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Training Log Archive: BorisGr

In the 7 days ending Oct 25, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:15:16 15.97(12:14) 25.7(7:36) 70827 /40c67%
  Running3 1:27:11 9.03(9:39) 14.53(6:00)
  Total4 4:42:27 25.0(11:18) 40.23(7:01) 70827 /40c67%

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Sunday Oct 25, 2009 #

Running 20:00 [2] 3.33 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: 2009 VJ Falcons

Warm-up and a nice cool-down with the CSU boys, comparing splits.

Orienteering race 1:07:04 [4] **** 9.4 km (7:08 / km) +282m 6:12 / km
spiked:14/20c shoes: 2009 VJ Falcons

Day 2 of the Wisconsin A-Meet, this day not counting as a US Champs day, but just an A-Meet.

I woke up with a very swollen and purple left ankle after apparently twisting during yesterday's race. Taped the ankle heavily, took some advil, and was ready to go. This race left me with a much better feeling than yesterday's, even if the result was roughly the same. I again started out really fast, winning the first split (I won the first two yesterday and led after 5.) It's very strange that this is happening and is not normal for me. This time, though, I did not fade quickly, but had a very clean race through 14, losing less than a minute in total and running fast, feeling like I was pushing well through the terrain. The end of the course was sloppier, and I made a few 20 second mistakes and did get tired, but never lost control of the race like I did at times yesterday. Ended up 4th again, this time behind no one but clubmates! Very cool to see Will, Ross, Kenny, and me go 1-2-3-4 and an enjoyable conclusion to a great weekend of orienteering.

Sunday's map with routes:

Some things to take away from the weekend:

Not nearly fit enough -did not have the mental or physical toughness to race for 90 minutes.
Lost concentration at least 3 times on Saturday (#6, 10,17) - inexcusable.
Got distracted by events not related to the race - barbed wire.
Did not come up big in a race that really mattered to me - very disappointing.

Speed not bad when the footing was decent.
Was fit enough to run strongly on Sunday after racing on Saturday - something I could not have done even a month ago at Pawtuckaway, for example.
Only lost focus once on Sunday (#8) and regained it quickly.
A surprising one: ran well on long legs. On Saturday, on the longest legs I was 1st, 6th, 3rd, and 2nd.
Really was having fun orienteering on Sunday.

Saturday Oct 24, 2009 #

Running 15:00 [2] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: 2009 VJ Falcons

Warm-up / cooldown

Orienteering race 1:27:07 [4] ***** 11.3 km (7:43 / km) +426m 6:29 / km
spiked:13/20c shoes: 2009 VJ Falcons

2009 US Championships, Greenbush, Wisconsin

First of all, this was a great event. Everything was well-organized, including one of the best banquets I've been to. The maps, courses, and results posting were superb, and the terrain was worthy of a championship. A huge thanks to Kevin Teschendorf and the rest of the Badgers for a great weekend!

The race was a disappointment. Given that I am injured and cannot train at full speed, I had no right to have expectations coming into this race, but I still did. I felt like the terrain would suit me, being technical and not rocky, and so this motivated me to train somewhat decently the last couple of months. I felt like a good race was possible, and a good race might be enough for a bronze medal behind Ross and Will. Well, that did not happen. My hoped-for CSU sweep of the top 3 or even 4 places did not happen, as I made far too many mistakes out there. I started out great, running well in the beginning and leading the race through 20 minutes. I then had a lapse in concentration that led to a big mistake at #6, followed by good legs to 7-8-9, and then another mistake on 10. I missed low and, when relocating, took a strand of barbed wire to the gut. I was very distracted and felt out of it for the next couple of legs, and even got nearly all the way to #14 when I was meant to be reading the map to #12. Only seeing Kenny coming towards me made me snap out of it and realize that I was reading the map to the wrong control. 13-14-15-16 went well again, but then I started getting really tired and made another mistake on 17, before stumbling through the final controls. I lost about 7-8 minutes total on 7 controls and did not have the physical fitness to push hard through the whole course.
On the bright side, Will and Ross took care of their part of the hoped-for CSU sweep and were far and away faster than anyone else on the day, coming in 1st and 2nd with very good times. It's exciting to see Ross getting better by leaps and bounds this year. It would be nice to have a US Champ born in the 80's one of these days!

Map with route:

Friday Oct 23, 2009 #

Orienteering 41:05 [2] 5.0 km (8:13 / km)
shoes: 2009 VJ Falcons

US Champs model event in Greenbush, Wisconsin. Jogged around in the cold rain, trying to get used to the terrain. Picked up the pace a bit towards the end, and the navigation actually went better then.

Thursday Oct 22, 2009 #


Home -> Mechanic -> Massage -> Bank -> Pharmacy -> Home Depot -> Home -> Bike Shop -> IKEA -> Home -> Laundry -> Home -> Wisconsin.

Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 #


Out in NYC all day yesterday with Swedish visitors. Not feeling great today. Will take the day off and hope to feel better by the weekend. Won't go to Wisconsin if I am still feeling like this Friday morning.

Monday Oct 19, 2009 #

Running 52:11 [2] 8.7 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Blue Asics 2009

Easy run at West Rock with Kat. Definitely needed the day off yesterday - felt a good bit better today, though still pretty tired. Taking it pretty easy this week.

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