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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: US Team Sprint


1. The route, shortly.
2. There was a train of people. I went to the right of the train, due S, then corrected. I went there because there were nice trails through the sage.
3. I passed most of the train except Peter Golde.
4. I went slightly up, then back down to the green reentrant. As I got closer to the control, I could see someone punching.
6. There was yet another train of people going through the saddle. Closer to the control, some of the train departed to the left, to the wrong set of rocks way too high.
7. I passed the last of that train going out of #6. I walked alone, through the rocks and the aspen, pretty much on the straight line, through the saddle and down, and nailed it.
8. There were more people to the left of the line (Sandy F +), looking one knoll too early, probably pulled there by Hillary S. I passed them.
9. The last person I passed on this leg was Matt Skorina. No more traffic on the course for me.
10. Bad compass work
I got so confident that I went one set of rock features to the right. I looked, and there were indeed cliffs but tiny ones. I looked around and recovered. As I rushed to the bag, Hillary dove down from above the cliff.
11. I followed Hillary. We were going slightly too wide right, and Hillary was the first to notice that and the control.
12. I followed Hillary.
F. She pulled away going down the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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