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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials, Day 1: Sprint


1. Easy, no problems
2. Did not check features en route
Did not like map
A bit hesitant along the road - the "open" area looked a lot more like "rough open" to me, and I was a little unsure about just where to leave the road - stayed on until I saw the little cut out to the left.
3. Mainly straight
4. I took the left route but was surprised (as a late starter) that there were very few tracks through the grassy field. Routes about equal it seems.
5. No problems
6. To the left, avoiding the stairs - though they might have been faster since I was wearing running shoes. Feeling tired up the hill....
7. Straight - feeling tired.
8. Bad route choice
Lacked confidence
Should have gone straight instead of contouring around right. SI punch not functioning - actually punched 3 times, then punched manually, then as I was leaving another runner came in and his punch worked, so I went back and punched a 4th time but no dice.
9. No problems - but feeling tired and heavvy
10. No problems - straight
11. Bad route choice
Bad route - I went left and lost about 10 seconds by looking at splits. Turns out an "uncrossable wall" that would have extended the rightward route wasn't as long as shown on the map so the right-hand route was faster.
12. Straight and easy
13. Easy
14. To the right of the lake - I think this was the fastest, but not sure.
15. Bad route choice
Read map too late
Did not like map
First serious problem here. At speed and under glare of sun, I didn't notice the uncrossable wall that is covered by the purple line connecting controls - which made the middle route (right of the wall then down the stairs) a much worse route. Left would have been much faster. Also hesitated along the way as there were some unmapped garden/thickets along the wall and I was a little confused by that. If I had gone left I would have had more tiem to read the map ahead and would have been able to ignore the missing gardens.
16. Bad route choice
Apparently left around the building was much faster. Similar-speed runners (ones I was running much faster than until that point) posted splits about 10 seconds faster to the left. Oops!
17. Pushing harder, a bit tired.
F. Tired and pushing hard

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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