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Training Log Archive: BorisGr

In the 7 days ending Apr 19, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering7 5:56:14 17.7 28.48 64985 /94c90%
  Running5 2:47:16 18.39(9:06) 29.59(5:39) 172
  Total10 8:43:30 36.08 58.07 82185 /94c90%

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Monday Apr 19, 2010 #

10 AM

Running 15:00 [2] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons


Orienteering 1:29:24 [3] *** 10.7 km (8:21 / km) +390m 7:04 / km
spiked:15/17c shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

CSU Harriman Camp Session 6 - Long Distance at Baileytown

Dragged myself around one last training session. Combining organizing a training camp with participating in it is doable, but is not ideal.
Had no power in the legs the whole way, which led to mistakes. On 2, I went down the first saddle I saw rather than climb one more contour and run to the correct saddle. On 6, I tried to use the trail to climb, but the trail disappeared and I was uncertain of where I was on the hill. I think my route would actually have been good if executed correctly, but as it was, I lost time to Ross, Nikolay, Brendan, and Sam who were converging on this control all together. Was with Brendan and Sam for a while after that, but got away a bit after 10 and saw no one else the rest of the way except for occasional glimpses of Nikolay. Seemed to get a bit of a second wind at 14 and ran solidly to the end of the course. A nice way to finish off a tough weekend.


A huge thanks to all my helpers (Nadya Popova, Paul Bennett, Guy Olsen, Patrick Goeres, Eric Kemp, Carl Childs) and to everyone who helped copy maps. A special thank you to Bernie and Liisa Breton who kindly opened up their home to a mob of hungry, dirty, smelly orienteers for several days!

Sunday Apr 18, 2010 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 35:53 [4] ***** 3.12 mi (11:31 / mi) +135m 10:09 / mi
spiked:17/19c shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

CSU Harriman Camp Session 4 - Middle Distance Time Trial

I started last after starting everybody off. I had copied this course about 25 times earlier that morning, so I knew where it went, but I had tried not to think about particular legs or routes. Had a pretty clean race, running hard on the flats and struggling mightily on the uphills. Was too wide off the line on 14 and far too slow down the hill to 19, otherwise not much time lost. Ended up 1:30 behind Patrick and about :30 ahead of Ross, Kenny, and Nikolay. I wonder how similar my course design is to what Greg and Sergei will come up with for the Team Trials middle.

3 PM

Orienteering 30:17 [4] ***** 4.0 km (7:34 / km)
spiked:15/17c shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

CSU Harriman Camp Session 5 - Relay on Surebridge

Put myself on a team with Erin. She came back from the first leg a couple of minutes after the boys, and I went out on Loop C. Definitely had an advantage as I had put out all the streamers myself, even if not in the order I was running them in now. Had a very clean run on this one, didn't miss anything and took a good route to 4 (low to avoid all the junk).
After resting while Erin ran her second loop, I went out on B and immediately felt the tiredness from the whole weekend catch up tom. I then messed up 3, managed to crunch my ankle hard in the process and got demoralized as Nikolay passed me while I walked off my ankle. Jogged the rest of the loop, tagged Erin and decided I was done.
The relay was a fun training - a good way to take advantage of having many people, rather than organizing the kind of exercises you can do by yourself. In retrospect, I would have made the legs about 30% shorter, as 2km in tough Harriman terrain was a bit too much.

4 PM

Running 45:00 [2] 7.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

Random warming up, cooling down, and collecting controls during the day.

Saturday Apr 17, 2010 #

3 PM

Orienteering 50:31 intensity: (24:11 @1) + (26:20 @5) **** 3.4 mi (14:53 / mi) +124m 13:22 / mi
spiked:24/24c shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

CSU Harriman Camp Session 3 - Otervals on Pole Brook

I skipped the morning session as I was feeling extremely tired and needed time to copy courses for the afternoon's intervals. I divided people into groups for the intervals and ended up in the second group with Sergei F, Andrew C, and Brendan after some shuffling. For each interval (about 600-800 meters, 4 controls), we shuffled the starting order and took off with ~20 seconds in between. In retrospect, slightly closer start times would have worked a bit better for us, but it was still good. In general, Andrew ran the fastest and Brendan took the cleanest routes, and the three of us were often close together, with Sergei a bit behind. I thought this was a really good training, and we were all very tired in the end. Need more sessions like this to get us moving through the forest at full speed.


Running 20:00 [2] 3.33 km (6:00 / km)

Running to the start and from the finish

Friday Apr 16, 2010 #


10 AM

Orienteering 1:20:00 [1]
shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

Drove to Harriman, met up with my awesome volunteers: Paul B, Guy O, Nadya P. Divided up control hanging assignments, dropped off Guy at Kanawauke Circle, and drove up to Tiorati to hang the relay courses. Beautiful forest - Surebridge is very worth of the "101 maps" list. I loved being back here!
2 PM

Orienteering 45:00 [1]

After a break, met up with MrPither and BigE and split up controls for Baileytown. We parked in the sketchiest gay cruiser pick-up spot. Felt quite uncomfortable running in tights past the middle-aged men sitting in their cars in the parking lot, leering at us.
Running on Baileytown right after Surebridge is like chasing Peter Luger's with some McDonald's.
11 PM

Orienteering race 25:09 [5] *** 3.3 km (7:37 / km)
spiked:14/17c shoes: Fall 2009 VJ Falcons

CSU Harriman Camp Session 1 - Night Sprint on Polebrook

After hanging controls on Baileytown, I drove over to Polebrook and sat in the car for about 5 hours until everyone showed up. Sergei F and Eric K ran the sprint at the scheduled time, while the CSU crowd rolled in around 10:30pm. It was dark, cold, and raining - perfect weather for a night sprint. We all mass-started, and promptly messed up #1. Got there with Ross, and then we went our separate ways to do the loops in different orders. I ran well for the first loop (it helped that the controls were hanging high and reflecting from a long ways away), but made a mistake finding the second pivot control the second time, ending up on the hilltop to the right of it. When I finally got the control, I could see Ross' lamp ahead of me and set off in pursuit. We were together on 10,11,12, but he took a better route to 13 (staying higher) and got ahead. I almost couldn't see him coming into 14, but must have taken a better line to 15 (well left of the line, hitting the road at the junction) and caught up. Through the buildings, I was just hoping Ross would hesitate or miss something, but that was not to be, and he orienteered confidently in front all the way to the finish, beating me by 10 seconds or so.

Map (no routes):

Wednesday Apr 14, 2010 #

5 PM

Running 20:17 [2] 2.57 mi (7:54 / mi) +44m 7:30 / mi

Running 24:49 intensity: (8:49 @2) + (16:00 @5) 3.42 mi (7:15 / mi) +53m 6:55 / mi

Intervals with Marie at Maltby Lakes. She took off like a gazelle on the first one, I could barely keep up. Got better after that. We did 4x4 with 2:30 rest - a good session. Should make it a habit.
Speed by interval (the intervals were different, some hillier than others, so it's not a great indicator, but better than nothing):

Running 19:12 [2] 2.0 mi (9:36 / mi) +20m 9:19 / mi

Tuesday Apr 13, 2010 #

6 PM

Running 22:58 [2] 2.11 mi (10:53 / mi) +55m 10:04 / mi

Running. In New Haven!! With Kat!!!

Home after a ridiculously long trip: 42 hours door to door, with a 6 hour delay by United and a 7 hour layover in SFO. Somebody should move Australia a bit closer to the rest of the world.

Good to be home, but I miss the obnoxious screeching of cockatoos in the morning.

Oh yeah, I am Bob now:

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