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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Started off slow. Very tough to see the course on the map. Thought about going left but everyone else was going straight so straight it was. Besides, I was still fresh and Left looked like a lot of climb also. Didn't orienteer, just followed the leader. Not in any hurry but wanted to make sure I was still in contact with the leaders.
2. Ok, started reading the map. Should have just run hard.
3. Followed the group. Contoured around and hit the stream, along the stream and up along wall. Some people left some people right.
4. Couldn't see the left fork circle in the mess so decided right must be better. The group got a little right and had to cut back left. I was far enought back to avoid some of it.
5. Down along marsh trail that was a crappy trail and as a result bad route choice. Ross in front of me. Gregory was farther left on the hill and gained ground.
7. Confused about 7 and 17. Followed group down the hill, past the rock piles. Ended up a little high.
8. I stayed a little left of everybody else and ended up going the the swamp. I should have stayed farther left and gone around.
9. trail to road. Gimme control
10. skipped. Group decided to skip 10. I decided to follow the group.
11. trail down. Group running hard. We have pretty much settled into group. Ross, Andy, Gregory, Randy, Some guy in blue.
12. followed group
13. straight
14. To house. Had a sip from the champaign cup. Bad idea you can't gulp out of a flute.
15. Group was leaving me behind. I ran hard down the road to catch up the back of the pack.
16. Followed the group down the hill and through the marsh. Just wanted to get out of the marsh. Why were we in the marsh. Gregory then asked out loud the same thing.
18. back to the rock piles. I am the back of the pack. Just making sure I keep in contact with them. I am starting to get tired. Ok, I am already tired. The group pulled up short. I thought we were short but when everyone in front of you stops you had better stop also.
19. Followed the group back to the bad marsh. Slow guy on blue ont he trail so I followed greg up away from the marsh to get better running. Group ended up left. Ross corrected first and we all followed after a bit.
20. Group split. Rand and I went right. Greg went left. I climbed to high and had to come back. Everyone reached the control at the same time.
21. Down hill really hurt. My muscles are really complaining now. Time to really start paying attention because I am ging to be dropped soon.
22. Cut over to the trail. Group pulling away. I can still see randy up ahead until he cuts into the woods. bye-bye group.
23. Contoured around some.
24. Contoured around. Climbed the last part to the trial only to go back down the trail. Up trail to little hill and pit and down to control.
25. +08:00Finishe is almost there. Try to keep moving and head off to the go control. Just get down the hill and then figure out stone walls. I am almost to control 26 when I realize I am missing a punch. I stop. Huh? Takes me a while to realize I didn't go to control 25. Think about just bagging it but decided to head back to it. Go back up the hill and not paying attention see people at 24 leaving heading to 26. They are skipping 25 but I thought maybe they were heading to the finish from 25. Go back to 24, then down to 25. Earnst with me and he hasn't skipped so just runs to the road.
26. Back to the control.
F. No need to hurry at this point. I can't catch anyone ahead of me and no one in sight behind me.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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