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Training Log Archive: Jan Erik Naess

In the 7 days ending Oct 24, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Short Track Speed Skating3 4:20:00
  Orienteering3 4:18:59 12.08 19.44 650
  Dry-Land Training3 2:10:00
  Long Track Speed Skating1 1:30:00
  Run2 1:25:00
  Yoga2 1:00:00
  Map Reading1 15:00
  Total14 14:58:59 12.08 19.44 650
  [1-5]13 14:43:59

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Saturday Oct 24, 2015 #

Orienteering 1:22:14 [5] 9.23 km (8:55 / km) +450m 7:10 / km

1. I had no clue how to attack it while I was running. I wasn't ready to count features. I took thee trail then cut off way too early. Ended up making me check off every control I went by, as I slowly progressed onwards through to gullies.

2. Went well, just cut through gullies(I probably should have gone under them though because they were actually really deep and slowed me down a lot) then just checked off the two streams.

3. Ran to trail, then to stream intersection and countered over

4. Ran to trail(I didn't want to go through more gullies after the 2nd control) then used the pond as an attack point and followed the steam till it intersected.

5. I hit the trail after crossing fence, kept head up and checked off first stream then went to second.

6. I felt that a little climb wound't be bad so I went down to lower trail but cut off as soon as it started to climb, I'm not sure it that was the right thing to do. Then I worked my way to the top of the hill, I ended up walking up half of it, I could use some more hill practice.

7. Down hill, checked my place off as I passed the small trail, then worked my way to the large hill and cut off after the slight bend

8. Crossed first big trail then hit second one and cut off at close point and hit the other side of the trail and headed down the hill and up to next trail and followed it up the re-entrant.

9. Ran along trail till turn then cut off and kept to right side until re-entrant split in two

10. Ran up re-entrant, but took a poor compass bearing and went to right side of pond then hit the trail. Then ran along until an easy point to cross in the fence and kept slightly to the right of a good compass bearing and then ran till I hit the gully

11. When I ran down the hill I tripped over the fence and almost crashed into rocks, caught myself though..luckily... Went slightly around spur and then up the next one till I hit the first gully then went to second one.

12. Ran up stream

13. To trail, off at corner, quickly corrected my compass bearing and carefully headed down hillside, and watched used the light green as a visual attack point

14. Ran across staggered trail, over spur and used the next spur facing north-west as a checkpoint for double checking the spur I was heading up.

15. Ran over, checked off first two large re-entrents then down the hill and checked off the dotted forests and headed up the gully to the left and quickly corrected myself.

16. Ran up the hill with a compass bearing to the white forest, headed down correctly, but because of oxygen deprivation I wasn't thinking straight and crossed the first river I saw... which was the lake... I was wast deep in muddy water, which was pretty stupid. The entire time I was looking at my compass and not understanding what was happening. As soon as I noticed I paralleled the river on the left side and checked off re-entrants till I came to the turn in the river then headed up the re-entrant

17. Ran up right spur till half way up then realized I just needed to contour and follow the re-entrant. I followed the next re-entrant(paralleled to the left) and continued up with a rough compass bearing. I missed it by about 10 meter but quickly recovered.

Water break!!!! 15-20 seconds, I was dead xD

18. Ran to road and dragged myself along till the larger path then followed along the side of the hill till I came across the fallen trees.

19. Ran up spur to left and powered my way through the black berry bushed, then crossed re-entrent and followed re-entrent down to control.

20. Went up to re-entrant north-west of control and slowly made my way to the trail and followed it(checked off the last control because I knew I'd be tired coming back up the hill) then after the trail junction by 13 I went down, checked off the fallen trees and realized I needed to go down the hill some more and hit the control spot on.

21. Powered my way up the hill to the trail and ran to the control

Finish. I was dead but I had to sprint to get the fastest finish in the family, won it ;P

-All river were 100% dry, other than the lake one I crossed
-I'm still confused as to how I could have gotten to 1 easily
-I did a good job running my own course and not trying to lose anyone that I caught up to
-I could have run faster in all of the controls but I was just tired a lot of the time and while I ran on flat grounds I used that time to regain my strength. I think that was the right call because it kept me from making too many dumb mistakes... other than the on to 16
-Often times I picked routes that were more direct to test my navigation skills and stamina with going up hills
-I did a really good job hitting control right on while I was going down hill(I kept in control and didn't just sprint)
-I came back with a black toe nail, it hurts a lot and will probably fall off soon :(
-Forgot my GPS watch, so there won't be a 2D Rerun :(

Lost time:
Mistakes 6-8 minutes
Speed 4-6 minutes(but may have caused more mistakes)

Orienteering (Cool Down) 25:00 [2]

Cool down run

Orienteering (Warm Up) 40:00 [3]

Warm up jog
Dynamic Stretching

Friday Oct 23, 2015 #

Orienteering race 38:07 [5] 4.81 km (7:56 / km) +200m 6:34 / km

2D Rerun(not perfectly positioned, sorry):

Orienteering (Warm Up) 40:00 [3]

Warm up jog
Dynamic stretching


Will hopefully get the review here done by Friday

Thursday Oct 22, 2015 #

Dry-Land Training 1:00:00 [3]

20min frisbee, soccer, football(running around)
25min dynamic stretching
10min ladder agility
5min games
7 AM

Yoga 30:00 [2]

6 PM

Short Track Speed Skating 1:10:00 [3]

Warm up:
1x20 laps

2x12 laps(3 excel, 3 easy, 3 excel, 3 easy)
2x3 lap excel
3x1 lap race/start

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 #

6 AM

Yoga 30:00 [2]

I realized that the main cause of me not recovering was either because I was sleeping one hour later than normal or because I wasn't doing yoga. So I did some yoga this morning and I'm feeling great, that worked out well :)
5 PM

Dry-Land Training (Warm up) 25:00 [2]

20min bike
5min rolling

Long Track Speed Skating 1:30:00 [3]

Warm up:
2x2 laps
2x2 excels
2x(2 laps drills, 2 laps skate)

2x5 excels

Cool down:
2 laps

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 #

Map Reading 15:00 [0]

Very technical map that I could easily get messed up in following the wrong contours. I think the most important thing here would be to know my control descriptions for all of the boulders for controls 4-8 I think that is really important, otherwise I'd make silly mistakes in coming into controls or missing them because of looking on the wrong side.
7 AM

Run (Elliptical) 25:00 [1]

Make-up day in personal fitness
5 PM

Dry-Land Training (Warm up) 45:00 [3]

15min soccer
10min job
10min dynamic stretches
10min ladder(agility and stability)
6 PM

Short Track Speed Skating 1:10:00 [3]

20 lap warmup
3 laps reverse
3x3 rolling starts
4x3 corner starts
3x3 rolling starts
3x1 lap relay games

Monday Oct 19, 2015 #

Run 1:00:00 [3]

1 mi warm up
5min stretching
30 min run
1x300m @90%
8x100m strides
1mi cool down

Sunday Oct 18, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering 12:00 [4] 2.5 km (4:48 / km)

God sprint course. I did a good job knowing which side of the object controls were. I need to work on planning ahead and watching my route.

Main thing I took out of this was that I need to keep mentally focused 100% of the time.

Splits for both races:

Orienteering 21:38 [4] 2.9 km (7:28 / km)

4:30 mistake on the second control. I wasn't ready for how quick I would move in the forest, I defiantly could use some sprint orienteering practice in the forest! Everything else was smooth, I just need plan ahead more and keep my mind engaged.
6 PM

Short Track Speed Skating 2:00:00 [3]

It would've been easier if my legs weren't already cashed from this weekend. I came out of practice feeling like someone have killed my legs. Tomorrow is a one mile time trial for XC... Woohoo!!!!


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