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Training Log Archive: eddie

In the 7 days ending Sep 10, 2005:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 5:43:51 19.79(17:22) 31.85(10:48)77c
  cycling2 2:33:45 51.3(3:00) 82.56(1:52)
  road run1 51:33 7.8(6:37) 12.55(4:06)
  trail run1 10:00 0.93(10:44) 1.5(6:40)
  Total6 9:19:09 79.82(7:00) 128.46(4:21)77c

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Saturday Sep 10, 2005 #

orienteering race 16:51 [5] *** 3.25 km (5:11 / km)

Sprint series final, Heat 1, race 1. With Boris, John F, Hans and Gregory. Didn't see greg after #1. Packed together until 6, Boris and I got caught in a line when the women's pack #1 got there with us. We got cut off from Hans and John. Boris got away about 3 punchers ahead of me. Chased as fast as I could go - the woods were crawling with fast women! Pavi, Kseniya, Sam, Kata. Despite the beautiful distractions, I focused on Boris. :) Passed Pavi and crested the ridge. Hans, John and Boris were up ahead and had bobbled. I thought they were too far and circled back, making an even bigger error. I was alone. Punched with Sam I think. 8, 9 10 alone - too far left on 9. Came into 10 and was suprised to see John F come in from the right and direct me in. He said something like "we've got 'em" which I didn't comprehend until 15s later when we passed Boris and Hans coming back toward the control. I increased my speed significantly. John and I split this leg. I went left below the cliffs then up the spur - he went basically straight. I could hear his footsteps coming in as I left. Out to the road, John cut the corner and popped out with me. Went in to 11 and came across a rock with #54 on it. Not ours. Angelica was there with us. Pushed on to the next rock and in. John eased up, knowing we were both in and I pushed hard. Just pure luck for us to make this qual.

orienteering race 17:13 [5] *** 3.05 km (5:39 / km)

Sprint series finals, heat 1 round 2. With Ken, John F. and Wyatt. Got a little left on the way to 1 but was there first I think. I went left and giant boulder-hopped to 2. Again, everyone else was straighter. Got right on the way to 4 with John F who said it (the spur) seemed too soon. I agreed and hesitated. John took off down the spur followed by Ken, so naturally I followed :) Ken and I chasing John on the road. John, me and Ken in a row at 7. I went left around on the trail to 8. John and Ken went straight and we were almost together...Ken just a few steps behind. Left to 11 through the woods to the junction. They were thick. Could hear John just behind me for these. Going as hard as possible to the finish, not knowing where Ken was.

orienteering race 15:53 [5] *** 3.25 km (4:53 / km)

As James might say, "well well well..." I blew it big time. Skipped the last control. The race was going so well too. Rats! Making an error is bad enough. Making an error in front of 70 cheering spectators and going from 1st place to last place instantly just hurts. Thats the way the cookie crumbles though. There's always next year!

Here's how it went down from my perspective. With Wadd, John F. and Sergei Zhuk. Wadd was off like a shot, with the rest of us just trying to hang on. We all missed just right and had to turn up the trickle. Ran in a chorus line to #2. I was last. On the way to 3 I cut the corner to try to get a leg up, but I hit the hill to the SW instead. Looked up in time to see the train leave the station. I BOLTED with everything I had and caught back up at 4.

We were all packed up crossing the parking lot to 6. I looked at cutting the swamp but decided no. Wadd tried it and got stuck in the green, while the 3 of us took the trail Sergei and John took the trail low towards a rocky spur end. I went straight and got the lead. Alone to 7, 8, 9, 10. Missed 8 right, on the spur, but managed to correct fast enough to stay ahead of Zhuk. Wadd told me later he did the same thing on 8. Anyways, Balter and Vlad were there at the bridge. After I passed I heard Greg cheering for Zhuk, so thats the first I knew he was right behind me. Into the exchange I was still a few steps ahead.

Had huge trouble finding the next control on the map - big circles everywhere. Finally figured it out when I hit the parking lot. Over-ran just a bit and had to come back. Sergei caught me there, Wadd just behind us. I'm still having trouble figuring out which control is next. On the in to 13 I decide to punch straight through the green, as Sergei and Wadd are father left of me. Its thinck and I get stuck. I bail out NW to the white and go around. Wadd punches just in front of me. As we head out to 14 I can see Zhuk ahead of us. We are cranking pretty good. I read ahead following Mike and decide that all I have to do is cross the parking lot and then go to the finish (heh heh). So I have already comitted to the error at 14. We ROCKET across the parking lot. I pass Wad just before entering the woods - I'm locked-on to Zhuk's white shirt. Punch at 15. Zhuk is 5s ahead, Wadd is 3s behind me. I follow Sergei out to the trail and then notice he is drifting to the left :). I see the finish field through the trees. The only thing I can think of is "he is too far left - I've got him!!" Burst out of the woods, under the finish chute tape and into the finish at max speed. Then Wyatt tells me I've skipped the last control. Oh crap. I look at the map. Sure enough, there *is* a number 16. Bummer. Sergei comes in. Wyatt says "go back, you can still get John!" My first thought is, no - its illegal to go back out after you punch the finish (which it is). But I go to 16 anyways, passing Wadd coming in for second. I hit the woods in time to see John coming out. I punch and try to chase him but he's too far ahead for me to catch. At that point my mind clears up and I realize it would be wrong to pass him anyways so I ease up. Its too bad it took certain defeat to put the honest thought into my head, but thats the way it went in the timeline. Sorry John - I do apologize for that.

No way I could have caught Sergei on a dead run, but I had a legit shot at second had I not been so stupid. Obviously I wanted the win badly enough to take evasive action on the "last" leg to make up time. Perhaps appropriately, I was wearing the Charlie Brown top.

Thursday Sep 8, 2005 #

cycling 1:16:45 [4] 25.65 mi (3:00 / mi)

Work commute.

Wednesday Sep 7, 2005 #

road run 51:33 [4] 12.55 km (4:06 / km)

Roland park with the Pawtuckaway map. Read a few legs for the first half and then it got too dark to read, so I did the jock-stuffer thing and picked up the pace.

Tuesday Sep 6, 2005 #

cycling 1:17:00 [4] 25.65 mi (3:00 / mi)

When it rains, it pours. Shitbird moron speeds by me only to turn 30m ahead directly on top of me. I brake and cut out into the lane to save my own ass. He's talking on a cell phone. I guess he hears me yelling and turns to look at me as I continue up the road. Meanwhile he's moving into the Starbucks parking lot...talking on the phone...looking 90 degrees from his direction of travel. He probably hit 2 or 3 people in the parking lot as well. Idiot. A thought popped into my head: turn around and beat the crap out of the FUCKING moron with my tire pump. People often ask why I carry such a large frame pump. Shoving the phone up his ass so it would be closer to his head also crossed my mind. When will Darwin's Natural Selection catch up? It seems to be stuck...even going backwards. Later in the ride I got honked at for taking a lane at a red light. Its insane. I hope all the gasoline is gone soon. People will come to blows. The insanity in New Orleans is nothing compared to the age of $6/gal gasoline in this country of fat-ass motherfuckers and our president, Bozo the slack-jawed Yokel.

Monday Sep 5, 2005 #

orienteering 3:00:00 [1] *** 7.0 km (25:43 / km)

Vetting at Hamonds Rocks for the Susquehanna Stumble. This was mostly walking pace and was out in the forest for 7 hours. The bastards have logged the best part of the map. I thought they'd never go in there because of all the rocks, but they did. The absolute sweetest part. Its gone. I came up over a hill and discovered it. I almost cried. Looks like it was done in just the last few weeks. Spent significant time mapping what had already been logged and followed the road extension out to see what might be next. It doesn't look good. Had to modify my courses and vetting to adapt. They may just clearcut the entire map for all I know. $10,000 worth of map and the best terrain on the entire forest, down the drain.

Sunday Sep 4, 2005 #

trail run 10:00 [3] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)

warm up, with old map.

orienteering race 1:53:54 [4] *** 15.3 km (7:27 / km)

DVOA long course champs, Hickory Run, Blue. Physical running through saplings, a few areas of laurel and some deadfall. I wasn't feeling very inspired. Nice long legs though.

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