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Training Log Archive: Uncle JiM

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  RUN10 7:40:31 36.88 59.36
  ORIENTEERING ◪7 7:17:02 17.21 27.7
  MTB11 5:02:50 45.86 73.8
  PSEUD-O3 2:35:14 7.4 11.91
  ADVENTURE RACE1 1:41:10 17.18(5:53) 27.65(3:40)
  ROAD BIKE2 1:09:20 21.08(3:17) 33.93(2:03)
  WALK1 10:00
  Total24 25:36:07 145.62 234.35
  [1-5]24 25:36:04

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Monday Mar 30, 2009 #

MTB 30:00 [3] 10.2 km (2:56 / km)

Standard ride, DH, SG Crk, then Houston St and back through Soloman Gully

Sunday Mar 29, 2009 #

RUN 1:20:18 [3] 15.58 km (5:09 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Sunday morning YM run

Saturday Mar 28, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 39:20 [3] 19.1 km (2:04 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Hadn't been on the Roadie for a while, so took it for a short spin, up Burns, DH, KG and out to Sth Mandy, then Mandy, Tannery and home via Retreat Rd to try to get to 40 mins.

Cruising on down Retreat, when I noticed a number plate that I knew. It was kEEly and Rooey, having a loan of some poor guys wireless, glad I have a password on mine.

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 39:01 [5] 7.0 km (5:34 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

Nice to have a run in your backyard, and this was a close as its likely to get, Sth end of Diamond Hill, nice spur/gully with enough mining/erosion to make it interesting.

Contour only map keeps you on your toes, trouble for me is I know where all the tracks are, but this helped as much as it didn't, because I would go for the track, thinking, "its just over there" but then would be a bit far of line.

Good to see Big Ev clean up, 90 secs quicker than me

ORIENTEERING ◪ 20:00 [2]
shoes: Teva #2

Collected controls, 1st time I have run using the Bendigo SI set, nice to see that the general competitor likes it as well

Friday Mar 27, 2009 #

MTB 20:00 [3]

A short session up to DH, and home again.

I will be glad when this Daylight Saving is over. Been driving the truck, doing deliveries, trouble is, I do most of it in the dark. Next time I'm rostered on (fortnight) it will be a little lighter in the morning, wont need to use my headlamp as much (-:

Thursday Mar 26, 2009 #

RUN 30:00 [3]

Up Lawson to DH, did a couple of Ints, then came home. Felt better than I thought I would

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009 #

MTB 1:05:20 [3] 19.4 km (3:22 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Time to do some distance, as haven't been doing much.

Up through DH and KG to Sandhurst Res, and home again

PSEUD-O race 44:16 [5]
shoes: Nike Zoom

New map out at Kangaroo Flat made by Invisible.
Decided to leave the forest till last, so 19 via 1. James got 2, then caught me, so he was 'one up' Kept leading him when ever he made little errors, mainly route choice, saw Birch and kEEly after about 35 mins (45 min event)
I was 1 up on them and James 2, I went for home, while the others went for more. Made it home with no 'late penalty' but James did as well, The other 2 miss timed the last controls, and came in late.

James, a well deserved win, then Myself, kEEly and Birch. Doesn't pay to stay out there to long.

ORIENTEERING ◪ 25:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Zoom

Counts as Orienteering, as I went out and collected the controls in the Forest that I didn't go to, was getting dark

Monday Mar 23, 2009 #

MTB 20:00 [3]

Standard course up to DH and down the Creek

Sunday Mar 22, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 1:28:56 [5]
shoes: Teva #2

Very hard to find rhythm in this type of bush, got pushed around by it, always ducking around and under it.
Missed a little at the end of the 1st loop, enough to drop me of the pack, then never saw it again except when the course crossed in the final loop.
Happy enough that I stuck at it, seeing that I wasn't happy about things yesterday afternoon

Saturday Mar 21, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (NOL 1 Sprint) 18:29 [5]
shoes: Nike racing flats

No real big time loses, but enough to be further of the pace than I thought I would be.

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (NOL 2 Middle) 51:26 [4]
shoes: Silva O shoes

Got out well, caught Liggo by the 1st, but Olly had done the same to me, Blair was back a bit, then hit the loops, and all 3 of them went one way, leaving me to go alone on the other loop. Saw Frogga out there, soon after he messed up, was then in a bunch that was running to fast for me, lost contact, and started to lose interest.

Walked large parts of the 2nd loop, tried to run, but had no reason to, Wozza caught up, he was in much the same way as me, but there was no way I was going to DNF, so completed the course.

Thursday Mar 19, 2009 #

MTB 46:00 [3] 13.9 km (3:19 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Legs still a bit sore from last night, so a easy ride around the Res

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009 #

PSEUD-O race 54:28 intensity: (14:28 @4) + (40:00 @5) 11.91 km (4:34 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

2nd last Pseud-O race for the season set by kEEly, started out with Obewan, then went different ways for a few controls, and I came out in front, but didn't see him. Got through 17 controls in 40 mins, but had 3 hard ones (4legs) to do, and knew that I was pushing for time, got through the 1st 2 in 9 mins, so knew I was home.
Obewan went a different way at the end, and got them all as well. Nice course

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009 #

MTB 5:00 intensity: (1 @0) + (4:59 @3) 1.8 km (2:47 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

To the track and back

RUN 7:45 intensity: (4:45 @3) + (3:00 @5) 2.0 km (3:53 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

10 x 100m @ that track with Birchy. Thought I wasn't going to make it through this session as Birchy had said we were going to do it twice, turned out he was having a lend of me. Need to do more of this type of work

RUN warm up/down 22:00 intensity: (1 @0) + (21:59 @3) 4.5 km (4:53 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

I k on the track before the intervals, and 3.5 k up the creek and around SG oval after

Monday Mar 16, 2009 #

MTB 30:00 intensity: (1 @0) + (29:59 @3)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Easy ride over DH, then down the creek, in the late evening

Sunday Mar 15, 2009 #

RUN long 59:40 [3]
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Was going to be long, but wear and tear on the body, meant I took the soft option, and cut it short.

From Stanley park with the Boys and the Lad, up the MRWT to the cross, then around to the hump, were I pulled the pin, but I knew that Lou was up there, so got a ride back down. Very nice place for a run

Saturday Mar 14, 2009 #

MTB warm up/down 5:00 [2] 1.5 km (3:20 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

Short ride pry to the DU-O to check that everything was OK

ADVENTURE RACE race (Silva Du-O Run) 26:00 [5] 5.25 km (4:57 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

Had to get 9 controls from the 10 on the map, pace was on from go, Keely set of with Robbie, Hayden, Kathryn, Dodd, Liggo and I in tow. Consensus was to leave out 3, missed a bit on 4th control, worked hard to get back up the front, made harder by the non use of SI. Every time you get to a control in a pack, you had to wait for all the others to punch, once you get going again, the train is stretched out, and the front runners are over 100m away. Turned out I worked to hard, so settled in at the back of the pack which was now 5, as Dodd and Hayden had lost more time than me at 4. Hit the transition in 5 place, well behind Keely, who was on the front the whole trip

ADVENTURE RACE race (Silva Du-O Bike) 58:30 [5] 19.65 km (2:59 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

Smooth as transition, somehow I had the lead, got 1, then 2, then slight error coming out of 2 let Robbie and Liggo through, worked hard to go with Robbie's pace, but couldn't match it, Liggo dropped of, then Hayden came through, worked with him, saw Rob briefly at 5, then 6 on little out-and-back bits. Rob missed 8, that allowed Hayden and I to take the lead, but not for long, as I started to suffer from the pace I had been trying to maintain, let the boys go on there way. came into transition 3-4 mins of the pace.

ADVENTURE RACE (Silva Du-O Run) 16:40 [5] 2.75 km (6:04 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

Really struggled through transition, nearly fell over when I got of the bike, had to stop and walk, couldn't get running till 100m into the final leg. Didn't get the best way around the '6 controls in any order' but was lucky enough to have a lead over Keely to keep him under control.

Settled for 3rd place, which is as good as I would have expected. I knew that Robbie was going to be hard to keep up with, and happy that I was abler to stay in the hunt for so long, like wise, I knew that Hayden was going strong, after his result last weekend, and his strong riding he showed at the last Du-O, thought that I would have the wood on Keely once we got on the bike, so happy that I could put the gap into him there. Liggo was always going to be the dark horse, has been running very well, and can ride a bike, the 2 things that helped me here was that Liggo DIDN'T have a mapboard, nor plastic bag, so it didn't take long for the rain to destroy his map. He was finally put out of the race when he crashed and broke his helmet, and had to retire.

Hope you are OK Liggsy, we will have to have another go someday

MTB warm up/down 6:00 [2] 1.8 km (3:20 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Went to the track once I got home for my running clubs presentation, then home after

Friday Mar 13, 2009 #

MTB 30:00 [3] 10.0 km (3:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Over to my sisters place, then home, checking out the new rear trye.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009 #

RUN 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Zoom

The truck was meant to be ready at 5.45 for pickup, but didn't get going till 6.05, so no way was I going to get to the Pseud-O event, so ran to the start, then went out and came back through some controls, picking them up as it pass 7.30 (course closure). Then bought in some more controls as I made my way home through Diamond Hill

Monday Mar 9, 2009 #

RUN long 1:20:00 [3] 14.82 km (5:24 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Was going to go and run with Troy, but a couple of factors, 1. Tired and slow, 2. Keely wanted a 11 am start, a bit late in the day for me, meant it would be easier to do it on my own.

Up to the Golf Course, then followed the walking track through DH to KG, where I made my way to Murray's track and came home around the res to SG, and down the creek

WALK warm up/down 10:00 [1]
shoes: Nike Zoom

From the Soccer Field's to home, nice and slow

Sunday Mar 8, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (SCS race 4) 55:13 [5]
shoes: Silva O shoes

1st SS event for the year, not a bad turn out. Down hill start wasn't the most exciting, then 5 was a little strange, saw Bryan at 8, he was up 1 min by then. Leon, who had started in front, came by on the way to 12, bought Schweppes through with him (turns out Matt started 1 min behind me, not the 2 that he was meant to be) Couldn't keep up with them and got done by little Shamus as well from the 2nd last control

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (SCS race 5) 24:42 [5] 3.8 km (6:30 / km)
max:166 shoes: Silva O shoes

2nd hit out for the Day, 5,000 map, with 3 way butterfly. No one wanted the 1st start, don't know if its because they didn't want to go 1st, or maybe it was because Hanny was in that heat. I nominated myself, so set of, Hanny and Adam (metro) had me on the road, but I got the lead in the downhill through the felled pine, knew I had Adam under control through the loops, but Hanny?

Went into the final common leg, and I knew that Hanny was in front, as all the controls had been turned on, saw her late in the course, but she had a minute on me. 4th overall, so no complaints.

Good to see the Moook fire up, he won this race by 1 min, now goes down as 1 of 4 boys who have beaten Hanny this year, Troy, Big Ev, Robbie and Moook. Wonder if any others are going to put there hand up

Route Gadget

Thanks to Robbie for organising

Saturday Mar 7, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 30:00 [3] 14.83 km (2:01 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Easy cruise before lunch, around the back, then DH, KG, then Hollidays Rd to Mandurang Rd, and home. Felt really tired, need to do some work before Easter

RUN warm up/down 5:00 [3] 1.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Silva O shoes

Easy run before the race

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (SCS race 3) 53:30 [5] 8.7 km (6:09 / km)
shoes: Silva O shoes

Was drawn in a heat with Robbie (Raiders) and Blair (Metro). Blair had the 1st loop, Rob and I the butterfly, saw Rob the control after the butterfly, but he had made a mistake and was running faster than I, so that was the last I saw of him, finished the loops just behind Troy (-3 mins) but didn't know if Blair was in front or behind, so ran conservatively for the common last part, as it was a match race for position, and time didn't matter. I kept a eye out in front and behind, in case I saw Blair, but didnt see him till he finished.

Route Gadget

Well organised by Bruce, and a good turn out for the 1st Southern Cross Series race that was organised without conjunction with another event.

ORIENTEERING ◪ warm up/down 12:00 [3] 1.8 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Silva O shoes

Bought in a few controls

Thursday Mar 5, 2009 #

MTB 6:00 [3] 2.0 km (3:00 / km)

To the training at the dam near Bell View Rd

RUN 30:00 intensity: (7:30 @1) + (18:00 @3) + (4:30 @5) 5.3 km (5:40 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

From the Dam, ran up to DH (12 min) where I did 6 x 45 secs on a 10% incline, repeated every 2 mins, then ran back to the Dam and waited for the others to finish there run

Wednesday Mar 4, 2009 #

PSEUD-O 56:30 [4]
shoes: Nike Zoom

Keely was there tonight, and he wasn't going to make the same mistake as he did last week, so from the start, he ran his pace, and ran away from me.

I had a little tussle with Obewan, he went around a dubious area, while I went through, could have been a closer race if we had gone the same way.

Last saw Keely with 5 to go, he was 1 up on me. Didnt run with a watch, but timed it well

Tuesday Mar 3, 2009 #

MTB 39:30 [3] 13.2 km (3:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Over to the mine, then powerlines to Sheltons Rd, DH, SG, and Creek home

RUN 22:00 [3] 4.5 km (4:53 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Down to the track, did a few laps watching the 5k, then home. Nice to run in the little bit of ran we had.

Monday Mar 2, 2009 #


Had a easy day after the weekend, and the drive home

Sunday Mar 1, 2009 #

RUN long (Stromlo Running Festival) 1:03:48 [3] 11.66 km (5:28 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom

6 of us at the start, Liggo, Kathryn, Anna and I planned to do the 10k, Josh and Blair the 16. Kept Anna company, with Josh for a while, till Josh left us, struggled on and finished on the grass track, was already warming up a bit

ORIENTEERING ◪ 10:00 [2]

Put out some tapes for exercise at Sparrow

ORIENTEERING ◪ intervals 38:45 [4] 6.4 km (6:03 / km)
shoes: Teva #2

2 mass starts at Sparrow, not all that fast, but clean

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