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Race Evaluation

Pre-Billygoat Sprints: Sprint #1 (Yellow)


1. I ran into the woods after the first break in the fields and followed the edge of the hill to the control.
2. I ran straight and pulled-up short. Mrs. Walker was hunting there already. We both went on with me having to outsprint her there.
3. Around to the left and following the cliffs in. Uncharacteristically, I did read the control description and confidently knew to check look at the bottom of the cliffs.
4. I ran a bit to the right where the wall started. Seeing that the green wasn't that bad, I aimed left of the wall for the flatter ground. I cut up through the gap in the wall and knew it'd be ahead of me. Time lost for poor route.
5. +00:20I don't think I saw the trail as an option. Some think the map may be off a bit anyway in that the trail is a bit further away from the control than mapped. In any case, I ran parallel to the trail, dropping down over the stoney ground and following the next trail to the junction. There Greg Balter, who had started a minute ahead, was exiting. I followed the ridge in.
6. +00:15Back out the ridge as I'd come in then follow the trail up the hill such that I had to turn left at the intermittant trail. I left that trail from a bend and continued climbing when I should have contoured. While descending, I couldn't see the control in a gap in the wall and knew I was too high. I dropped down and corrected.
F. Out to the field and chasing to catch Heidi Onkst--she was too far ahead or too fast.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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