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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. With the crowd up the hill, picked up Peter approaching the first trail on top and followed him into control. My split 3s faster than his even though I punched behind him - but I take my split before punching, he must take it exiting the control. Slow on rocky hillside, but thats to be expected.
2. With Peter, Kristen and others - my split again a little ahead of Peters even though he punched ahead of me.
3. Still with the Peter train, though sensing their pace probably too strong for me to stay with all day given my lack of conditioning...
4. Took the L fork - chatted w/ Peter on the way up the hill - he said he hadn't decided on which fork - but I think that was BS and he was just trying to figure out if I was jockstuffing or actually navigating - and in this case I had decided on this option independently even though I did hesitate momentarily leaving 3 when most everyone else seemed to be taking the R fork.
5. Peter & Kristen (and others rejoining from R fork) now starting to pull away. Hooked up with David Onkst who went R and never even saw that the leg was forked. Pretty much ran with David the entire rest of course - mostly due to feeling that it would rain soon, my vision would go to hell and I could at least follow his bright yellow shirt and that our paces were similar.
6. Peters line, but not with Peter anymore...
7. +01:00went to high on hillside to R, had to correct back downhill
8. +01:15hit marsh in green, thought it was marsh beyond control, turned back, but quickly figured things out even though a number of other people were headed farther out that way
9. +00:30missed seeing the trail out to road, must have parallelled it to the R - popped out near ruin and down to field. David pulled up early in the corner, I ran up the hill into the reentrant calling David up with me.
10. +00:30Had originally thought 10 looked to be a good skip (or as good as any), but the field looked so runnable as to make that a moot point, so saved the skip for later. Got slightly L into the woods in the barberry and a clean line out of barberry took us slightly beyond the control and had to come back
11. A couple faster, younger runners ahead of us but they ran past flag and we got ahead of them
12. pretty much on Peters line from here to 14
14. depressed to find we were in like 32nd place or something.
15. +00:20got distracted by wall segment to L before correcting - David spotted it first
16. +00:30R of Peter's line - a bunch of folks going higher - including David, but eventually went back L and got it fine - was hesitant to strike out on my own as running solo would certainly be slower, but wasted a little time staying in contact with the pack even though they were off line
17. pretty clean downhill run on the line.
18. +00:30Peter's line to trail, but then we got above the rocky reentrant and had to cross down and across - but almost right into control -
19. +01:00David and I discussed skipping 21 - didn't seem too good to me, but at this point, not too many others looked promising either. Trail sucked and slowed a bit reading terrain approaching the platform. Must be Billygoat Kharma that the control with my initials this year was a Kolbottnar...
20. Slog up the hill, but it was over relatively quickly and the run across the top was nice - we went R of hill top rather than Peter's line. Headed down the other side David misread reentrant and yelled that we needed to go farther L but I knew we were good and got him back over my way and down cleanly
21. Straight down and nailed control - glad we didn't skip this one - decided to skip 23 instead...
22. +00:40trail run then in - I had my my compass on #23 though so good thing David was paying attention and corrected quickly when we overran to the boulder in the green above and beyond - quick correction
23. wound up on top of spur above #23 - so close we might as well get it - which of course left #25 as the only viable skip left - though at the time it didn't seem that great.
24. +02:30contoured through steep rocky ground to trail - in retrospect we would have saved a lot of time/climb by going directly to trail, though when tired, running to trail higher up spur seemed like more work - just stupid thinking. Down trail to other end of knoll then spiked control
25. skip
26. not much energy left, David pulling away - for some reason I was thinking there were 28 controls and leaving 26 couldn't find #27, but this run-in was similar to last years local course, so I quickly realized it was over - and ran as best I could.
F. Spongy ground on the run-in prevented any kind of sprint, but I wouldn't have caught anyone anyhow. Finished in 28th place, 9 back of last year an nowhere near my beginning of year goal (15), but quite happy with the run - no major booms, and the minor ones often due to fogging glasses and misreading map/terrain - so I feel quite blessed that I didn't have bigger problems. And 90 seconds would have gained me 7 places to 21st, though there was a huge gap to 20th... Very fun run....

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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