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Race Evaluation

Pre-Billygoat Sprints: Sprint #1 (Yellow)


1. +00:30Went too far right trying to avnoid the non-existent green. Spotted the 2nd to last conttrol of course #2.
2. +00:10Hesitated - the map didn't make totally sense. Ended up too far left and had to follow the water.
3. Easy navigation. Arrived from the left.
4. Didn't look like the road would be a good option, so I went straight. The corner of the marsh was very nice. I popped over the stone wall and ran parallel to it until the bag appeared.
5. +00:10Started going straight, then saw the path and curved up to it. Could have saved a few seconds by noticing right away.
6. Contoured from the bend of the big trail. Was a bit rocky - could have climbed more.
F. Didn't go all out - saved a bit of juice for sprint #2.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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