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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Up and over the hill contouring a bit to the right. Hit the first trail on the spur, crossed the second one and down the wide reentrant to the upper stone wall. Then followed the stone wall in.
2. Followed compass right in, picking up the stream on my right.
3. Straight out to the stone wall and the stream, then followed the stream up to the end. Around the marsh to the right then picked up the stone wall and followed it in.
4. +00:10Took the left fork. Straight out to the trail, but strayed a bit left before getting there because of the annoying north-line angle on the map. Tough slog up the hill, getting passed by Niel, but passed him again on the cut off by 19. Then cut a bit right across the stream to pick up the stone wall, and attacked in from there.
5. Just straight up and over.
6. Straight to the top.
7. Strayed right, still not being used to the weird north lines on the map. Hit the cliffs at the top of the reentrant way right of the line, then cut up to the trail and contoured in to find Boris and Neil with me again.
8. Got a little confused with the swamps, and started straying left as Boris and Neil went right around the big one in the middle. I ended up being faster anyway as I picked up the hillside and attacked in off the swamp.
9. I decided to cut around the swamp to the left, but it was definitely slower as Neil passed me going right. I passed him again on the trail and led the way into 9.
10. I considered skipping 10, but decided against it since I was moving so well and I wanted to save my skip for later in the course in case something went wrong. I also liked the idea of skipping 24 as it looked especially tough. This was a nice fast run on the field, and an easy attack along the ride. I gained some distance on Niel and Boris on the field.
11. Just along the marsh and down the stream on the other end. I picked up the speed to try and lose Neil and Boris, but the first pack caught up with us there, apparently having skipped 10, so once again we were running with Ross Smith, Gregory Balter, and Andy Hall, among others.
12. I headed out with a slight lead, but soon they were all running around me, and I saw Neil passing me on the left. I punched just behind Neil, with the rest of the pack just behind us.
13. Neil and I started to run away on this one, and once again Boris was with us. This one was just a basic compass shot, with some contouring at the end.
14. Mmm... Gookinaid in plastic martini glasses! A nice refreshment at the Goodwin's garage.
15. Down the drive just behind Neil, with Boris hot on my heels, then up the road to the trail. Neil cut off the trail at the stone wall junction, but Boris and I decided to stay longer. Neil's route turned out to be a bit faster and he gained about 10 seconds on me. Boris ended up going all the way to the top of the little hill and was another 10 behind me.
16. Down to the reentrant and contouring around. Neil stopped at the little stream, apparently getting confused, so I passed him again.
17. For some reason we all decided to run through the swamp, so we were definitely slower than we should have been on this one. Neil started looking for the control at the cliffs on the left of the stream, but I cut across the stream and down into the control from there. I ended up being a bit right, but I saw it anyway.
18. Straight out to the trail and across into the reentrant. Boris and Neil stayed on the trail longer and ended up ahead of me as I got to the top of the reentrant, but they both hesitated as we started to get into the area and I passed them going into the control.
19. Neil ran too far left coming out of 18, so I gained some time on him as I cut straight out to the trail. I ran the trail to the end, then cut over the wide spur, and down and across the stream. Then up the hill across the trail and into the control.
20. Boris and Neil were pretty close behind me at 19, but they went farther left up the hill. I basically went straight up and then ran the flat area just right of the very top of the hill. I really picked up the speed on the downhill into the control and saw no sign of Boris and Neil so I figured I must have finally taken a real lead.
21. I got so excited at 20 with my new lead that I blasted down the hill to 22 as fast as I could. I didn't realize that I had skipped 21 until I got out to the trail. I was pretty mad that I had skipped it by mistake since I hadn't even considered skipping it and it seemed like a pretty bad skip.
22. +01:30I knew I had the lead, so pushed the pace pretty hard until I got out to the trail and realized I had skipped 21. I got so demoralized that I slowed down quite a bit and lost my concentration. I ended up attacking into 22 with no real attackpoint and hit the boulder at the opposite end of the green square. I relocated, but still didn't attack down the hill enough and started looking around for it too high up the hill. Fortunately I was close enough to see it with some careful obversation of the woods below me. I lost about a minute and a half, and figured that I had just lost any lead that I had built.
23. I was pretty demoralized at this point, but I continued to slog on without much motivation hoping that Boris and Neil might make a mistake. I came to the area just above 13 and started looking around, not really sure which cliff I was aiming for, then I saw the control just around the cliff in front of me. I guess I was a bit lucky on this one as I wasn't very focused at all.
24. +04:30I tried picking it up a bit on this one and contoured out to the trail as it was coming down the steep part of the spur. I thought that I must be at the steep part after the hill farther along down the trail, so I cut right across the trail. I quickly realized that I was actually at the first steep part of the trail and that I was quite a ways north of the control. I decided to contour into it rather than going back out to the trail, but I was too high and ended up going right by it. I kept pushing along hoping to see it, until I ran into the cliffs on the hillside south of the control. I relocated there, but the damage was already done, and when I came into the control Ross Smith and Vadim Masalkov were coming into it from above.
25. I followed Vadim right down into 25 and punched right behind him.
26. +00:15I stayed higher on the hill than Ross and Vadim did and ended up getting stuck in a pricker bush. I still managed to get into the control right behind them and had to wait for Vadim to punch as Ross ran away. It would have been nice to have a second punch as Vadim was having problems and I could have left the control at the same time as him rather than having to punch after him and then play catch up.
F. +00:05I started to catch Vadim and Ross, but then I ran into the stream and lost my momentum as I had to climb a little to get around it. I was still close enough to catch them in the sprint up the hill, but I just didn't have it. Vadim really kicked it in and took 3rd place. Boris and Neil had already been back for 5 minutes.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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