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Race Evaluation

ROC Apple Shed: Green


1. Discovered rasberry bushes pretty soon. Yellow is almost as touch to run as greens
2. Was planning to get a trail but I came down completely to the trail at the bottom of the hill
3. +04:00Major mistake going out. I was heading back to #1. Green was more runnable then yellow on powerlines. White next to control was really grean
4. Hesitated
Since I missed trail when going down the same road to #2 I decided to cut through the green. MAN that was really nasty green.
5. No brainer. Had to cut through rasberry bushes that edge every white and yellow. Made a decision not to try to go straight through anything for rest of the course
6. Orchards were nice to run through. Could be used in your own advantage
7. I should have run 100% on the road on this one. Running through the orchards were "A OK" however got to fight through long grass on yellow. White on left looked ugly and green
8. Confused parallel features
Skipped control almost. I was executing leg from #8 to #9 for about 30 seconds. I was lucky that it was going into the same direction for a little bit
9. Hesitated
I did not see the trail, got to climb up power-line yellow. I was regretting decision to run in shorts.... way to many scratches.
10. Surfing through the orchard again. Cant really go any direction within an orchard. Have to look for gaps between apple trees.
11. Easy road run
F. Run, forest, run!!! (Randy beat me on this leg. He is stronger then I thought he is physically)

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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