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Training Log Archive: Work4justice

In the 7 days ending Oct 22, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 20:39:55 47.37(26:11) 76.23(16:16) 157731 /40c77%
  Yoga1 1:00:00
  Running1 37:55 4.01(9:27) 6.45(5:53) 32
  Total5 22:17:50 51.38 82.69 160831 /40c77%
  [1-5]5 21:43:06

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Monday Oct 22, 2018 #

Yoga 1:00:00 [1]

Sunday Oct 21, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 2:29:39 [2] 6.44 mi (23:14 / mi) +244m 20:48 / mi
ahr:117 max:160 spiked:9/14c

Did the National Champs F45+ Green A course. Sigh. I was really foggy in the head, and was convinced to follow every squiggle on the map. So freaking slow...and still mistakes. Super impressed with Syd's ability to change gears!!! Still glad I did it though.

Saturday Oct 20, 2018 #

12 AM

Orienteering 17:06:05 [2] 38.0 mi (27:00 / mi) +1300m 24:24 / mi

Legend of the Dogman Race Report
Team "Thought this was a 5k" -- 7th OA
First, I highly recommend this race. I know the RDs put a lot of time into thinking things through, planning for lots of eventualities and racer safety was a high priority for them. Controls were well placed and I thought it was a great course.

Ross asked me to do the race with him back in the spring. It has seemed he had been doing quite a few ultras, and thought it could be good for me, and worried a bit about keeping up. Little did I know that at about th 4 hour mark, he would be done with any kind of running or hustle because of a hip pain. Admittedly, I was disappointed, but I got to navigate a whole lot more because of that, and practiced encouraging teammate skills. :) A couple of weeks ago, Brenda shared that she was going solo, but preferred to hang with others during the night hours and we invited her to join us.

Anyway, back to the beginning. We got the maps at 8:30 and had plenty of time to plan the route for the first 3 maps. We had not planned to drop anything going into the TA. We were bused to our start location, had a smidge of time there, then off! Ross started the lead on the navigation, then I would say after about a few controls Brenda and I started to tag team quite a bit. Of the 52 total controls, I would say that I led the nav on at least half. We bobbled on a few, mostly meaning that we were slightly off on our bearing but recovered quickly. Exiting 75 went terribly. I was leading the nav into the control, and I knew we needed to count off 3 gullyish things, and Brenda's pace count suggested that we had arrived. We checked it out and needed to go further. Got the control, and Ross was leading out. We didn't go far enough, thought we saw the way across the swamp, and missed it totally and wound up swamp stomping far too long. We decided to go south, in that I suggested if anything we would hit the road, so got back on land and headed that way.

We decided to skip the couple that we would have landed by properly crossing the swamp. And, this is where Ross's hip was really starting to bother him. The next couple went badly. Then Brenda said...we have to nail this next one, and we did and went on our way with the next quite of few with no problem. When we got to 80, we needed a strong bearing. I somehow walked right past it...and Brenda paced back and got it. Phew.

Took trails around out of Waterloo heading to DTE. We were shocked to see the Kiwis. They needed to walk because Tom's knee went bad. Once we were in DTE, Brenda broke off to run more, which I totally understood. We decided to do just a few and head for the TA. I kind of wondered if Ross wanted to stop, and that's why he wanted the TA. He did want to do the 4th map and quit at HQ. We got everything fine to the TA, and once we got there, talked to the RD about options. Ross decided to rest, change his clothes and think about it.

Steve (RD) said I could continue as a solo female, but that didn't sit right with me either. So, we talked, and decided to do the points on the most direct route to the HQ/Finish. We headed off after about 40 min in TA (oh my). No real difficulties navigating through most of map 4 (we left 3 CPs on that map behind). Ross and I argued a bit about the property line, I thought the property owners encroached and he didn't want to tempt fate. LOL.

Started getting closer to the HQ/F and he was talking about picking up some of the other points he thought we should skip. That made me feel a lot better, because I had not planned on leaving him and going solo. We made our way further north and then the hail storm hit. Holy smokes. That hurt! And then the trees were creaking from the intense wind and he hollered at me to get out of the woods. We stood in a soybean field until it passed. Then continued on to HQ in the storm. I was so cold. So wet. Got inside, and frankly, I thought he was going to say he was done...but he had access to his other bag (the RDs were being very nice considering the circumstances) and got some dry clothes on, had a few hot chocolates, and then the sun came out, and said we could do a few more. I changed my jacket and we headed out. I was prepared to finish punch and then head out for practice, but glad we could get a few more. Started with a few easy ones, and then went for some high pointers. As we entered our last point, he wanted a more aggressive route. Hmmm....we landed a fair bit south and lost about 15 min or so on that one, but in our defense it had started to completely downpour AGAIN. Then, made it back to HQ. I just remember being cold, but also thinking, this is totally temporary.

Again, loved this race and will definitely do it again!

Thursday Oct 18, 2018 #

6 AM

Running 37:55 intensity: (58 @0) + (28:58 @1) + (4:35 @2) + (3:08 @3) + (16 @4) 4.01 mi (9:27 / mi) +32m 9:14 / mi
ahr:125 max:150

Crazy work week. Down 10# so far. Honing I’m on my over winter goals. Strength, stop crappy orienteering, swim classes and paddle/mountain bike as possible.

In other news...AliC is coming in tonight! Been too long!

Tuesday Oct 16, 2018 #

3 PM

Orienteering (practice) 1:04:11 intensity: (33:46 @0) + (21:45 @1) + (5:20 @2) + (3:20 @3) 2.93 mi (21:54 / mi) +33m 21:10 / mi
ahr:110 max:143

Richardson streamers. Bumped my watch...doing a QR to see how long and how it actually went.

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