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Race Evaluation

ROC: Durand Eastman Park: Sprint


1. No brainer
2. Lost concentration and I ended up way on left.
3. I did not make any mistake but felt skaky after making mistake on the last leg.
4. I picked the wrong place to slide down the hill - steep down-hill with many rock below. I had to be real tentitive
5. Decent execution.
6. Good execution. Hesitated just before getting to the control
7. Easy navigation. Tough climb
8. +00:10I could have done better jub with angles coming out of the flag.
9. Adjusted my route 3 times during the leg. I had my original plan but I was open to adjust it if marsh was uncrossable, green was really ugly.Executed very well. Run dead straight into control which was misplaced
10. I was wondering why this leg felt longer. But it felt longer becuase of the misplaced flag
11. +00:10Run trails most of the time. Had little hesitation just before gle flag
12. Good execution technically. My legs are giving in.
F. Run, forest, run!!!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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