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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials, Day 1: Sprint


1. Ran the trail from the cu-de-sac.
2. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Misread the map and ran to the first green blob instead. Then slowed by running through the long grass.
3. Bad route choice
Took a bad line and had to fight through some deadfalls and junk.
4. Got a bit lucky as I saw someone coming out of the green after punching, so I just went in the same way and got to the control easily.
5. Did not plan ahead
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Didn't plan ahead enough and then read the map too late as I overran the bag along the top of the retaining wall.
6. Need to be more mindful of the OB areas.
7. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Pretty much straight.
8. +00:50Biggest mistake on the course. Tried to run too fast. Got disoriented after punching and went S instead of W. Didn't realize what I'd done until after 50m or so of running.
9. Did not read control description
Hesitated a bit around the circle because I didn't read the control description fully.
10. Went through SE corner of quadrangle, then headed straight to control.
11. Went back around N side of building.
12. +00:03Pretty much straight.
13. Straight.
14. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Had initially planned to go around the pond on the E side, but as I was punching 13, I thought I'd let my momentum carry me around the W side of pond instead. The distance looked about 50/50 at the time. After rounding the pond, I hugged the S side of building and around to 14.
15. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Unused to map
Apparently going straight N and back around the breezeway is best. I took the stairs just S of building instead. Made 2 micro mistakes here. First was going diagonally across courtyard, not realizing I had to zig-zag around the wall to get to the stairs. Then hesitated at the stairs just north of circle because I couldn't comprehend clearly from the map and description where the bag is located.
16. Went through breezeway, then diagonally across quadrangle to SE opening, then straight to and around the pond from the S.
17. Just a foot race.
F. Another foot race.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:18

Split Analysis

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