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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 2


1. N through tennis court, then around.
2. +02:00Executed well until final bit. N through gate, then a jog left around green and right on pavemenbr to drop down into ball field, to sign, through bit of green and then, disaster! Saw boulder up ahead and ran to it, but no flag. Instead of realizing I was too far, kept going to streambend before turning back. Yikes.
3. +01:30Back the way I cam in, then around E side of Rockwell Elem School and up one of the vague paths through the green. Saw the stonepile near the bocce court, and convinced I had gone further, thought it must be a dot knoll. Milled around for a while trying to puzzle it out.
4. +00:15A little slow. Looking for a flag on the fence corner, I had to look at the clue again.
5. Easy. Of course I had been here on course 1. Got passed by a couple of young guys.
6. E pf Middle School, then along path W of ball field to go around Bethel High on the N side. Easy.
7. +01:30Remarkably dumb, but getting pretty tired. Instead of taking the trail from the SW corner of parking, took little stub trail from SE corner, and fussed around in the green and rough open to get there at the same time as the guys who had passed me on the way to #5
8. All the way west on trail to the yellow, then straight. Fast guys missed it.
9. Straight to go east of fence corner from Sprint 1, then on compass from little peninsula into parking area.
10. Hard climb back out from cliff, then straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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