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Training Log Archive: KFish

In the 7 days ending Sep 17, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:58:00 19.0(15:41) 30.58(9:45) 119439c
  Road Biking1 1:01:06 14.9(14.6/h) 23.98(23.5/h) 652
  Other1 45:00
  Road Running1 43:34 4.16(10:28) 6.7(6:30) 215
  Total5 7:27:40 38.06 61.25 206139c

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Sunday Sep 17, 2017 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 1:57:27 [3] *** 8.27 mi (14:12 / mi) +595m 11:36 / mi
20c shoes: Salomon Speed Cross 4

I was worried yesterday was just goign to compound, with tired legs, tight calves, and big mistakes, but it actually went must better. I felt I kept up a good pace and actually was one of my cleanest runs with nothing i would consider an error. i think APs 8 min of errors are legs I deliberatly took slow so as to not mess up. Still pretty pathetic compared to the rest of the M21 field, but I am happy with my performance today. Also felt today was a lot more fun and interesting with a wide vareity of terrain, less reliance on trails, and more short legs with variety of leg length. Having it stay fun helped me keep up pace I think.

1 - straight on a bearing, arrived sooner than expected
2 - out to the trail and approach from the S
3 - quick out and back
4- trail to the stream, then follow along the stream high
5 - slid down a very steep hill. Got a little more momentum than I planned and actually got a little worried. Also scrubbed a lot of dirt into my map right over the next 2 controls...
6 - drifted on a fake trail that took me to 7, so corrected from that flag
7 - back to 7 was easy
8 - mostly straight. Was with a pack of people here, but Im not sure we were all headed to the same controls
9 - took the ride, which was a little higher than I needed to be, but easy to the building and had to backtrack slightly.
10 - trail to parking lot, then took it slow and careful. Got to say high to Syd!
11 - another straight and careful
12 - Really long leg. Took the trail to the road and went through the parking lot. Easy and flat, so i think it was the right choice if longer.
13 - straight. With a pack of 5 people all on the same leg here
14 - drifted E and had to come through the clearing.
15 - Long leg mostly on trails. Went through 19 to check it out since I hate thickets.
16 - straight and careful, slightly overshot it and ended up on top
17 - hills starting to hurt but so close to the end!
18 - trail N to trail E, saw from trail
19 - longish leg on trails
20 - downhill!
F - had enough juice to run this time

15/18 finishers

Saturday Sep 16, 2017 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 3:00:33 [3] *** 10.73 mi (16:50 / mi) +599m 14:20 / mi
19c shoes: Salomon Speed Cross 4

Day 1 at Letchworth was pretty brutal for me. Climb was killing me and my distance in Mi was longer than straight line in KM! Nav mostly went pretty well with 3 big errors (5 min or so) and just overall really slow. We didnt each lunch before hand, and I ate both my Gu before I was half done. By the end I was starving and dead. Water was along roads and trails instead of controls, but was available along the obvious routes so I stopped 3 times. Map was printed on two sheets with a flip at control 12, which i had no idea what that meant on the clue sheet.

1- didnt mess up the first control!
2- took the long way around on the trail
3 - Took the trail, longer road route may have been slightly faster/easier, but the trail was pretty
4 - straight. slight bobble after walking right past it.
5 - long way around on the trail N to avoid the crazy cliffs. Lost the trail for a bit but picked it up again.
6 - straight
7 - road to trail. Got to it with 2 other guys, but then i messed up the approach and they got ahead
8 - turned in a little too early
9 - first big mistake. The hill was too daunting and i got pushed down it instead of climbing it. Eventually saw a flag only to figure out it wasnt mine, and i couldnt figure out what feature it was on. Took me a little bit to figure out what happened and get back on track
10 - straight and careful
11 - out to the road. Looked to tricky to stay on the side of the hill
12- out to the trail to grab some water
13 - trail to the rocks then cut in
14 - second big mistake. Decided not to go out to the trail, but i got pushed up and down a lot and didnt keep good pace counting. I ended up really confused and again found the wrong flag and couldnt figure out what it was on. Eventually i was able to correct based on the stream crossings.
15 - straight and careful
16 - straight and careful
17 - trail to creek
18 - third big mistake. so many people wandering the woods and the wet stuff wasnt very wet which made it more confusing and vague. I was spent at this point and not thinking straight so it took me way to long to reattack, and even then I missed it up again!
19 - a sad walk up the hill
F - a sad attempt at running up the hill to the punch

14/16 finishers, Id say 15 min in errors, and generally just not good enough fitness and energy

Thursday Sep 14, 2017 #

Other 45:00 [3]

arms and abs

Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 #

6 PM

Road Biking 1:01:06 [3] 14.9 mi (14.6 mph) +652m

Hills circuit. Traffic wasnt too bad, but it was starting to get pretty dark, probably should have decked out with more lights.

Got stung by a bee. This is the third time this has happened while road biking, I don't get it.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017 #

7 PM

Road Running 43:34 [3] 4.16 mi (10:28 / mi) +215m 9:01 / mi
shoes: Nike Fury 2

Went later this time and traffic wasnt bad.

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