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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 1


1. +00:30Ran in circles at the start while I was trying to get my map oriented. Eventually around left side of building.
2. Along road to sign, then punched through trees. Careful not to go up too early.
3. Off bend in paved area through green blobs and straight.
4. Back through same green blobs and around left side of building.
5. +00:30Dropped down on pat along edge of baseball field and across aiming first for N gate, then switching to southern gate, thinking I would get through little green stripe. It looked horrible, though, so back along the fence to vicinity of first gate down to trail and around to the S on trail.
6. Along trail to yellow slot, then up hill to the parking lot and straight in.
7. On the road to path SE of parking in front of Elementary School, around R side through the two gates.
8. Arojnd N side of Elementary school, road past green to go along NW edge of fence. Punched through green to the stone pile, which was a bit slow.
9. +00:20Angle SE to W side of Middle school, then up on path, but fumbled a bit looking for the right tree (getting tired?)
10. On path through gate and past finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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