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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Sep 21, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:53:34 10.41(22:26) 16.76(13:56) 36940c
  Mountain Biking 3 1:29:57 11.8(7.9/h) 18.99(12.7/h) 217
  Total5 5:23:31 22.21(14:34) 35.75(9:03) 58640c
averages - sleep:5

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Saturday Sep 21, 2013 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 1:34:49 [4] 6.76 km (14:02 / km) +159m 12:33 / km
ahr:167 max:182 20c shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Mmm started horribly!

to #1 first time using the waxy paper and found it hard to fold and couldn't get my bearing because of this. ended up taking something rough and went with it - thought I hit the clearing north of 1 hunted around in circles likes a browns cow before I realised my error and went and got 1. Very dishearten here.

#2 - moved quickly to 2, having already spent a good amount of time on the ground there!

#3 Should have been a bit easier stopped a little short eventually found it and got a shadow/became a shadow one or the other here.

#4 Beat my fellow shadow to 4 hitting it flush while he was down to me left a decent way - got out of there reasonably fast and started to head back towards 5.

#5 decided as I hit the clearing between 1 & 2 to make a left and attempt to contour around and use the yellow. To move a bit quicker. In honesty going straight might have been faster, the yellow wasn't as yellow as I was hoping and I did pull up short a bit disoriented. The ground down to my right the straight line route looks alright too. Realised I was on the rocky mound west of eight and moved towards 5 on clear running ground. Saw my shadow reappear exactly where I expect 5 to be. We had both over shot it slightly but got it close on.

#6 I powered past my shadow and got 6 first which was easy enough - a bit hesitant but happy with it.

#7 Went way too far down the hill and I became the shadow as I heard the tell tale "BING" behind me and I 180ed to see the point clear as day.

#8 went high early and got back past the other runner and grabbed 8 - giving away its position to about 3 people sadly...

#9 relatively straight line - starting to feel fatigued now and also very thirsty. Hit 9 flushish and shadow came in right next to me. I moaned a "I need water its been an hr".

#10 felt alright up until the road - originally had planned to go the road to the track then come back in for the point but thought thats a lot of extra ground and bush looked on so pushed on.slightly left and hunted around a bit lots of people looking for it, shadow had gone down the hill a fair way and I spotted the point - awesome time to shake him, ran over got the point no one saw or heard and legged it into the bush opposite direction to them to avoid giving it away...

#11 my plan here had been go to the road north of 10 leg it along and I will see the point on my left just off the road and dear god I am looking forward to the water drop here... Saw random point not expecting was like huh. looked at map then realised O SHEET I was at 10 I should be going east sou east to 11 not road to 12 . Spun on the spot and estimated the angle I had gone off then powered off hoping to hit something I knew.... I did the bloody shadow. he was a bit higher north than I liked though and I am sure I confused the hell out of him coming past at a right angle. A few strides further saw the drop away I was hoping for, spun right and bam point right there. quite happy with the recover went and grabbed the point. but was more people with me now.

#12 Shadow and I set off same angle and speed towards 12, I felt I was drifting left on the hill slope - should have realised I always drift right because I was pretty much going straight. however when I got close to the road, and probably right on the point I saw the shadow higher than me, which made me question it, then he turned suddenly and went different direction. without thinking I went bugger the point was higher and trudged up the hill... WRONG another person powered past me down the road and my heart sank - I was desperate for water and wasn't thinking now, I went back down the hill and found the point. Guzzled water but it didn't hit the sides BLAH not happy, wasn't feeling great now.

#13 Went ok to 13 hit the clearing and point to my direct left. Had lost everyone who had been toying with.

#14 Going towards 14 the winners of the girls 21's powered past me. Was feeling over it and didn't even try to up my pace. (generally don't like been overtaken - fine with being last just don't let me see you pass me). Got lead a little astray around 14 by lots of people searching for it - funnily enough I had drifted right of it but corrected soon enough.

#15 Oh tracked perfectly straight until the rocks just north of the '1' of the 15 on the map at which stage I saw a point down to my right (pretty much located between our 18-17) oh that must be it I must have drifted left - its on a cliff has to be it - sprinted to it and got to it as the 2 21 girls got there too, let them fly through the point then realised CRAP thats not my point and its not even on my darn control sheet. and as I did so... the shadow came around the rock looked at me and the point and thought how the hell is he infront of me, then looked at the point smiled knowing its not his and trotted on. I recorrected norht - not knowing exactly where I was wants to keep the open ground to my left and did so then hitting the point reasonably flush.

#16 pulled up early as always and after some hunting found it. starting to feel over it by now.

#17 same as 16 but really feeling over it - another guy passed me and that put some fire in the belly.

#18 ran past the control I had found before and shook my fist at it I say. Then proceeded to find the road. wait what I went to far - back tracked, searched for ages - this was frustrating now, eventually found it... wasn't all that impressed.

#19 Walked most of it feeling disgruntled, came out to the right of it was relatively straight forward.

#20 wanting water really badly again, can see finish knew was close search around for this point - hit the track and then just got frustrating I knew I was close and eventually found it.

#finish Trademark sprint - almost went over on the path with the loose gravel but all good - wasn't so keen at powering through everyone at speed for a few reason as so pulled back a bit before the main camp area still going quick but definitely had a few extra s could trim off - see if it was enough, if not tomorrow no holds barred finish - ppl stay out the way!

- Other notes - almost rolled left ankle on the way to 5 - that wasn't so fun and right big toe blister is hardening nicely - lets see if I cant rip that open in the longer course tomorrow :( - oh also felt like I could have gone a bit harder - bit disappointed at that.

Sure I am forgetting something here but meh time for some dinner!

4 PM

Mountain Biking (Forsyth's Mill) 27:00 [4] 6.33 km (14.1 kph) +109m
ahr:164 max:180 shoes: Giro Privateer

Just a quick lap - time is definitely improving, getting my ridding strength back very slowly.

Had a lul in the middle when I was struggling a bit but recovered in the later part and picked up the pace a bit - I think I can trim another few minutes off without too much extra effort.

Back out there tomorrow after the long race... could be interesting I imagine slower!

Monday Sep 16, 2013 #

8 AM


Oh dear - just discovered my leg managed to send my boss an email yesterday before my phone died.

1) definitely turn off mobile data
2) ensure screen is locked! looks like screen was unlocked and active for nearly 2 hours

No wonder the battery died so quickly - my leg opened most apps, sent emails, played music... oh yeah and stopped my trace damn it!

Other notes few scratches and bruises from the commando roll/bike crash but nothing major - only 1 blister which is great because I am not wearing patches and am running in the shoes yay! oh and loads of little splinters from all those bushes yesterday :(

Legs feeling spent today - is a good feeling.

Didnt manage to get a good sleep last night (no idea why) 5hrs broken tops.

Sunday Sep 15, 2013 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking (Forsyth's Mill) 32:03 [3] 6.33 km (11.9 kph) +108m
ahr:159 max:177 shoes: Giro Privateer

Was running early for footo - so decided to make a quick pit stop on the way to event as warmup. 830-9

Busted out a nice lap no real major issues came unstuck a few times but happy with the pace and control.
10 AM

Orienteering race 2:18:45 [4] 10.0 km (13:53 / km) +210m 12:33 / km
ahr:162 max:216 20c shoes: Salomons XR Mission

So first things first - distance and climb are absolute guess as my iphone decided on only log the first .5km and then saved that. it then ran out of battery around point 7/8 I think teach me for leaving mobile data on.

Most annoyed at that because this weeks trace would have been fascinating (at least for me).

So pre race - had a chat to all the regulars - Simmo even gave me a book to borrow I think its the idiots guide to footo - nice of him, hopefully it tells me to get fitter because that seems to be the major issue atm!

Gave Polly some 101's on nav as it was her first time solo - she looked worried but ready for the challenge.

Set off to 1 and hit it on the nose - a bit slow through the green stripes but happy to hit it.

#2: hit the river near perfectly - was just to the right of the point pretty much on top of it but saw another point down river to my right and ran down to it not my point - gdamn and went back. had I turned my head left would have been fine.

#3: Some uncertainty coming through all the green but came out on the north side of the small bit of granite. redirected and got it jsut fine.

#4: no problems here.

#5: didnt go far enough, was mis reading my position on the map. The switch to thumb compass means I am folding more which I think is giving me less sense of the surrounding map - something for me to work with. Got the point after a bit of delay.

#6 Craig had come into 5 just behind em and headed straight down toward the yellow section which was part of my plan, however by the time I had got done there there was just a dust trail sad. Also spotted Juffman heading towards 8 and told him he sucked knowing he had already overtaken me significantly. Came out too low (to the right of 6), corrected pretty quickly and got it.

#7: Really didnt enjoy this leg, the bush sucked it was hard to judge distance it just sucked. was glad to get it when I did. (oh and this was when my phone honked which I believe was it saying - yo im out of batt).

#8: This is where I wish I had trace. I opted to go back south of 6 and use the semi clear/clear flat land in the west. (saw Andrea on way past 6 and told him close but not close enough as I powered past - probably to him thinking, I will have you before 9 and also where the hell are you going...) Made decent progress along the western flank. Came up at the west most granite outcrop, then hit the granite south south west of 8, proceeded to complete miss 8 and hit the granite to its east. Realised my error and went back - however went north of 8 into the fight 10% green. Realised, turned around and strated heading back up feeling very frustrated. Watched Andrea cruise past, Simmo to as I was going towards point, met ricky and Tash at the point.

#9: Feeling fresh after all the walking about trying to find 8 - powered off behind Ricky. I was north of him but comfortable with my positioning. probably held him until a bit the 2nd river crossing when he put on the afterburners, or more to the point I died in the ass. Grabbed the granite and followed yellow down to 9 and saw simmo leaving point as I trotted up.

#10 dear god what went wrong. Decided to head dead at. road aws on the other side of fold originally.... Vered to my right to pick up the granite and open ground. was struggling a bit fitness wise so walked and slowed right down here. Was not confident on my map positioning or the features and turned left in the yellow section just south of the dark green. Went for abit then thought - this feels very wrong. consulted compass was out A LOT. Saw the road just and went down just south of the last track junction - up to corner and straight back to 10. Wish I had used the road the whole way.

#11 slide to the right of 11 but found it easy enough.

#12 On the way to twelve saw someone to my left about 75m away wearing blue top, black pants, blonde hair, assumed it was polly, woof whistled being a smart ass and asked where she was heading. (Finnish/swedish voice came back) oh dear. she was close to her point so let her know where I thought it was and kept moving. Was reasonably close to 12 missed it slightly to the left but generally was what I expected.

#13 Was my best nave of the day - if I wasn't knackered would have been faster - went around base and popped up on the point.

#14: straight at 14 and hit it pretty directly - bit of fighting to get through but so be it.

#15 pulled up a bit early to the left of the granite - someone came over to talk to me and consulted on his position. he thought we were further north which I ignored and proceeded onward after telling him precisely his next point as it was where I had just come from. Got to 15 but had taken more time than I had wanted.

#16: hit it on the nose was just tired hence slowness plenty of walking here.

#17: I face planted/commando rolled on the river bed just before halfway mark. Was very unenjoyable and was a slow climb up the hill. Had to fight my way through the green stripes - really didn't enjoy that either. Came out pretty flush onto 17 in the end though.

#18: was slightly right of the point but had judged the distance perfectly and when I pulled up spotted it to my immediate left.

#19: Slow through the bush but could see the point a mile away so was relatively straightforward.

#20: at this point my care factor was pretty low - was walking/jogging not really consulting compass new I would hit right bed did so off to the right. was feeling pretty smashed by now and sore from my encounter with the ground.

#to finish - First time I have encountered a rope to the finish line - I did appreciate that. I wanted to finish strong as always - opened up what I had left - but really felt lack luster and a lot slower than previous sprint finishes - I am sure someone has me today but well see.

Had a chat to a few people back at rego whilst waiting for Polly, she wasn't far behind so trotted down to see her at finish - she was with the finnish/swedish girl so at least I got to apologise and point out the obvious mistake. Polly had some troubles out there first first time solo and with time restriction had dropped post 9 and gone 9 > road> 17 and finished from there. Wisely I would say. She'll be back but E3 next time we both think.

All in all happy enough - a few bigish errors - definitely a lot of drifting going on - don't know if its the new compass and I am still getting the knack of holding it right or I am just naturally drifting - assuming both. Definitely pulled in some time on the previous finisher though so certainly getting better (so I tell myself!)

More fitness navs ok just need speed and endurance. As I said to (Graham? I think - apologies if I have got your name wrong I know I have met you a few times) when he asked "Are you running?" (he was worried I would take offense to that - which I totally didn't and wouldn't even if I was - I am realistic I am slow haha :) ) I answered yes partly - in fairness its probably more walking (40%) and jogging (40%) than running (20%). but I have never been a distance runner - prior to this year other than 1 or 2 city2surfs I don't think I would have been over 7km on a run. All of my shorts previously where explosive sprint so never trained for distance - so that coupled with my current fitness level being poor doesn't put me in good stead to power through a 10km run over the terrain.

It will come with time I am sure - I am in no rush I enjoy being out there. I am happy with the nav when i am walking - I need to get the nav more accurate when jogging/running. Whilst I do that build fitness then maybe sometime next year I might be getting closer to midfield rather than the wooden spoon :)

Still annoyed at no trace though SIGH
1 PM

Mountain Biking (Forsyth's Mill) 30:54 [3] 6.33 km (12.3 kph)
ahr:162 max:177 shoes: Giro Privateer

Went a little faster and harder this time now that it was my third lap around it and was getting more comfortable. Was abit spent after footo but still trimmed some good time off my pbs.

Did manage a stack on the pea gravel on the corner before the run up to the first black obstacle. Teach me for being over confident - left with lovely stinging sensations - luckily no real damage to me and the bike.

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