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L Hip/Pelvis, Piriformis

2020-10-02 – 2020-10-07

Grade: 0

Piriformis muscle pressing on sciatic nerve. Pain on the back of leg. Its is either from using my Piriformis more because of technique developing from increased arm movements, could be from the hyperextension at my hip on Tuesday trying to race Gratton on 1km repeats (most likely those 2), or it could be from tweaking it stepping on a whole somewhere (doubt it is this because I can't remember it being sudden). Going to do stretches to relive the sciatic nerve; then strengthen the left and right. Looks like easy running on it doesn't increase harm and barefoot running can actually help. Most cases say it naturally recovers in 3-14days. So not going to stress that it's volume of training, but I think its going to help doing less zone2-3 next week.

Think it has healed. Didn't do anything. Didn't get worse; it just healed itself.