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Training Log Archive: boyle

In the 7 days ending Jun 11, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering2 2:57:57 7.71(23:06) 12.4(14:21) 1532c
  Running3 28:30 2.55(11:11) 4.1(6:57)
  Cross country1 23:40 2.36(10:01) 3.8(6:14)
  canicross1 22:00 1.37(16:06) 2.2(10:00)
  geocaching1 10:00 0.43(22:59) 0.7(14:17)
  basic training1 7:00
  Total7 4:29:07 14.42 23.2 1532c

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Saturday Jun 11, 2011 #

Running race 8:30 [5] 1.6 km (5:19 / km)
shoes: New Balance MT572

At best speed, I ran the Whalen Park forest trail run from orienteering in May 2010. Remember, though, that I've had a year to learn the trails.
humidex 26
1 AM

Cross country warm up/down 23:40 [3] 3.8 km (6:14 / km)
shoes: New Balance MT572

The same trail-run mile(s) before and after the test were 10:40 and 11:58, respectively.

Thursday Jun 9, 2011 #

canicross 22:00 [3] 2.2 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: Columbia Trail Meister IV

Poor Ziggy, we were just running trails (Stony Swamp #23), nothing off-trail or near any porcupines, yet he managed to get a porcupine quill in his right hand.

Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 #

geocaching 10:00 [3] 0.7 km (14:17 / km)
shoes: Columbia Trail Meister IV

short run in humidex 30

basic training 7:00 [1]

Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 #

Running warm up/down 4:00 [3] 0.5 km (8:00 / km)
shoes: New Balance MT572

We raced in humidex 34 and Qi attended with me.
7 PM

orienteering race 1:01:00 [4] *** 6.0 km (10:10 / km)
19c shoes: New Balance MT572

6p, 7p, 8p, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18 (missing/not-missing), 17, 16p, 12p, 14, 13, 11p, 10, 9p, 5, 1

with handicap 71.0% 10/40

Tonight's score-O was hosted by the Loup Garou club on the Rockcliffe Park map. At some controls, there were no flags and the racer had to pencil (see 'p' above) in the answer to a question such as...what colour is the house? how many trees are in the island? what colour are the flowers? In most cases, the questions could be answered by barely entering the map circle surrounding the control. However, for me, this advantage was cancelled out when seeking a small plaque at control #9 in a park full of man-made objects. While running at full speed, try writing on your control card 'village of rockcliffe park 1977' or 'neighbourhood watch' from a posted sign. I'm glad that I don't have to try reading the answers.

I was two controls short of clearing my map but I was also late by 11 minutes. I didn't attempt #24 but that was apparently a missing control. Sadly, Qi went all that way for her last control. Gord & I thought #18 was missing but it was simply at the other end of the trail, outside of the target circle. In the stress of running in the heat, I punched #14 and #17 in the same box on the control card and even to me it didn't look like two different punches in the one box.

Exhausted at the end, I ran right up hill past #1 (which would be my last control) and then back down the hill likely cancelling out the value of that control with time lost in a mental haze. I was pleased with my overall route choice. There was no point starting with close controls and the crowds attempting to punch. I just didn't have the legs in the heat.

Sunday Jun 5, 2011 #

Event: OOC B-meet

orienteering race 1:56:57 [3] *** 6.4 km (18:16 / km) +15m 18:04 / km
13c shoes: New Balance MT572

March Highlands

Apparently it's a detriment to be familiar with a trail system before the first time you see it put on an orienteering map. It took me the first two controls to settle down. Forty-one minutes for the first two controls? That's not good for the confidence early in a race. Things were straight forward after that.

I can't wait to see the split analysis.

Running warm up/down 16:00 [3] 2.0 km (8:00 / km)
shoes: New Balance MT572

I ran part of the way home.

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