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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 1


1. Around the building on the left.
2. Up to road and along the green until I found the spot to cut in.
3. Along the side of the parking lot to the space between the green, then a straight shot to the control. Used the corner of the vegetation boundary as my attackpoint.
4. Straight back to the parking lot through the gap in the reen, then across the parking lot and around the building on the left.
5. +00:05Down to the right to the second field, and then followed the path in. I hesitated when I hit the junction because for some reason I thought I had already made the turn, but a quick check of the map made me realize where I was.
6. Ran the trail until the green looked thin enough to pass through. It was somewhere just past the rock wall.
7. +00:05Around the green to the left, then hesitated at the gate, because I was expecting more of an opening.
8. Around the building to the right, and then around the fence to the right, then up the left side of the green and finally in over the cairn to the control.
9. +00:05Through the tennis courts, using the farther door to the right on the way out (about 5 seconds mistake), and finally through the baseball field to the control.
10. Down the path and through the start.
F. Weee!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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