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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (Sprint/Middle/Long/Trail): Long - Green X


1. +02:00Up the trail along the river. After the 3 dips I cut across to the next trail. Leaving that from a bend, I cut across toward the next going north/south but I hit it too far south and kept going a little way. Coming back, I wnt through the open area but it was slow--I fell crossing the deadfall stack and meandered down the slope toward the control.
2. I was a bit slow throughout the vegetation. I knew I was a bit to the left when I hit the down slope. I followed that to the control. I didn't think I lost time but I must of done something wrong for AP to show time lost on thois leg.
3. I went straight but didn't push it for fear of making an error on a short leg where winning the leg shouldn't make much difference.
4. Around to the right, then basically straight. It seemed a little farther than expected.
5. +02:00Out to the curvey big trail, then in the thin white jus north of the marsh. Things went wrong when the white woods seemed to end early. I cut across the marsh south at this point when I wanted to do that further ahead. It was slow. Once across, I ran along the marsh but pulled up short on one spur too early. I wandered a bit along the marsh border, eventually getting far enough and low enough to see the spur.
6. Fairly straight, using the trail when it went my way. I corrected course by angling left after crossing the stream.
7. Being an early runner, I didn't know from watching others that the streamered route was where it was--it wasn't streamered from control #6. Leaving the route, I was also unsure if I could but I used the finish line as a marker. I went straight to the control but was surprised at the small size of the rootstock.
8. +00:15I went low along the river. I had to cross the stream where it was a gully. I pulled up short at the barrel and did a double take at the control there to be sure that it wasn't my control before going on.
9. I ran strait crossing the creek early, then climbing after the stream junction. I followed the reentrant up on the left side, the continued up the spur. At the top, I paused to be sure of my bearing.
10. I didn't push it to be sure there would be no error. I didn't drink water when I got there.
11. +02:00I never saw the trail option. I went straight, thinking that I was checking off features along the way and aiming off slightly. Nearing the river and some green, I saw a control on some tin, then when I realized it wasn't correct, I cut right. I got hung-up in the green before coming out and seeing it.
12. Straiht to the power line bend, then over. I was too cautious at the end before realizing it was on a trail bend.
13. Along the road and down the trail. The woods were too messy go straight.
F. There was no trail when I ran-in...

Total Time Lost - 00:06:15

Split Analysis

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