May 24, 2011 #

8 AM

Intervals 55:38 intensity: (13:02 @1) + (12:26 @2) + (17:03 @3) + (11:36 @4) + (1:31 @5) 9.61 km (5:47 / km) +17m 5:44 / km
ahr:153 max:185 shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

It was so difficult to leave a house that smelt of blueberry Jospe pancakes to go and do my track session this morning! It's so nice to have a house full of lovely people. Plan for today was 4 x 1km with a target of 3.50-4.00, 1.40 rest. Plan was fully achieved, despite the dreadful track etiquette of the geese. One of the goslings was fast asleep in lane one, and daddy goose was hissing and chasing after everyone who went too close - including the big hispanic bodybuilders. We had a good laugh over the fact that these huge guys were too scared to go anywhere near a bird, but he was scary.

Times were:

Note that on lap 1 & 3 I had to pass the goose three times, and only twice on 2 & 4. I like that this is reflected in my times.

Monday May 23, 2011 #


WOC team selections - lots of new faces, some upsets in the established ranks. I can't wait to see what they're going to do. Special mention to Hollie, Claire, Tess and Helen P who all seem to have raised their games seriously this year - looking forward to exciting stupid o' clock computer times come August. How many laptops can I get hold of this year?


Hello training campers! Welcome to the beautiful tropical...erm...soggy et paradise of New Haven!

Physio 5:00 [0]

Physio stretches with fun people to keep me interested!
6 PM

Running 58:58 intensity: (53:44 @1) + (5:14 @2) 9.4 km (6:16 / km) +125m 5:53 / km
ahr:128 max:149 shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

Very easy jog back from work to the flat. It was a little bit soggy but not as bad as the others got earlier. My legs were a little bit tired but my heart rate was dead low and I felt fine.

Sunday May 22, 2011 #

Event: Saxon Woods
11 AM

Orienteering 1:09:06 intensity: (32 @1) + (2:10 @2) + (42:35 @3) + (23:49 @4) 9.85 km (7:01 / km) +178m 6:26 / km
ahr:166 max:182

Fun burn up round Saxon Woods. Reminded me of being back home - lots of track running, soggy woods, interesting map in little area though. Ran generally well, a couple of silly wobbles and tired by the end.

Quickroute here:

Recovery 5:22 intensity: (2:04 @1) + (28 @2) + (2:50 @3) 0.85 km (6:21 / km) +4m 6:12 / km
ahr:145 max:162 shoes: Integrators

Jog back from the finish with Mr Zhyk. Pretty done in! Good day.

Saturday May 21, 2011 #

Physio 5:00 [0]

Went through the whole physio programme whilst chatting to Andrew. Sunny and lovely!
8 AM

Cycling 56:23 intensity: (1:06 @0) + (32:52 @1) + (4:33 @2) + (17:46 @3) + (6 @4) 0.0 km
ahr:138 max:172

Oh my god....cycle to Ansonia on the Freespirit. Next time I will borrow a bike that doesn't weigh as much as I do. There are two mini mountains and one huge mountain between me and Ansonia. I officially feel like a beast!

Orienteering 1:18:37 intensity: (3:10 @0) + (15:57 @1) + (12:20 @2) + (42:49 @3) + (4:21 @4) 7.63 km (10:18 / km) +163m 9:19 / km
ahr:152 max:176 shoes: Integrators

Hanging controls for the Ansonia section of the training camp. The woods were beautiful and I was worried I had wrecked my legs on the cycling but they actually felt really good. It was a pleasure to be out. At one point I was yelled at by a guy shouting "Are you lost?!" and I yelped because he was all dressed in camo and had a big hunting rifle and I hadn't seen him at all! Then he giggle and said "Just had to make you jump" and I ran off, fast. Struggled with hanging one control but mostly things were making sense out there.
1 PM

Cycling 53:09 intensity: (41:24 @1) + (6:21 @2) + (5:24 @3) 0.0 km
ahr:125 max:167

The mountains are much smaller on the way back. Thank god! The chain fell off the Freespirit once, but the extra weight on the downhills was awesome. What a bike.

Friday May 20, 2011 #

6 PM

Hills 39:22 intensity: (3:54 @1) + (7:40 @2) + (19:13 @3) + (8:21 @4) + (14 @5) 5.78 km (6:49 / km) +253m 5:36 / km
ahr:157 max:186 shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

Quick jaunt to East Rock to do a mini hills session while the laundry was turning. 10 times 1 minute up the zig-zaggy path, then straight down. Felt really great actually, surprised to feel light and powerful after yesterday's reps.

Recovery 29:21 intensity: (11:54 @1) + (17:27 @2) 4.26 km (6:53 / km) +69m 6:22 / km
ahr:139 max:149 shoes: Red Saucony Cohesion

Little recovery jog to loosen up while the laundry was drying. A pleasant evening, at last! Looks like the morning will be nice tomorrow, but the afternoon maybe less so.

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