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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day, Day 2: Blue


1. The route is here. I think this (around) was the best route on this leg.
2. My well-around route may not have been the best for this leg, however.
4. I hesitated a bit going up the hill, thinking I might have been in the next large set of reentrants to the E.
5. I expected the control to appear to my R and it was to my L.
6. I tried twice to go down the impassable cliff that was mapped as passable/boulder field, to descend and contour to the site on the same elevation as the control. But I could not get down, so went around the last set of cliffs. I don't think I lost much time. The best route must have been to go way up, bounce just short of the large rock features halfway between ControlsĀ 6 andĀ 7, and plunge down.
13. I did not read the control description, so expected the control to be in the rocks. Stopped just short and read the description. Rick DeWitt caught up with me because of this.
14. Confused parallel features
Mine may not have been the best route. And, I botched it just short of the control, not reading the map to see that there were two boulder clusters.
16. I expected the control to be on the largest boulder, consistent with the easy control placement there has been so far in this event, but it wasn't.
17. Confused parallel features
The northern side of the large black blob just N of the control was a cliff, parallel to the control feature, and the blob itself obscured the control feature. I looked beside the blob, no control. Then I checked out the next cliff N, no control. Finally went all the way up and found it.
18. From here on, I just wanted the race to be over. I jogged half-passively towards the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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