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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending Mar 17, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 7:53:17 3.36 5.4 29019c
  Running5 4:41:03 34.94(8:03) 56.23(5:00) 526
  Strength3 56:00
  Stretching5 56:00
  Speed/Track1 37:12 6.09(6:07) 9.8(3:48)
  Total7 15:03:32 44.39 71.43 81619c
averages - sleep:3 weight:56.4kg

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Saturday Mar 17, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (Mixed grass/road) 9:23 [2] 1.04 mi (9:01 / mi)
slept:2.5 shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Warm up laps around the playfield before Sprint #1. Took a while to get going as I got quite cold and stiff from sitting at the registration table all morning.

Orienteering race (A-Meet Sprint) 20:07 [5] ***
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Sprint (course 3) at French Park. I was a little bit more focused and mentally prepared at the start today. The race mostly went well, aside from some hesitations at the beginning (getting around the thick stuff to #1, and then deciding my route choice to #2) and one giant mistake to #4 (strayed left and ran up the hill into the green, missing the trail). After that I settled down and completed the rest of the course smoothly. I consciously worked on pushing my speed today, and the result was positive - a step in the right direction.

Running warm up/down (Mixed grass/road) 11:16 [2] 1.25 mi (9:01 / mi)
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Warm up before Sprint #2. Again took a while to get loosen up after working the registration. Thanks Dan and Clare for patiently waiting at the start for me!

Orienteering race (A-Meet Sprint) 20:27 [5] ***
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Sprint #2 (course 3) at Burnet Woods. Another good race. I made a parallel error at #11 that cost me a minute, plus a couple other minor route choice errors. Again, I tried to consciously push the pace when it's appropriate. This somewhat backfired as I ran out of gas from #13 onwards. Nonetheless, I was still happy to post a solid result. Familiarity with this park certainly helped. Was surprised to find out later that my combined time for both sprints were good for 4th!

Stretching warm up/down 12:00 [1]

Various stretching throughout the day.

Orienteering (Control Setting) 45:36 [3]
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

After the sprints, I headed over to MWW to help cedarcreek place SI Units in the woods for the Sunday Classic. Since I was just carrying the SI Units, I was able to move fairly quickly through the terrain. It took a little while to set up the furthest 2 controls, but we got done just as darkness fell (8pm). We were hungry, so decided to go join the dinner party at Perkins and finish setting the White controls in the morning. I pretty much missed the whole SOW video, but instead had a good discussion with the group there.

Friday Mar 16, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (Mixed road/trail) 8:14 [2] 0.91 mi (9:03 / mi)
slept:3.5 shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Getting a late late start after working the registration table at the Pig Middle, so just a brief warm up from the parking lot to the start.

Orienteering race (A-Meet Middle) 1:00:39 [3] **** 5.4 km (11:14 / km) +290m 8:51 / km
19c shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

30s, 15+mph wind, overcast - pretty terrible orienteering by me. Stopped short of the circle a few times, and went off bearing a couple times. Just not very confident and clear-headed out there. Legs were tired even before the start, so wasn't able to attack the 90m hill as aggressively as I'd like. Also couldn't lift up my legs high enough, resulting in multiple trips and falls.

I was half hoping that I could produce a good enough result today, just to prove that the improved performances from Raleigh 2 weeks ago weren't a fluke. But alas, I'm back to being a 50% runner. :(

Orienteering (Control pickup) 56:28 [2]
shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Picking up controls at the far end of the course. Pretty tired, so mostly just walked. It's difficult to run with those beefy aluminium control stands anyhow. Tried to work on map reading and navigating without a compass, with mixed results. Finished just as darkness fell.

Oh yeah, walked by a deer's skeleton (partial) in the open field near the tower.

Stretching warm up/down 14:00 [1]

A short stretch right before my start. And then some more after getting home. Tight muscles everywhere.


After posting the preliminary Day 1 results at the event headquarters hotel, I bumped into Brian and Nikolay coming back from dinner. We sat down the chatted for a while, discussing the today's course and some of our route choices. I came away with a few things to improve upon in the future. It's great!

Thursday Mar 15, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (Track) 17:58 [2] 2.0 mi (8:59 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

1mi warm up - 8:11
1mi cool down - 9:47

Speed/Track intervals 32:40 [4] 8.8 km (3:43 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

30s, 10+mph wind, threat of rain - so that's about par for the Thursday JFT workout. At least we're able to run, after hopping over the fence to get on the Walnut Hills track.

Did a ladder workout tonight: 8-10-12-10-8-10-12-10-8 hundreds (w/ ~75, 80, and 90s recovery inbetween)


I ran these with Craig and Josh, each of us taking turns leading (Craig with the 8s, Josh with the 10s, and I with the 12s). Target was 45s per 200m. The times were consistent enough, though the first 200m of each repeat were always a tad too fast. Legs still tired. They started feeling tight and heavy in the last 2-3, but I toughed it out.

Speed/Track intervals (Strides) 4:32 [3] 1.0 km (4:32 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

10x100m strides.

Running (Track) 12:00 [1] 1.32 km (9:05 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Recoveries inbetween. Time approximate

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Trying to loosen things up a little.

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007 #


Well, I've finally logged my training from the past week. Also answered Rudy's questions in the comments. Still missing the week of Umstead though, which may have to wait until the FP-XI is over.

Strength (Weights) 40:00 [3]
weight:56.4kg (rest day)

A pseudo rest day. Had just enough time to squeeze in a strength workout before heading over to do some packet stuffing and map bagging/sealing. Good times! Legs still feel somewhat toasted.

Tuesday Mar 13, 2007 #

Running (Road) 57:54 [2] 6.92 mi (8:22 / mi) +154m 7:50 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Mid 70s - warmest day of the year so far. 1/2 Pig training group run from Lunken, up to Alms, and back down along Eastern. The big hills felt tougher with my toasted legs, but overall pretty happy with how they've responded after yesterday's long run. Tons of folks out and about in the neighbourhood along Eastern, some interesting characters I might add. Since the original route was only ~5mi, some of us added ~1mi and back along the bike trail afterwards.

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Strength 8:00 [2]


Monday Mar 12, 2007 #

Running long (Road) 2:44:18 [2] 22.0 mi (7:28 / mi) +372m 7:06 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Landreth II

Dusk, mid 60s - Finally got my act together for a long run. Not sure what kind of effort I could give since I've missed my long runs the previous 2 weeks. The 5+ hrs in the woods yesterday probably didn't help either. Ran with a light pack (water, food, and other essentials) since I'm out ~3hrs alone. A bit awkward with the pack bouncing a little at first, but got used to it after a while. Tried to find some hilly route to assimilate the Boston hills (both up and down). Started to tire out around the 1:45 mark. Tired legs didn't enjoy going up the hill around the 12-14mi portion of the run. Then came the looong downhill on Delta (~1.75mi). Quads held up better than expected through this section. Once on Eastern, it's a 5mi+ on the flats back to downtown. Body and mind definitely got real tired in the last few miles, but I was happy to have made it through unscathed.

Edit: it didn't feel I was going that fast. Thought I was closer to 7:50/mi. but all the downhill running must've sped things up a bit.

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]

A nice long stretch after getting home. L shin is slightly sore, hamstrings and calves are also tight. We'll see how they feel tomorrow.

Strength 8:00 [2]

Ankles. Need to get back into the daily routines more diligently.

Sunday Mar 11, 2007 #

Orienteering (Vetting) 4:30:00 [2] ***
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

50s, Sunny - Nice day to spend in the woods. Continued vetting controls for the FP-XI Sunday courses. Lots of wildlife today - a pileated woodpecker, some turkeys, lots of deers and squirrels, but still no signs of the great horned owls. Probably about 60% walking and 40% running. Despite the rain yesterday, the ground is still in decent shape. Keep your fingers cross!

A total of 5+hrs, getting out just after darkness fell.

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