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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: US Team Sprint


1. Straight to it, and picked up several earlier runners who were coming from different directions.
3. Picked up a couple of places on folks who went around and climbed up the reentrant from the south by taking a straight line.
4. A little bogged down in the green.
6. Confused parallel features
Went around the huge rocks mapped as bare rock to the E and got pretty confused
7. Bad route choice
Instead of straight down the reentrant, went back around the big rock and got stuck in some steep, rocky fight. When I punched out I was a good 100m behind the folks who had punched behind me at 6. Ran just past and saw the road, and cut back to see the flag.
8. Moving slower now, but had a good line. Alex Kerr and Linda Moore were lower, checking near the boulder, and I passed them here.
9. Walking briskly up the reentrant, and could see the reentrant with the trees in it from the top.
10. Bad map reading
Stopped too soon once I passed the bare rock on top, and had to puzzle it out for a bit. Alex got ahead of me again here.
11. On compass, and could see it. Easy. Got ahead of Alex for good here.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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