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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (Sprint/Middle/Long/Trail): Long - Green X


1. +07:00Chose fast along the river, left trail just beyond form line reentrants, joined large trail turned up small trail and attacked from the white gap. And then proceeded to wind up in the reentrant NE of circle three times after retrying. Eventually went all the way back to trail junction and slow bearing to control. In retrospect I should have also tried relocating from clearing S of circle
2. +00:40Aiming off slightly L of line, got pushed around a lot by the green, then ran the contour to control - hesistant after my boom on #1
3. +00:10straight, no problem but still moving cautiously
4. +00:15thought I was high enough but managed to run below it and caught myself as I was running through reentrant beyond, circled back. Flag seemed higher on spur than mapped
5. +03:00S to road, then onto large trail, elected to cut through the green (bad idea) and rejoined trail by major bend, ran it down to where the green ended and ran the veg edge (quite distinct here) to just past the dark green, then across the marsh with no troubles, over first spur and into control. Most of the time was lost fighting in the green when I should have just cranked it hard on the trail
6. +00:20due west to trail, then along trail for a bit keeping the camping areas to my left. Map didn't feel right in here for some reason but I kept pushing since the road would catch me. Seemed to take longer and I drifted a bit L and corrected to the hill when I saw it
7. +00:20arghhh - through the spectator, then careful bearing in what I knew were vague woods, pulled up at the right distance and started scanning the woods for a rootstock coming up with nothing. Then a runner came by on my left and punched the flag about 8' in front of me - obscured by a small pile of dirt - not what I was looking for
8. plan was to run R of line, kind of looking for 11 enroute then over the oval knoll and into flag. Didn't see a flag or people than might give 11 away, noted the thickish green bit, slowed up at the tin at the end of the knoll before moving a bit further to the correct pile of junk
9. +06:30plan was to run up to stream junction - then noted they didn't actually join (runs under line apparent post race) but somehow got pushed way L in vague woods, perhaps exacerbated by the fact that I had crossed a small watercourse and was worried I had drifted R and heading for map edge - I probably overcorrected L in response. Slow and very uncertain of my location, pausing frequently to figure things out - eventually arrived at the chimney (cairn on map) then took a slow march on a bearing - quite frustrated
10. straight - looking for end of spur rather than a pit - more obvious feature - no problems.
11. +02:30contoured to SW corner of field then flew down the straight trail, continuing straight when it petered out. Hit the tip of the green cleanly. Saw large rootstock well to my R, further from green than mapped, looked at description and read .3m (smudge of dirt on my holder) and ruled out the large rootstock, began hunting for a small dirtpile style rootstock like #7 and circled for a bit before noticing a flag on the big rootstock - finally checking it out and realizing it was mine after all. DAMN....
12. +02:00ran on bearing, aiming for bend in power line, wound up below the pole (drifted L) then up into thick woods (mapped white). Crossed a small trail (unmapped) then came to a clearing with a building in it. For some reason convinced myself I had arrived at the OOB clearing beyond control when in fact it was the correct clearing. I retraced my steps to power line to try again and when I hit the clearing again realized my previous error.
13. pretty fast trail leg, clean
F. discouraging run, tried to leave it all in the chute...

Total Time Lost - 00:22:45

Split Analysis

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