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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending Sep 26, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 4:37:06 35.07(7:54) 56.44(4:55) 534
  Orienteering2 1:21:01 7.95(10:12) 12.79(6:20) 27511 /27c40%
  Cycling1 1:02:00 17.31(16.8/h) 27.86(27.0/h)
  Stretching3 25:00
  Total5 7:25:07 60.33 97.09 80911 /27c40%
  [1-5]5 7:00:07
averages - sleep:3.5

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Friday Sep 26, 2008 #

Running warm up/down (Mixed Grass/Road) 13:14 [2] ** 1.45 mi (9:07 / mi) +31m 8:33 / mi
ahr:153 max:181 slept:7.0 shoes: VJ Integrator

Low 60s, overcast, threat of rain - Warm up for the first sprint, back and forth between parking lot and start area. Ran with a 1:10 Green Lakes SP map just to get a bearing on things. Didn't notice the chest/rib pain much, and decided that I wouldn't let it be an excuse or distration during the race.

Orienteering race (A-meet Sprint) 14:45 [5] *** 2.63 km (5:37 / km) +50m 5:07 / km
ahr:175 max:191 14c shoes: VJ Integrator

CNYO A-Meet/NAOC - Green Lakes State Park, Fayettville, New York.
Blue/Red Prelim Course: 2.1km, 50m, 14c. (1:4000, 2.5m)
Course Setter: ?
Low 60s, overcast

Running warm up/down (Mixed Grass/Road) 20:00 [2] 2.13 mi (9:23 / mi) +65m 8:35 / mi
ahr:139 max:189 shoes: VJ Integrator

Orienteering race (A-meet Sprint) 25:16 [5] *** 4.9 km (5:09 / km) +55m 4:53 / km
ahr:182 max:193 shoes: VJ Integrator

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [0]

Brief stretching for both sprints.


After the sprints, went with Mike M, Vlad G, Serge P, and Guy O to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Downtown Syracuse for dinner. I had the Traditional Sampler - 1/4 Chicken: Leg & Thigh, 1/4 Rack of Ribs, Texas Beef Brisket (sliced), plus 2 Sides (Chowder Soup and Black Beans & Rice) and Honey Hush Cornbread. Too much food. I had the ribs leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008 #

slept:0.0 (rest day)

Travel day from NKY via Oxford and Columbus to Henrietta, NY just outside of Rochester. Stopped for dinner in West Seneca, NY near Buffalo. Ordered the Roast Beef on Kimmelweck at Schwabl's, which was really salty for my taste. The restaurant was cool though.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008 #

Cycling (Stationary) 1:02:00 [2] 17.31 mi (16.8 mph)

Level 8-9, Manual, 602c.
The rib/chest pain is still there. Deep breaths still hurt. Sleep on the R-side last night was also uncomfortable. :(
Legs still aren't 100% either. So no sense of leaving early to do the Mendon Ponds meet.

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [0]

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008 #

Running (Mixed Road/Grass) 1:02:11 [2] 8.0 mi (7:46 / mi) +179m 7:16 / mi
ahr:140 max:171 shoes: Brooks Glycerin 4

83F, mostly clear - Fall training group run from the Spot. Hill repeats were originally on the menu, but with most people just completed a 22mi run over the weekend, we stepped it down to a regular run (though still with a rolling route). I didn't have a particularly good run. There was this pain around the area of my R-chest/rib cage, that was giving me a hard time breathing. It's painful everytime I tried to take a deeper breathe, and from the jarring of downhill running. It felt like I was only able to take in half the air of my normal breath. Towards the end, it got a little better, but never completely went away. I'm not sure of the cause - perhaps a bruised or strain rib? Problem is, I don't recall falling down or running into anything the last few days. It's possible this was from incidental contact during soccer (blocking a shot, running into a player), but then it didn't bother me on Sat or Sun. Whatever it is, I hope it gets better real quick. Otherwise, it'll be extremely hard to race in the woods this weekend.

Monday Sep 22, 2008 #

(rest day)

Scheduled rest day.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008 #


MVOC Harvest-O at Twin Creek.

Running (Mixed Road/Trail) 12:15 [2] 1.44 mi (8:31 / mi) +55m 7:36 / mi
ahr:136 max:158 shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

80s?, mostly clear - Warm up run along park road before orienteering, just trying to loosen up the legs.

Orienteering (C-Meet) 41:00 [3] *** 5.26 km (7:48 / km) +170m 6:43 / km
ahr:163 max:182 spiked:11/13c shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

MVOC Harvest O' - Twin Creek Metropark (Camp Hook), Carlisle, Ohio.
Green Course: 4.2km, 13c. (1:10000, 5m)
Course Setter: Tom McClory
~80s, sunny, mostly clear

Cedarcreek and I carpooled together, and picked up Kiki near WPAFB on the way to the meet. My legs (esp. the hamstrings) were a bit sore and stiff still. The goal for the day was picking a good route choice, and then try to keep moving at a steady pace the whole time. This was mostly accomplished other than 2 mistakes. At #2, I ran around the S side of pond and got confused by an unmapped reentrant. Then on the leg to #9, I was slowed considerably by the rough open. I didn't do a good job of holding my compass bearing, and drifted N to the road. The rest of the course wasn't very technical, with a lot of trail/road running options. So I took advantage of that and stayed out of the green. Overall, I felt the course could've been a bit more challenging, but for a first time course setter, this was a very good start. Most importantly, I got some orienteering out of it, and got my legs loosen up in the process.

Saturday Sep 20, 2008 #

Running long (Road) 2:49:26 [2] 22.05 mi (7:41 / mi) +204m 7:28 / mi
ahr:134 max:175 shoes: Adidas Supernova Cushion 6

62F (rising), mostly clear, sunny - Fall training group run from the Levee. For most, this was their last long run before tapering for the race. Luckily, the weather cooperated. I led out the 8:00/mi group again, but didn't do a very good job of maintaining a consistent pace for them. Probably due to the cooler temps, we were generally running 10-15s faster per mile. The HR looked good, so I didn't fight it. About mid-way thru, I needed a restroom break, then spent the next mile+ running at tempo pace to catch back with the group. Soon after, my legs started getting tired. The last couple miles were more of a struggle than I'd like, but we only slowed to ~8:15/mi pace. Note to self: in the future, try not to play 2 soccer games the night before (less than 10hrs) a 22mi run!

Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [0]

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