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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Slow slog. Came close to the flat/saddle part of the hill, just right (west) of the pond. When I saw the pond I knew I was left of the control; turned right on the trail and headed down above the yellow bit. Once down near there, I collected Paul B et al and we all got to the control together.
3. Along the stream and then reading the stone walls in.
4. Decide to take the left fork and turn more to the left than the others near me (Susie DW, Tim, et al). FINALLY hit the trail; I see Tim behind me and expect him to pass me at any second. He doesn't. Crossing the wide stone wall just before the control, I'm with Susie again.
5. Catch Tony F & he comments something about he was wondering where I was. Nice control.
6. Tony spikes the control; others are a bit further right. I'm behind Tony so I spike, too.
7. Running with Bernie B, Rick D, and Tony; I kind of turn my mind off and let Bernie and Rick lead. Bad idea, as we hit the trail probably higher than we thought and end up higher on the hillside. At one point I look around and see several people widely spaced stopped, looking at their map, trying to figure it out. Tony is first of our group (or never got as high as we did in the first place). By the time we get there, Tim & Susie and some others have caught us up again.
8. I thought we were further than we were -- the small first swamp was large & I thought it was the second one. The guys ahead of me are on top of things though, and once I realize where we are, I'm second of the big group (behind Bernie) to punch.
9. Bernie, then me, then Tracey hit the road; we stick to the edge of the field and are too low and by the time we curve back up the hill to the control, the others -- Tony, Tim, Rick -- have punched.
11. I'd already decided to skip 10 and I didn't want to figure out something else so I took a chance and left the group (Tracey & Scott Turner eventually skipped, too). Nice trail run for first 2/3rds, and then a stream of people going to 12 lead me in. All alone at the control.
12. Pass Tracey and Scott going to 11; hope they skipped 10 because otherwise my skip choice sucked. Cautious on this one as I was all alone, but it was fine.
13. Just after I punch JJ punches.
14. I remember from the prebrief that JJ said he knows exactly where this one was, so I let him get ahead of me and lead me in. When we get there the kind women say "more from the back route!" We'd curved aroudn behind the buildings, not the most efficient. But okay. We're still early enough to get our Gatorade in champagne glasses. I have some water, too, but skip the fancy crackers & peanut butter.
15. Didn't realize until driving home what we'd done on this one, because I never saw the marked route on the map and assumed we hit the road much further east. So I was confused when we came to the stone wall across the trail (seemingly, so was Jeff Saeger, who was standing there saying something about being lost), but I trusted JJ and indeed we hit the control. I didn't see JJ after that.
16. I think this is where I first picked up Glen & Charlie; Jeff was soon out of sight and I didn't see G & C all the time.
18. Nice.
19. Saw Bob Lux ahead on the trail. Right after the logged area I climbed up to the west; came to an area with a bunch of stone walls and had trouble reading them, but then I hit the wide one before #4 and I knew where I was. From below I saw Bob, Glen, Charlie, and George W. punching in.
20. The others seem to head more straight up the hill; I angle off to the right but not as much as I thought as I hit the top at the big boulder/smaller boulder group just above the line. At least I know just where I am. As I start going down the spur, I see people ahead (Glen, Charlie, Neil, and his buds). George is off lost to the southeast.
21. Quick downhill.
22. I get behind the AR guys on the trail but after crossing the second trail they're off to the right while I attempt to curve around below the barberry. I think I climbed too much through it, coming through the other side and not being able to identify anything. The AR guys are wandering around scratching their heads. Finally Neil identifies a platform and we think we know where we are; we head downhill and I see it -- and Glen & Charlie punching -- off to the left and I give a yell to the guys.
23. Glen & Charlie nail this one. Nice.
24. I decide to climb to the trail, even though that's more climb than I have to do. I leave the others behind. As I'm coming down the steepest part of the trail I see the AR guys just ahead. I cut off the trail before them but we all spike the control and get there about the same time.
25. See a nice perfect platform down below me, though no control; I think maybe it's just hidden because I cant see any other terraces on the map (didn't look far enough!). Neil saves me, yelling my name, and I climb back up and get to the control.
26. Realize right away I don't want to cross the creek because I'll have to cross back. Neil has gotten ahead; his buddies are behind me. Glen & Charlie are somewhere behind them.
F. I consider crossing the creek but see the bend just in time. Hubby & son cheering at the finish line. :-) 42nd overall, 7th woman. Much better than last year!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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