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Training Log Archive: Uncle JiM

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  ROAD BIKE4 8:24:00 148.88(3:23) 239.6(2:06)
  RUN9 6:41:18 17.75 28.56
  MTB-O1 5:50:00 54.68(6:24) 88.0(3:59)
  MTB6 4:30:00
  ORIENTEERING ◪3 3:46:00
  Total21 29:11:18 221.31 356.16

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Sunday Nov 29, 2009 #

MTB-O race 5:50:00 [4] 88.0 km (3:59 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Cyclic Navigator @ Daylesford. Got beaten by the course setter, should have got a control early on, but left it out as I thought I will get it on the way home, but ran out of time. Got the rest

Other from that, very enjoyable, rained of and on during the event, including one rather heavy set at about 5 hrs, had to put the rain jacket on

Legs are stuffed, looking forward to a rest day

Saturday Nov 28, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 45:00 [4]

Twilight event at Wildflower Drive. Didn't take a light, as I was just having a run. Birch and Keely went out hard, so dropped of them, and ran just in front of Rooey for the 1st few. After 20 mins, I was struggling to see the map, as darkness set in. Gave up after 35 mins, and run back to the start

Friday Nov 27, 2009 #

RUN 20:00 [3] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Up through the Golf Course, checked out Houston St and home via the cemetery.

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 2:30:00 [3] 75.0 km (2:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Out through Mandurang to Harcourt Nth, then over Fogartys Gap to the Maldon Rd, then turned for home via Crusoe Rd.

Tuesday Nov 24, 2009 #

RUN warm up/down 25:00 [3] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Terrain

Ran to the track (1k) no Moook, waited a while, then ran 2 outer laps (1k) with Keely, still no Mo, did another 2 laps, and started my intervals.

Got the job of locking the track up tonight, as Super Coach wanted to head of early, once that was done, ran up the Creek to Foley's crossing, then back to Stanley St and home.

RUN intervals 12:00 intensity: (5:00 @2) + (7:00 @5) 3.0 km (4:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Terrain

2 x 600, and 2 x 400, Was a good workout.

Sunday Nov 22, 2009 #

RUN 1:20:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Terrain

YM run with the boys, well, only 5 of us today as some went to Melbourne for a 10k run.

Was nice to run, having to step over puddles, something that we dont do much of here any longer

MTB 20:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Terrain

Nice easy spin up the ridge to DH, then followed the fence down to SG, and home via the Creek

Saturday Nov 21, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 1:54:00 [3] 52.6 km (2:10 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

From Tophs, up Mt Alexander from this side, still cant work out 'the easy side' Maybe there isn't one (-: Home via Sutton Grange

Friday Nov 20, 2009 #

RUN 30:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Terrain

With de Moook. Out the back, and up the ridge to Diamond Hill, then was going to go down the single track, but Moook's foot can't run downhill, so out to, and down Burns St, then home via the creek. My foot is feeling lots better

Wednesday Nov 18, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 2:30:00 [3] 69.0 km (2:10 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Time to do a decent ride, out to Sutton Grange and up Mt Alexander from the easy side (is there a easy side) then home via Harcourt Nth, then Sedgwick.

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009 #

RUN 40:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Terrain

To the track, then a couple of laps before I did 3, 400's with the Moook, before I burnt him out. So did another one on my own, then warmed down with the Boys who were warming up for the 10k, looked after the lap counting, and ran home.

Feeling lots better tonight, cough almost gone, and Achilles is nearly under control. May be able to train properly soon

Sunday Nov 15, 2009 #

RUN race (Trentham Fun Run) 30:00 intensity: (20:00 @2) + (10:00 @4)
shoes: Nike Zoom

Entered the 10k so I wouldn't have to run so fast, but there was a good hill soon after the start, and I was left wanting air, so called it a day at 3k, and ran/walked home.

Bryan ran well to win the 5k, and put his name on the trophy next to Mottram

MTB 40:00 [3]

Easy ride up and about, had to do something after the dismal effort this morning

Saturday Nov 14, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 31:00 [4]
shoes: INOV-8 Roclite

The cooler weather arrived just in time for us to start.

I think a number of the others were watching me to see what way to go, I chose west, and was joined by 4 of them. Didn't even get to the 1st control before I was coughing. Bryan went one way at the 4th, I went the other, he was faster, maybe because he is faster (-: Went different ways again at the 7th, didn't see him again. Got a gap on Dave at the 8th, one that he couldn't come back from, so I settled for 2nd, 4 mins behind Bryan

Was meant to be going to the Athletics Bendigo Dinner, but as the coughing episode was still going, thought the better of it and stayed at the O event

Friday Nov 13, 2009 #

ROAD BIKE 1:30:00 [3] 43.0 km (2:06 / km)
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Evening ride with Dave. Shortened goose neck, back via Tannery lane. Dont think either of us was feeling good, but I still had the better of Dave. Good to get a decent ride out of the way.

Wednesday Nov 11, 2009 #

MTB 1:40:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Got out just before lunch, and before the temperature got to high.

Out to Sandhurst Res, Channel track to Mandurang Rd, then home via Mandurang/Kangaroo Gully.

Was nice out, as long as I didn't push it to hard on the hills (-:

Tuesday Nov 10, 2009 #

RUN 30:00 [3] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)

To the Track, then did 4x400 with the Moook at a very easy pace, then home again

Monday Nov 9, 2009 #


Woke up not feeling well, had to think hard about taking the truck, but started to feel a little better, so went. Still suffering

Sunday Nov 8, 2009 #

MTB 30:00 [3]

Went over to the new ALDI to get some fluids, was hot, and I needed them

Saturday Nov 7, 2009 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ 2:30:00 [3]
shoes: INOV-8 Roclite

2 1/2 hr event at Bungil (Little Forest) Very vague in the day time, more so at night. It was 'Hot as' and I sweated all the time, didn't replace the fluids, even though I had my water with me (there is only so much you can suck) Started to suffer at about 2 hrs, and made my 1st mistake that cost me a control, and therefore, were I was, struggled back to the finish, but I was all spent

Wednesday Nov 4, 2009 #

MTB 50:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Cruised it around the res, did a little more single track than I normally do

Tuesday Nov 3, 2009 #

RUN 30:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Terrain

Down to the Aths track, then up and back to SG oval with Victor, as he did his warm up for the 'true' Melbourne Cup, 3200m with 23 starters. BK was second top weight (back marker) and he didn't quiet get there, missing out on the places to 3 front runners.

Ran home after, then of to meeting

Monday Nov 2, 2009 #

MTB 30:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Bike shoes #1

Out and about, went via the post office to collect a registered article, but didn't have any ID on me, who rides with ID anyway?
Then continued out to DH, down to SG creek and home

Sunday Nov 1, 2009 #

RUN hills (Mt Feathertop) 1:44:18 [3] 11.56 km (9:01 / km)
shoes: INOV-8 Roclite

Started out with Scotty, and it took only 2 mins, for me to realise that it was going to be a tough day. The less said, the better

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