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Training Log Archive: Uncle JiM

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  ORIENTEERING ◪6 4:51:48 25.59(11:24) 41.19(7:05) 94519 /24c79%
  RUN7 3:19:22 24.24 39.01
  ROAD BIKE3 3:01:09 29.51 47.49
  MTB4 2:53:37 27.51 44.27
  WALK1 2:10:00 7.46(17:26) 12.0(10:50)
  WARM UP/DOWN4 55:10
  Total16 17:11:06 114.31 183.96 94519 /24c79%

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Monday Oct 29, 2007 #

ROAD BIKE 50:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Rode from the mechanic's, were I had dropped the car of for a service, rode back in the afternoon, to pick the car up.

Sunday Oct 28, 2007 #

ROAD BIKE 1:10:00 [3] 34.5 km (2:02 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Cruisy ride around the burbs of Bendigo with Big Ev on his new Dream machine. Nice evening for a cruise, will have to do it more often now we have the luxury of daylight savings

Saturday Oct 27, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 29:00 [5] 5.4 km (5:22 / km)

Bendigo Club relays, Not a bad run, fairly clean, took the wider/safer route on the vague 3rd leg, didnt lose much time overall, came 1st, no Leon, Toph, Dave or Ev made it easier, Clara lead in the rest of the feild


Bought in a few controls after the race

Friday Oct 26, 2007 #

MTB 58:00 [2] 18.0 km (3:13 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Very easy ride over to mine, then through Diamond Hill, around Res and back down creek to home.

Sunday Oct 21, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ (Vic Long Champs) 1:48:03 [5] *** 14.0 km (7:43 / km) +720m 6:08 / km
ahr:154 max:168 spiked:19/24c shoes: Teva #1

Garmin 15.67k

Felt better than yesterday, even though it was hotter. Went through the spectator very close to Blair's time, but I knew I was going to crash. Missed the next by a min, Bruce caught me, and he was out of sight, at the end of the long leg (we did go slightly different ways) He caught Leon there as well, and I had started to walk big time, my concern was could Leon keep up to Bruce, but he was working hard as well, went through Leon on the way to 19, (didn't see him, we went different ways), struggled over the last few k's, but just held it together. Leon was impressive again today, He basiclly only lost time to me through errors at controls, his running speed through the last 4 controls was as good as mine (even though I was nearly crawling by then)

RUN warm up/down 5 [3] 1.0 km (5 / km)

To the start, to buggered after to do anything

Saturday Oct 20, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (Vic Middle Champs) 40:39 [5] 5.2 km (7:49 / km) +225m 6:26 / km
shoes: Teva #1

Garmin 6.11k

Started well, but soon felt the heat, walked more often than I should, made a 2.30 min mistake on 9, looked in the gully, but not on the other side of the high point, should read the descriptions. Got caught by Warren (4 mins) just beore the road crossing, put a little time into him over the last part, Leon got me by 9 secs, well done by him.

GPS routes of Bruce and I with map (700KB)

RUN warm up/down 20 [3]

Before and after race

Friday Oct 19, 2007 #

MTB 35:00 [3]

Rolled the legs over, up Diamond Hill, and around the mine, picked up car that had been at the panel beaters for the last fortnight after my bingle with a kangaroo

Thursday Oct 18, 2007 #

RUN tempo (Clara reps) 16:00 [5] 3.75 km (4:16 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Went back to the home of the origonal Clara Reps, didn't think I was going to make it back, but I surprised myself and got there easily.

RUN 6:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Pry to and after Reps

MTB 20:00 [3] 6.5 km (3:05 / km)

Pry to and after the run

Monday Oct 15, 2007 #

RUN 20:00 [3] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Started work at 5 when I got in the truck, didn't stop driving till 12 hours later, so this was a run that I had to do, felt slugist, but at these I did something

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007 #

MTB 1:00:37 [3] 19.77 km (3:04 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Did a easy ride up Diamond Hill, out to Kangaroo Gully, around some tracks and back through Spring Gully to home. Lovely morning for a ride

RUN 59:40 [3] 11.6 km (5:09 / km)

Meet Leon in the cementery, out through the golf course to Golden Square, up the creek to Alder St, over the railway and home through Diamond Hill, not a bad run

Tuesday Oct 9, 2007 #

RUN 58:00 [3] 10.5 km (5:31 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Went down the lake and ran with Big Ev and the boys. 1st time I have done 1k reps in a while. After a 18 min warm up, 1st 1k in 3.21, did 5.5 min easy, then 3.24k, then 4.5 min easy, and finished of with a 500m ran in 1.33. then 22 mins warm down at a slower pace than the warm up. Got to get Richard to slow down in the warm up. Happy with the nights work

Sunday Oct 7, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (Oceania Relays) 37:24 [5] 6.4 km (5:51 / km)
shoes: Teva #1

Ran 1st leg in a 40s team with Martin Wehner and Liggo, we were on the same course as 18s, 20s & 35s, so the plan was to win overall. Tristam Lee (18s) shot out hard and it took Jack Vincent and I, 3 controls to pull him back in, I started to dictate things at the start of the long leg when Jack went a little high, kept the pace honest through to the 5th last when I got the wider control on the last split, so it was game all over as we had only the spectator controls to go. Jack got me by 15secs.
After 2 legs Simon Mee had caught Martin so Liggo and the L-Train went out together, they happened to have the same splits, so the pace/race was really on, Leon ran away from Liggo as they came down to the spectator control, and his team went on to victory. I was 8 secs quicker than Liggo but the L-Train got me by 10, good race

WARM UP/DOWN 15:00 [3]
shoes: Teva #1

Before and after the race

Saturday Oct 6, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (Oceania Long) 1:01:36 [5] 7.6 km (8:06 / km)
shoes: Silva O shoes

Started out fast and caught 2 mins on the NZer but still wasn't running in control, things went a little wrong going to 6 and nearly ran of the map near 7, got back in control by 9 and settled down.
Got beaten by Liggo by 3 mins, he was running faster than me on nearly all legs

WARM UP/DOWN 10:00 [3]

Before and after the race

Friday Oct 5, 2007 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race (Oceania Sprint) 15:06 [5] 2.59 km (5:50 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Lost 20 secs on 1st control, (wrong route) and then about the same on 3, only got into it when we went into the forest section, but it was all over by then. Never felt good, got beaten by nearly everyone. I beat Liggo and Leon, good stuff

WARM UP/DOWN 30:00 [3]

Before and after the race

Wednesday Oct 3, 2007 #

RUN 39:17 [3] 8.16 km (4:49 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Ran up to the Res and then through the fence and did the shorter lap, back home down the creek

WALK (Elmore Feild Days) 2:10:00 [1] 12.0 km (10:50 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus #1

Was actually 6 1/2 hrs, walked around the feild days with the Garmin, 12k.

Monday Oct 1, 2007 #

ROAD BIKE 1:01:09 [3] 12.99 km (4:42 / km)

Up Burns St, Kangaroo Gully, Mandurang Sth, Mandurang, Tannery lane, Guys Hill and home around the OTH pub

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