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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (Sprint/Middle/Long/Trail): Long - Green X


1. ran to 5 mistaken, then ok to yellow but no good ap
2. no AP, turned R when I could see river, in open woods, cp ahead, still shooting fm hip
3. st, careful, ok
4. ditto
5. mental failing, lucky reloc then ok
6. drifted L but easy target
7. had figured a plan before starting
8. ran right by 11, came upon a cp on identical feature - thot it was mine, unsure when it wasn't
9. too much to right, lost time in contours
10. st, careful
11. should have climbed to SVT & followed, knew what to look for having seen already
12. just tired, tower on PL, fairly trivial
13. just after last tent platform
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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