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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials, Day 1: Sprint


1. +00:05Almost blew by the trail, stopped for a second and made sure that was the right way.
2. Didn't get drawn off the road by the first thicket, but I did look over my shoulder at it, just in case...
3. +00:05I definitely slowed down and maybe even paused to make sure I didn't have to run through the tall nasty stuff.
4. I went up the hill to the left of the fence, but the hard start was catching up to me. Sharon was just ahead, clued me in on the trail on the north side.
5. Blew out through the right side, expecting the control to be on the far wall rather than right in front of me.
6. Trudged up the hill, knew the climb would be rough, but it helped that I just wanted to put Sharon behind me, and I knew that the other side was downhill. Picked the stairs route, thought it was faster than having to go around the garden, but now I don't think so.
7. Saw easy running ahead and caught a glimpse of the control from way out. Heard throngs of fans cheering wildly (maybe it was just Josh and one other person), and that was like a big giddyup.
8. Took the route around on the road. I know I'm too slow up a hill for that.
9. To the left of the building, passing someone else just before or after the control, which helped me keep my speed up.
10. Starting to get pretty beat, but I felt like this was the homestretch, just one last little loop. Got a look at 16 on the way out, which was nice.
11. +00:05Went to the right of the building, though I think left would have been faster for me, but the right seems smoother. Passed Heidi about 3m before the control, and then I had to punch twice. She said later that she appreciated the rest.
12. Starting to feel good about my run, especially having passed people, and felt like I was ready the map easily.
14. I went to the left of the pond, but I suspect right is faster. Actually would have gone right had I not seen Samantha (and Clare) going left. That's the opposite of what I would normally do if I saw people ahead.
15. +00:05Took the supposed "long" route, down the first set of stairs to the left. May have been a bit longer, but I could cruise for most of it and look ahead on the map.
16. Went back out the way I came, but up the first set of stairs and across the courtyard, to the right of the ponds. Starting to slow down.
17. There were a couple of people cheering from the student center, and that helped, but the incline didn't. Thought for a second that this was another tucked away control and was relieved to see that it was on the outside of the walls.
F. Tried to dig it in and kick as much as possible, but hills really aren't my thing.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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