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Training Log Archive: hamlet

In the 7 days ending May 1:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:11:57 5.76(33:21) 9.26(20:43) 20914c
  Hiking1 2:03:48 5.95(20:48) 9.58(12:55) 39
  Strength Training3 55:45 0.12 0.19 2
  Running1 28:44 2.49(11:33) 4.0(7:11) 38
  Walk1 15:37 0.6(26:12) 0.96(16:17) 11
  Total9 6:55:51 14.91 23.99 29914c

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Sunday May 1 #

11 AM

Hiking 1:12:13 [2] 5.22 km (13:51 / km) +24m 13:32 / km
ahr:90 max:118

walk with bursts of running here and there because why not

Hiking 51:35 [2] 4.36 km (11:49 / km) +15m 11:37 / km
ahr:74 max:104

Made my hip hurt, a lot. Sitting makes it hurt too. I should really do some hip strength exercises.

Saturday Apr 30 #

8 AM

Orienteering 45:14 [3] 2.84 km (15:55 / km) +69m 14:12 / km

Hanging the last of the controls
9 AM


Granite event. I was the course setter, so any running I did was fixing things that went wrong. To begin with, Mike Dickey, the first runner on the blue course, came back saying that a control was missing, and it was a control I remembered hanging very clearly. So I ran into the woods with him (really hard to keep up with him) and saw that the control was geuinely stolen: and whoever did it is apparently afraid of knots (even extremely simple ones) because they just cut the strings of the flag and took it, and they snatched the epunch box off of the plastic bracket that was left there. Really weird, but thankfully when leaving I had a feeling something had happened to the control, so I grapped an extra box and flag in case, so I hung those out there. Fun stuff.

When Mike finished the blue, he told me that the last control on that couurse was ~20 meters off, so I went there to fix it but the ruin it was supposed to be on was more of a pit full of boulders, and some people were telling me I shouldn't have hung it in the middle (and I agree- I was just not thinking properly and rushing to fix the location before the next runner came).

Then at the end one of the control pickup people said that she couldn't find one of the controls, that it just genuinely wasn't there. Thing is, she had it on her course, and she's a better orienteer than me, so I really do believe her- so yeah, I'll probably send my dad out sometime to check if he can find it, and if not, well it's frustrating if two controls were stolen during my meet.
12 PM

Orienteering 37:35 [3] 1.65 km (22:44 / km) +23m 21:16 / km

Thursday Apr 28 #


um i'm insanely sore? what's up with that?
1 PM

Strength Training 21:10 [1] +2m
ahr:67 max:103

I did a pullup! unassisted! just one though

3 sets of 10x 85lb bench press
2 sets of 5x 85lb bench press

so apparently my iron level is 227 which seems really high? I was hoping it'd be low so it would make sense why I'm constantly so tired after a week or two of training, and not tired in the way I should be. And I've been getting sick wayyyy more often than usual. Idk I feel like my body doesn't want to let me train and lose weight and just be strong.
7 PM

Running (neighborhood w/ Oliver) 28:44 [1] 4.0 km (7:11 / km) +38m 6:51 / km
ahr:87 max:108

Glad i kicked myself out. but it definitely aggravated my cough and I coughed for like 5 minutes straight when I came back and got pretty lightheaded from that. I also slept like 2 and a half hours after school so I hope I'll still get enough sleep overnight. But tomorrow's a friday, thank goodness. I can't wait to get Saturday's meet over with and I hope everything will go okay.

Wednesday Apr 27 #

1 PM

Strength Training 29:34 [3]
ahr:66 max:89

3 sets of 8x 95lb bench
3 sets of 8x, 5x, 8x assisted pullups (thick green band)
3 sets of 10x 95lb squats
3 sets of 5x 185lb deadlifts

heavy weights + heavy flow is not a good combo, especially when I got to the squats and deadlifts I was fighting to not pass out
5 PM

Orienteering (control placing) 1:49:08 [2] 4.77 km (22:53 / km) +117m 20:23 / km

oh I'm so glad that I've got enough people for control pickup that I don't have to go back into those woods, I just hope everything is placed correctly
I sent my dad to get the far 6 controls, I got the 10 middle and east controls (I'm so sick of the green crap over there), and my mom got the 9 southwest controls. I still felt sick, but it was definitely better than when I was on the long- but I did get pretty cold so that wasn't great, I didn't wear a jacket because I didn't want to tear one up and I thought it would be warm enough but apparently not.

Tuesday Apr 26 #


Looking back at my courses from this weekend, mainly for the sprints, I ralize that I really need to learn how to distinguish between what features are legal to cross and which ones aren't. I know there's a difference between crossable and uncrossable fences and walls, but does that same thing apply to cliffs? Thing is, when I'm not sure I can cross something, I rather waste the time to go around it just in case, even if it's dumb.

On Saturday going to 8 on the sprint, I wanted to cross through an area that was marked as open area with trees, but because there was mulch and it looked more like a garden area, I ran around because I know often times garden areas are marked as olive green on the map, and even though it wasn't in this case, I still went around because I was paranoid. Or going to 13, I went around the building in a worse way because there was a crossable fence around the paved trail that I didn't want to cross just in case I wasn't supposed to, even though it's literally marked as a crossable fence.

I really need to learn what's legal to cross and what's not. And if it's marked on the map as crossable, it should be legal, right? I'm just always so paranoid on sprints about crossing something I'm not allowed to and getting DQ'd because of it even though that has literally never happened to me before.

just a bit of a rant because I'm stuck at home after races so all I'm thinking about is orienteering.
2 PM

Walk 15:37 [2] 0.96 km (16:17 / km) +11m 15:23 / km
ahr:88 max:112 (sick)

apparently I waited for it to start raining to go for a walk
at least I got a free shower

also new computer so I can make cool af maps! and yknow hopefully it works well overall
5 PM

Strength Training 5:01 [3] 0.19 km (26:58 / km)
ahr:71 max:76 (sick)

plank rotation, still cheated a bit to get through it because I'm not that strong but hey it's a lot better than nothing

Today I'm a lot better than yesterday, all ready ffor hanging up controls for Granite tomorrow... tbh I'm excited to orienteer again but at the same time I already miss West Point. Granite might be rocky, but it's too thorny to really enjoy the rocks properly.

Monday Apr 25 #

(sick) (rest day)

finally giving myself the rest I need to get over this cold?

especially after Oliver had explosive diarrhea 3x overnight, twice indoors because we didn't make it outside in time. Rough night for both of us, but he seems to be a lot better now, while I'm just more and more sick
7 PM

(sick) (rest day)

its such a beautiful day, perfect for a chill bike ride or a walk or something like that, but for me it's almost too challenging to go outside with oliver to just let him pee. Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as nice.

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