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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Green S Day 1


2. +01:30Was too high and ended up at the top of the re-entrant the control was in, at the trail. Went back down the re-entrant and looked for the control in the rocky stuff on the wrong side of the re-entrant. Obviously not reading the map carefully.
3. +00:30Just a little high, looked down the hill and saw it.
4. +00:30Went to lower cliff first, then went around to correct cliff.
5. Finally, a good clean leg where I could run much of it.
6. +00:30Hesitated a lot trying to keep in contact. Stopped at the trail above the control/re-entrant to use my mag glass and check where it was in the re-entrant. Then went to it.
7. No problems. Went up the big re-entrant, checking off open areas. Went up the small re-entrant that leads to the control.
8. +00:45Not in great contact through the open area leading to the control. Went a little high to relocate with road and trees.
9. +00:30A little off to the east, right but saw people to the left and went to it.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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