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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 2


1. Thru tennis court on an empty one and around to tree.
2. Around W end of fence, snaked down to ball field, over to scoreboard and in on herd path. Heading down to rocks but saw motion to Left - Lyn climbing out of stream bed from a rock - with a bag! Much further L than thought would be.
3. +00:30Checked steep steam bed and went down a bit where was low and W thru woods, thru opening in green by power pole, continued on thru woods thru a break in green. Thru gate across play ground, L thru small gap in dark green at end of fence and around to bag. Heard later there was an unmapped gate in fence but didn't see it.
5. Out to playground, and wound way down along roads fields.
6. +00:20Tried for cool and ran trail S to opening. Climbed steep bank, over unmapped fence, again, across parking lots L of bldg, trail along field, R of bldg.
7. Trails to herd path
8. Reversed out
9. Straight to funky cliff.
10. Up by rocky grd.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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