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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Long slog to the first control stayed with Rick, Clean
2. Headed east to stone wall and follewed stream
3. Crossed stream and around marsh to the right
4. Right, Going up Mt anyway. Thought the route to 5 was better
5. follow stone walls
6. follow stone wall, little confused on the distance
7. lost contact with the map for a bit, reoriented well.
8. Lost contact again but saw quite a few people going in the direction.
9. +00:30Good run started loosing Dave
10. skip
11. trail run
12. Started going too far right, but clean
13. Started going too far right
15. +00:30Lost focus during the food stop. Got to the top of the hill and didn't find my way down exactly right
16. clean
17. Too far right but was pace counting and saw it to the left
18. +01:30WAY TOO FAR RIGHT. Bunch of people were following me at this point
19. +05:00Took off too fact from 18 since there were a lot of people and the Jock stuffers were annoying the hell out of me. Did a 90deg on the hill L4 was on. Nothing looked correct (it wasn't). Saw JJ. Lost 5min maybe more
20. +02:00Found the big boulder on the west of the hill. Dave was dying at this point. Was second guessing myself a lot. Got passed by a ton of people. Lost big contact
21. Forget
22. +02:00Too high, saw peggy dropped in after a discussion with her
23. Followed Glen Tryson
24. Tried to stay low but hit the trail in the cliffs. Followed elephant trail. nailed the attack from the trail but thought I was too far left. Peggy lead me in. Dropped Dave at control
25. +00:15Peggy went too low and I was concerned. Split the difference and the control was too my left. I was right! (That's a first)
26. Fast run. Legs were tired.
F. Done!!! Good run

Total Time Lost - 00:11:45

Split Analysis

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