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Training Log Archive: Uncle JiM

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  MTB6 6:37:32 37.9 61.0
  MOUNTAIN RUNNING4 5:36:10 30.34(11:05) 48.82(6:53) 4251
  ORIENTEERING ◪4 2:58:00
  RUN2 2:50:00
  ROAD BIKE1 30:00
  WARM UP/DOWN1 7:38
  Total16 18:41:42 68.24 109.82 4251

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Monday Nov 27, 2006 #

MTB 1:21:00 [3] 30.0 km (2:42 / km)

Was meant to be a easy ride with the L-Train, but he has going hard. May have to train with my old training partner, she is back in town and much nicer to train with, more my pace. Up to the back of Sandhurst Res, along the water race to Hunts Gap Rd, and back home via some single tracks and Spring Gully Res.

Sunday Nov 26, 2006 #

RUN long 1:20:00 [3]

Ran with the boys, felt good. Went a slightly longer way, under the powerlines to the Sandhurst Res. Rd, and back home along the short cut to Kangaroo Gully Rd

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 5:00 [4]

Bendigo Club end of year maze-O, great little course, was it faster to go out and around, or navigate your way through, check out the pensioners log for a map of the course

Saturday Nov 25, 2006 #

WARM UP/DOWN warm up/down 7:38 [3]

Pry to the 800, to buggered to do anything after

ATHLETICS race 2:22 [5]

Ran the 1st leg of the medley relay, only went down the track to watch and offer support to the teams, got there and had to organise them myself.
Ran against L-Train, he got me easily, but then at 800m, I was only starting to warm up.

Thursday Nov 23, 2006 #

MTB 50:00 [3]

Took the car to the mechanics, then rode out to the nursery via the sewrage farm and other back roads to pick up the truck.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2006 #


Missed out again, start was 6.30 and try as I might, I did not get there on time, road my bike down to watch the finish, more than 30 competitors

Monday Nov 20, 2006 #

MTB 50:00 [3]

L-Train dropped in and wanted a ride, so up Lawson st, then Diamond Hill onto the power lines, back to the mine, back of Stramit and home via the cementry

Sunday Nov 19, 2006 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ race 20:00 [5]

VOA presentations at Hanging Rock, Started out with Bruce and Adam, were together for the 1st 16 out of 30, when Adam went one way and Bruce the other, I stayed with Bruce, met up with Adam with one control to go, but Adam had two to go. Bruce was to good today and won the finish, but not by much.

ORIENTEERING ◪ warm up/down 30:00 [3]

Bringing in controls with Bruce, Adam & Toph (who had missed the score event because he slept in), two control had already been stolen, doesn't take long.

Saturday Nov 18, 2006 #

MTB 2:00:00 [3]

Went with L Train and Keely, started of by going to the track, then up to Mt Herbert via the previously unexplored SE ridge, not a bad track, at these the tryes got plenty of grip, back via the Reservoirs, number 4 and 7 then Crusoe, there was water going down the channel to Lockwood South? Is there a drought on or not. Back via Kangaroo Flat on the new Bike path.

Friday Nov 17, 2006 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ 20:00 [2]

Bringing in controls after the School Champs, when are they going to make lighter control stand, it took all my effort to carry 11 of them, and I could hardly run

Wednesday Nov 15, 2006 #


Was going to do the Street O, but felt a little of coulor, I think I had better race next week, going to be close to home.

Monday Nov 13, 2006 #

MTB 10:00 [3]

Took the car down to get new shoes on it, rode home while they fitted the tyres, and rode back to get the car. Drives so much better with new tyres

Sunday Nov 12, 2006 #

MTB race (Vic MTBO Champs) 1:26:32 [5] 31.0 km (2:47 / km)

Hadn't done a MTBO event in a while, was told to start and I hadn't folded my map yet, quickly put it on the mapboard and headed of, but went straight over the big hill. Not use to looking wide, got into lots of lactate. Tried to settle down on the long 2nd leg, but still in a bit of a panic, got into the grove before I hit the technical part, caught Bryan , he tried to sit on me, so I had to push harder.
Clean ride and felt much stronger towards the end, got 3rd place, 10 secs in front of Grant Lebbink, also happy that AJ did not catch me, as he started 6 mins after I did


Didnt feel to good at the start today, planting Maize until midnight the night before is very much to blame. Got home at 2 am and up again at 6.30. Wont be doing that again

Tuesday Nov 7, 2006 #

MOUNTAIN RUNNING race (Mt Buffalo) 1:10:00 [5] 10.46 km (6:42 / km) +1040m 4:28 / km

Day 4 After taking it easier on the climbs yesterday, I knew I had to run and push it the whole way, put more time in to Adam, and got Hanny as well, felt really good.

Monday Nov 6, 2006 #

MOUNTAIN RUNNING race (Mt Hotham) 1:49:33 [5] 15.28 km (7:10 / km) +1225m 5:07 / km

Day 3. Adam set me up by starting 2 mins after me, had caught me and out of sight as we started the 1st big climb up Bon Accord Spur, was up in contact with him as we went along the 1st spur, went to the front when he fell over and pushed it up the last climb to the top, then went as fast as I could along the ridge to the finish. Got Adam by 2 mins, but Hanny did better than I

Sunday Nov 5, 2006 #

MOUNTAIN RUNNING race (Mt Feathertop) 1:30:57 [5] 11.99 km (7:35 / km) +1417m 4:46 / km

2nd day of the 4 peaks. Started out earlier as not to get the heat, and also to keep away from Adam as he might like to beat me over the line again, Ran all the way to the paved section, just 10 mins from the top. Got Adam by 2 mins. Also got Hanny twice in the last 2 days, but not by much.

RUN 1:30:00 [3]

Ran of the top of Feathertop back down to the carpark

Saturday Nov 4, 2006 #

MOUNTAIN RUNNING race (Mystic Hill) 1:05:40 [5] 11.09 km (5:55 / km) +569m 4:43 / km

1st day of the Bright Alpine Climb 4 Peaks.
Started at the same time as Scammel, got to the top in 30 min, just leading Adam, Adam had the lead as we started the desent, I moved up next to him on the flats at the bottom, but he put on the pace, I let him go and he crossed the line 4 secs faster than I

Friday Nov 3, 2006 #

ORIENTEERING ◪ long (Bendigo 3 Hr Twilight) 1:43:00 [4]

Toph and I started out together, got away from him when there was a control not marked on his map, made a bit of a mistake a bit latter and was worried that Toph may catch me up. Got 20 controls before I had to turn on the light

Wednesday Nov 1, 2006 #

ROAD BIKE 30:00 [3]

Went around to the assembly area for the street O, and road home, easy ride

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