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Training Log Archive: BorisGr

In the 7 days ending Sep 24, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:06:06 10.19 16.4 42551c
  Cross-Training2 1:15:00
  PT2 40:00
  T.rex training1 15:00
  Total6 5:16:06 10.19 16.4 42551c

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Saturday Sep 24, 2016 #

Orienteering race 1:07:09 [3] *** 5.9 km (11:23 / km)
14c shoes: Old VJ Falcons From Online Auc

NAOC Long Distance - Burnt Mountain. Green X course.

Right from the start, two things were clear:
1) This was going to be one of the most fun areas to run on in the US.
2) My body did not recover from the middle distance, and my right side felt very weak from the start.

I decided to focus on orienteering and not worry about trying to move quickly. This meant that there was a lot of jogging and some walking, but the controls all seemed to be right where I expected them to be. This was the case through the end of the long leg, when I started feeling a lot of pain on the right side. I jogged the next two controls, and still had good focus - I had a 3-minute lead on Niels Lyng-Olsen at this point. But then it all unraveled on the way to 12. I made a parallel error and then just took ages to recover, spending most of the time walking. It ended up costing me 9 minutes - when is the last time I had a mistake like that? WOC 2007? I jogged the next leg and then walked it in, deciding that there was really no sense in running hard, as any running felt painful and pretty uncomfortable.

Still, I loved the course and the area and would love to see a Billygoat here in a couple of years, when my body can hopefully handle one.

Route Gadget:
Check out Niels' route on the long leg to 9! He smoked me by 2 minutes on that.

Friday Sep 23, 2016 #

Orienteering 20:00 [2]

This was NAOC, and a middle distance WRE, so I approached the race as seriously as I could given my lack of fitness and preparation. I did a long warm-up and took the time to walk and jog around the warm-up map, which made me think that the woods would be pretty green.

Orienteering race 49:32 [4] *** 5.5 km (9:00 / km) +260m 7:17 / km
26c shoes: VJ Supra Fall 2015

NAOC Middle Distance.

26th out of 55 - just barely in the top half of the field; 14th American. WinSplits shows me as having made just over 3 minutes of mistakes, which is way too much for this race.

I was the first starter, which I think was a sizable disadvantage in terms of terrain tracking up. But none of that is enough to explain away the fact that I am simply to slow to be competitive these days. Although I felt like I was racing a little too rushed and never quite in synch with the map, there were a few legs that I felt I executed well, but I still managed only 3 top-20 splits.

Still, I really enjoyed the course and felt that Glen Tryson did an excellent job with the area he was given. I had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the control-pick nature of the course.

There was nothing I or my countrymen could do to stop the Canadian dominance on this day. Still, while this would not really change the results for the purposes of the BK Cup, it is disappointing that rules dictated for Thierry to start at the very back of the field, as opposed to separately from the Regional Championship field. The result was that Damian got a massive ride for most of the course, all the way to a North American title and a guaranteed WOC position. It is entirely possible that he would have won anyway - he raced extremely well the entire weekend - but this outcome leaves a slightly unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.

My route is on RouteGadget:


My middle distance results at NAOC:

2010 - 8th
2012 - 4th
2014 - 9th
2016 - 23rd

Not a good trend...

Wednesday Sep 21, 2016 #

Cross-Training 45:00 intensity: (29:00 @1) + (16:00 @4)

Intervals on the elliptical, 8x2 minutes, with 1 minute rest.

PT 10:00 [1]

Some stretching and leg raises.

Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 #

PT 30:00 [1]

Some needling in the hip and glute today.

Monday Sep 19, 2016 #

Cross-Training 30:00 [1]

T.rex training 15:00 [1]

Sunday Sep 18, 2016 #


There are many things I keep thinking about the US Classic Champs weekend: the great racing, the AGM and the Board elections, the many good friends I was lucky enough to see, the seemingly endless burrs on my legs that juniors helped remove, the smiles on the faces of orienteers - young and old alike - as they posed for a picture with the always-obliging and gracious Thierry.

But the thing my mind keeps coming back to is that on Saturday I chatted with a guy - Paul - who lives in the area and saw that there was an event in the park. He went and ran the recreational White course. Loved it. Said he would come back and bring his daughter the next day. I saw him again the next day at the finish with his daughter. He was all smiles - they had a great time on Yellow and wanted to do the Orange course. Time was running late, so I said "Forget going back to the parking lot for registration. Just go up to the start and ask for a map." So he did. And I saw him again as we were leaving the arena - they were back from the Orange course, had a great time again. They were asking how to find more meets and get involved in HVO. Not sure if they'll be back, but I think there is a good chance.

This is what I want from our sport. Having it be open and welcoming and flexible that people can turn up, have a great time, and be hooked. I know it's not for everyone, but surely there is more people out there who would also see that this is the best sport in the world if they were only exposed to it.

Orienteering race 49:25 [3] *** 5.0 km (9:53 / km) +165m 8:29 / km
11c shoes: Old VJ Falcons From Online Auc

Day 2 of the US Classic Championships at Ward Pound Ridge.

I saw at the start that Kristin Hall was starting 2 minutes behind me on the Green Y course and, after a bit of trash-talking, I was pretty pumped.

The goal today was to be cleaner, pick better lines in terrain, and to not forget to orienteer all the way to the flag, rather than just to the circle.

I think I mostly succeeded. I had no real problems in the control circle, apart from not seeing #4 for a few seconds despite standing right in front of it. It just didn't look like a boulder from the side I approached. My biggest time loss was the long leg to 5. Looking at it, I was sure the best route was to go right on the trails, but Kristin went left and took nearly a minute out of me!

Besides that I think I had a good race and hit most of my technical goals. And most importantly, I really enjoyed myself. I really hope that I can get back to being competitive at least at the M21 level in the US again, but even if not, I feel like I will keep enjoying orienteering at whatever level of competition I am able to put up.

My route is here:

Thanks HVO and WCOC for a wonderful weekend of orienteering!

Also, how awesome are my wife and dog?!

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