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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 1


1. Left, slowish trying to get into map and read ahead.
2. To green. Tried once then notice sign and hit right opening.
4. Back thru same gap in green, L around bldg.
5. +00:30Straight E to gate figuring to get thru a herd path in narrow green. Too late realized that was risky compared to R around fence to trail. So thru gate, along fence to bend when finally find a break in the thorns. Trail.
6. Trail to slightly more open woods after stone wall. Up steep bank, over unmapped fence, straight.
9. +00:15Tried along ballfield fence thinking there would be a gap with the green. Just as I get to the green joe goes by saying something about a fence in the green! Sure enough - hit thick green and around thick pine tree straight into a 6' fence. Back out and around.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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